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  2. This is the clue. Your army strength has gone up, so the power level (inc defense and attack) of the opponents you face has gone up also. The number of crowns has no bearing. The further you advance in the game, through upgrading, the more powerful your opponents, in both attack and defense, and the more challenging the game becomes. You are likely to be up against more skillful opponents and you have to become more skillful yourself. Do study more skillful attacks, and join an alliance where you can get good advice.
  3. We can't decorate our this forum profile as we want. There are too many prohibitions such as we can't keep a cover pic (except web designer), font changing, borderline changing, etc etc. We would like to be more free to personalise our profile and it's for anyone. If it happen we could see anyone's taste, moods, decorative mind etc etc.. THE MAIN THING: If there is a forum decoration battle, it will be more fun. There would be a chart of participants and all forums members will choose the winner by voting. This battle would be held in a particular date. It's just for a different fun. Is it possible?? sorry for my bad eng. I hope you've understand what I'm talking about. I've confusion with "will" would" "can" could" shall""should" etc etc.. Don't laugh
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  5. It's all about priorities. AOE II and AOE III were great games. Castle Siege still today has great deficiencies and limitations, too many and very diverse, that have sunk the prestige of the brand AOE. In my humble opinion, the only thing that is urgent is Castle Siege II, reprogramming the game completely and developing its full potential, before creating AOE IV.
  6. @Baroness Von Panda Anyway, hello Old, miss ya
  7. consejos Age of Empires Castle Siege guía trucos Windows 10 PC Android iphone Age of Empires Castle Siege mejoras (aumentos) Mercado del festival Age of Empires Castle Siege Mercado del festival Age of Empires Castle Siege aumenta un 10% la producción de alimentos, madera y piedra, invirtiendo oro. Los mercados medievales eran una oportunidad para que los ciudadanos locales comprasen bienes de otras regiones antes de que el mercado avanzara. El mercado del festival Age of Empires Castle Siege te permite, mientras esté activo, aumentar un 10% el ritmo de producción de granjas, aserraderos (molinos) y canteras, produciendo alimentos, madera y piedra adicionales. El mercado del festival Age of Empires Castle Siege dura 5 días, tras una inversión en oro que será progresivamente mayor, cuánto más aumente en el futuro tu capacidad de producción, porque vayas subiendo el nivel de granjas, aserraderos (molinos) y canteras. Nunca es rentable pagar oro para aumentar la producción, el mejor consejo es que no uses jamás mercado del festival.
  8. Getting the same issue with or without the insider preview version of windows.
  9. I have bee trying to access in player search players with special caracters in their Name. such as ö it can be done in here but it can not be done in player search. this gives an un fair advantage to these people. Can that be added to the search input?
  10. I have bee trying to access in player search players with special caracters in their Name. such as ö it can be done in here but it can not be done in player search. this gives an un fair advantage to these people. Can that be added to the search input?
  11. I play only on a computer where all of what I have mentioned happen. Hi DeNiSs, thanks very much for the tutorial video but I have been playing Castle Seige for a year & half now and I have reached level 10 so I do have an idea on how the heros are supposed to work. I thought if something is not right report it to people like yourself and this in turn would be rectified and be better for everyone who plays the game. I hope its not a case of shoot the messenger?
  12. Looks like AoE 4 will cover the 20th century, probably up to the Space Age. BTW AoE:DE beta starts tomorrow, August 22.
  13. I think its actually wobble u with a wee
  14. Hello dear Andy, as a Chinese player, I want to say something about the Chinese version of this game...[tongue] I think the translation is not accurate enough. Here are some examples: In the English version, the introduction to Longbowmen says "they do area-of-effect damage to their targets", but the Chinese version just says "they can damage their targets which are within their range". And the introduction to Maslama says "protected from ranged attackers", but the Chinese version says "protected from attackers". Such mistakes are making many Chinese players confused. I hope that the translation can be improved so that the players can enjoy the game better! Thanks a lot!

  15. I missed the whole thing setting in a dentists chair in a tiny room with no windows, oh well maybe next time : (
  16. Happy 1 year Anniversary to Old Knights Alliance!


    A special big thanks to @Medieval Paulfor establishing such a great alliance. And thanks for your trust in me.

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      Awe Thanks @Something Gross, I could go for some chocolate cake right now. [drool]

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      Something Gross


      =     You're welcome! :D Unfortunately, now I want chocolate cake, too, but have no means of baking one. Let's drool together, shall we? This first one better have some Count Chocula baked in. :P




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      Subhajit Roy

      those are the knights...


      Let's celebrate



  17. Found this in the Windows store... Preorders are live and AOE:DE costs $19.99
  18. Well I will let the naming slide then since you were being all scientific about the situation. Very glad that your scientific experiment cleared this up for us too.
  19. Ooops, the first one should have has a "?" mark after it. But I already paid the price. Since I figured I was being "blessed" by the devs, I went on another account and did the same heroes with 10 ram and went a harder way with a lower win %. After a 45% fail with Conrad I can say with confidence that the devs don't play favorites.
  20. network problem
  21. Yes, SGI has committed a very serious crime. It is such a shame for SGI you lost a conrad battle. How is it possible to lose with conrad??? You should probably report this to you closest Indian Embassy/Consulate at (202) 939-7000 (got a 2.2 out of 5 rating but whatever).
  22. @recycle ar, You named the first video Bad Attack. However, you named the 2nd video Conrad/Alex 3 ram, 3 treb. Shouldn't you have been equal in your naming of said videos. #2 should have been named Good Attack. You are being a bit prejudiced toward your naming of your videos.
  23. LOL LOL LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Inform the government about CS?!! That's a great way to market CS Legal action for a game?!!!?!!! LOL!!!!!!!!! You are so funny! I can't stop laughing
  24. Takes a brave man to admit that he MAY be wrong. I just reviewed the trailer. I am pretty sure it is just marching us through all the previous AOE titles. First we had the Greeks, then the Roman expansion. Then we saw the medieval times and the conquistadors expansion. Then we got the new world explorers with the native American expansion and at last the shoguns which was the far east expansion. Then the last thing it said was. "A new age is upon us." I am getting excited because to me it does point to the world wars. But I may be wrong too.
  25. Well that's what it looked like to me. I'm not saying I can't be wrong though.
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