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  3. No company can compete with SuperCell's CoC if the aim of the company is to get good income from the game. There is another game which has a history very close to that of AoE:CS, and has a big name, it is also made (Published) by a big company, that is SEGA. The game is called Total War Kingdom. It hasn't been updated since 2015, and their social media accounts haven't posted since early 2017, I wouldn't be surprised if they close the game any moment. All other games similar to CoC in both Play Store and App Store are from unknown companies which don't aim for big revenue (Microsoft's standards for "high profit" is different from such companies' "high profit" standards), and actually don't compete with CoC directly. AoE:CS was successful when it was available for Microsoft Lumia phones in Microsoft's Store, because there was no CoC or any similar competition... That explains why we haven't received any update after Android's launch.
  4. It's no nonsense and don't stop writing the last days!
  5. DD3399

    CS coming to an end. Was it something I said?

    Particularly with the huge left over of gold some peeps have!
  6. DD3399

    What other games are like...

    Ragnar, go to and download it directly from there. Take care that your AV will accept the download. Otherwise, deactivate the AV for a couple of time. Once started, Bluestacks is offering a shop, like Google, where you can download the apps of your choice.
  7. @Plus2Joe - Hey man, why not drop a million gold into everyones chest just for fun? Go out with a bang not a whimper yeah?
  8. seagle

    admin pls remove

  10. Yesterday
  11. Bueuk

    Castle Siege Memes

    Thanks for the game, Microsoft and SGI. It is sad to hear that you'd close the curtain.
  12. Bloodborne

    What other games are like...

    One thing you need to kniw about DomiNations is that it takes really huge amount of space #SaveAoECS
  13. Btederode

    What other games are like...

    DomiNations is a good substitute... At In God we trust (with the horse coat of arms) we try to built up an immigrant team of aoe gamers. Greetings Laurenz Like Tasos said, there we try to built up an ally of aoe immigrants. In god we trust (that team with the horse coat of arms, sign)
  14. Why can’t you generate more stone?
  15. SuperGamer

    ANNOUNCEMENT: Castle Siege Sunset & Refunds

    It's very heart breaking news for me, I kept playing this game, most of my friends left it but I can't, This is the first game of my life that brought me prize. I'm so glad to be a prize winner. Surely I'll miss this game. All those past days was fun & I had so many friends & we did many put togethers with them because of this game. We made my country (Bangladesh) world first too by taking all the good players from our country... @Empress_Phasma was interesting, she did great support explaining some of my queries. Best of luck @Microsoft & all of you guys.
  16. Turbulent Turtle

    CS coming to an end. Was it something I said?

    I worked it out yesterday; there's no way I can finish all the fortification; if I'm lucky and diligent, I can generate about 42% of the stone I need. Since you can't buy gold anymore, that will be where I will end the game in May; lots of food and wood, but not enough stone.
  17. There are people spending 6-7 years on such addictive games. But it leads to divorce and some other troubles at Real life. ............... Never mind......... I am stopping writing nonsenses. #FreeEastPuppet #SaveAoECS
  18. Baroness Von Panda

    Updates for Casle siege for Windows 8

    Please check that your clock on your PC is set to automatically update. This can cause conflicts
  19. DD3399

    What other games are like...

    Hmm, mysterious! I was able to install and run it without issues
  20. Uncle Grandpa is battling on. We have completed wonders and have a couple left where we have resource completed them, we just need to battle complete them so we are looking for battlers.
  21. Andy P

    It takes a village

    But there is so much to talk about, such as the confirmation of no more content and our impending death.
  22. ExpressKibbles7

    Community Changes

    Good old times with Empress that will never be back. The end is near.
  23. DJ Lushious

    ANNOUNCEMENT: Castle Siege Sunset & Refunds

    I just started playing this game last week, so I am disappointed to hear the news. All things must come to an end, though. I just wish there was some other way I could speed up building, since I don’t have the ability to buy gold.

    This Blows!

    Don't know their why's, but unfortunately for the forum, East is perma-banned....joining the "Free the Puppet" crusade, myself.

    Community Changes

    Would love to hear from Phasma before we ride off into the sunset, our swords dragging in the mud.

    Free East Puppet...

    Actually, if you look at his gamertag, it's Puppetier. So far though, no comments from he who shall not be named.
  27. Oh that is such crushing news. Was Castle Siege not doing well? It has been so much fun over the years. I'm almost done with all of my upgrades and now the final siege will be its product lifecycle Rick
  28. Subhajit Roy

    What other games are like...

    Hi @Bodds1, ohh sorry, i am not sure about it. Maybe doesn't depend on platform. I played it long time ago. At that time there was no platform problems. Okay join active clan. Cause some resources are very highly rare and those are available on only clan raid.. So join a good, active,, top clan...
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