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  3. Chuggles22

    How long are you playing ?

    Been in the game since it was released in September 2014 (ok a couple weeks after release but what's the difference) My highest crown count was just over 10,000, it was good enough to earn me 9th place overall at the time, but I consider my greatest achievement in the game to be rebuilding my alliance from scratch after the prior Emperor went rogue and kicked everyone out (Suck it Cal...) By far my favorite thing about the game has been in meeting all of the interesting people from all over. Sharing funny jokes, trading a few punches back and forth, and lots of hanging out BSing about everything and nothing.
  4. Chuggles22

    FIFA World Cup

    I like soccer, mostly playing not really watching, but I gotta say that this is probably what most Americans associate with the sport...
  5. Chuggles22


    @GhengisKhan1981, this is right in your wheelhouse
  6. Alternanthera

    Crazy News

    A Black Man Wore Socks in the Pool. After Calling the Police on Him, a Manager Got Fired.
  7. Yesterday
  8. east puppet

    Battle Chest - Regal Statues

    LOL at battle chest I got 21 honor items In the first month I now have 26 and I have competed a few times and tried to open them if I had a regal ITS A JOKE AND I COULD CARE LESS
  9. I've seen the comments about months between Battle Chest Items and was wondering if any are civilization specific??? Could that be the issue? Like with the Regal Statues... It would make sense if someone told me that while Brits and Franks I can get 1- Bear and 1- Lion. (since the Brits/Franks are the Eagle) And I have to be both the Brits and the Franks to get both. and so one through the other civs, 1 and 1, 1 and 1, until you have been to all 6 and stayed long enough to get that one's.
  10. Alternanthera

    FIFA World Cup

    American football maybe? Cos soccer? Nah...
  11. DeNiSs

    The season is finished

    Are you talking about your new avatar?
  12. DeNiSs

    How long are you playing ?

    Yep, on LB sometimes you can see just unbelievable
  13. DeNiSs


    Hi @Septerror43 I caught one of these guys But... In short, where's my gold!? Btw, did you agree with Panda about the reward for Mali?
  14. Spectralmania

    FIFA World Cup

    The best World Cup in a very long time. Congratulations to all the teams and to the hosts
  15. DD3399

    How long are you playing ?

    Unbelievable! Look who is there on the 2nd place ….
  16. Clyder84

    How long are you playing ?

    here is the picture finally after long time trying I made it!!
  17. Subhajit Roy

    FIFA World Cup

    This world cup was memorable for many reasons. Totally agreed with DD Yes that was a good plan Scythian,
  18. DD3399

    FIFA World Cup

    Hahahahaha … that's what I meant … the show is over when the fat lady is singing!!!! Thank you very much, @Scythian Fury for the thread and for the "end" of it!!!! And, the result was not what I wished, but I can accept it, it's somehow fair. P.S. again the forum will lose 50% of the daily postings
  19. Scythian Fury

    FIFA World Cup

    ***e! Oh well, France won it, 4-2. Congratulations to them. And now the moment we've all been waiting for: Now, it is over.
  20. DD3399

    FIFA World Cup

    It will be gone soon, the pace … you'll see! Anyway, the penalty and the following goal are S*C*H*E*I*S*S*E
  21. Spectralmania

    FIFA World Cup

    I think I'm plumbing for Croatia. Only because they haven't won it before. I do wonder how they'll cope with the pace of Mbappe though. They struggled with Sterling and he had no support. France like to counter attack. This will either be a tactical masterclass or an absolute spanking.
  22. DD3399

    FIFA World Cup

    Time is running …. less than 1 hr is remaining … then Croatia will show France how to play football!!!!!
  23. DD3399


    Actually, there is a thread when you look to the top of the "CS General Discussion". You will see, that there are thousands of suggestions, but I doubt that only 1 of them came true. Nevertheless, I like that still players are caring of the game!

    Robber Knights

  25. BearableBook2

    что происходит

    Кто вернет мне короны, если я по независящим от меня причинам не могу зайти в игру... Пишет что на данное время происходит техническое обслуживание серверов уже 2 день, а на меня нападают и снимают короны... Прошу верните короны

    New player wanted

  27. KBEL

    L'alliance liégeoise (BEL)

    Salut, Je cherche 5 membres pour créer l'alliance.
  28. SinisterSavageS

    TORCH is recruiting

    Extremely active alliance with lots of chat....Working on wonders and looking for new hires
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