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  2. Are You Looking for an Alliance? Post Here

    I'm looking for an alliance that has active leadership and comunicative members. ID: AlucardBR13 Current Crown Count: 142 Current Keep Age: 6 About me: I'm loyal and cooperative. I speak portuguese, Spanish and English.
  3. Hello members.

    Just wanted to say hello, and hope good things are coming yalls way. Hope all those that were effected by strange weather, thunder in the ground are getting the help so needed. I have you all in my prayers sent out what resources were avalible for me to send, shame I could not do more. I hope by the time Thanksgiving comes around all or most will be settled and going forth from all the destruction. Love and hugs to you all, be safe, warm and secure where ever you reside.
  4. AOE Definitive Edition

    Can you name a game of similar calibre , over the last few years being any different ... most games delay release dates .. its not really just MS .. and as developers are still involved in creating a game for many different computers , .. and the end of the day hardware has to be one of the biggest factors .. there is only so low 4k can go ... and that cant be easy for upcoming devs ...
  5. Hi to everyone! I have few questions again. 1. I have been founding some castles of Age I - and not only britons. So, how can it be possible to change civ before the end of tutorial (which leads us to Age II)? And how is it possible to stay in Age I? Pechaps, there were some ways to skip/turn off tutorial in previous times. Just curious. (Actually, I like the appearance of low-level castles, before they become brutal stone monsters) 2. By your experience, what is the best way to use "Raise the colors" boost? And is it worth spending stones for it at all, as for you? As I could notice, the towers (Age 8 and higher) shoot it in few seconds (and the troops also are used to ruin it quite fast without bothering, so it don't work as mini-Martel). The most efficient usage for me was placing it on enemy's field during the last seconds of especially precise and successful attack.
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  7. AOE Definitive Edition

    Microsoft says here's your blankie blank Christmas present you stinking rat!!!!! Merry Christmas 12/31/18.
  8. AOE Definitive Edition

    I'm happy that it isn't December 2018, but there are guys waking up right now looking forward to downloading the game, don't give a wit about forums, and only see the info in the Store. There needs to be a more organized outreach and a greater effort to get an AoE worthy product out on the announced date and the anniversary. The date was publicized online, in several articles, and in an international gamer show. Not saying the delay needs the same outreach, but it needs more than it's gotten.
  9. AOE Definitive Edition

    I know you cant say much but you was in the beta, I'm sure you seen it wasn't right from the beginning? Small sample but seems everything Robeyone is involved with goes down the toilet
  10. AOE Definitive Edition

    East, you are absolutely not the first to make those points. It took a lot of people by surprise, and for whatever reason, with video games, people already have a tendency to be on edge with high expectations and quick tempers. I suspect that the unfortunate sudden and longish delay came about quickly and only after some kind of group decision was made. I doubt there is someone who misplayed this hand rather than a series of things that led to this moment. Like I doubt it is some specific person's fault. Things happen, and often we tend to read into things and envision some specific shadowy figure intentionally messing around or idiotically bungling things up. It's often neither. MS obviously provided some explanation for the delay, but as to be expected, people found the explanation short on details and too late to be acceptable, anyway. The more MS talks, the more human they look. So hopefully we'll see more talk. I mean, honestly, MS may be a giant company, but there are a finite number of actual human beings working on AoE. I think, but do not know because I am functionally computer illiterate, that porting old clunky software to a modern operating system is easier said than done.
  11. AOE Definitive Edition

    @Andy PHardware ... probably one of the biggest factors .. on win 10 .. currently .. makes sense for both the beta and delay
  12. AOE Definitive Edition

    I know you don't know a lot more than us but it looks really bad delaying the game right before launch if they KNEW it wasn't ready. I mean come on delaying it til next year that's a lot of probs they knew were in it. I would be upset also if I had pre ordered it.
  13. AOE Definitive Edition

    The beta is absolutely still going on. It's a closed beta, so you have to be invited. I understand that they plan to invite more and more people to the beta in the coming weeks. The trick is (1) signing up to be on the list of possible beta players and (2) getting lucky. First, they choose beta testers from the list of people who signed up to be an "Age of Empires Insider." To become an Age of Empires Insider, go here. (I believe, but do not know, that being an Insider will remain the litmus test to be selected for all betas in this generation of new releases (AoE2DE, AoE3DE, and maybe even AoE4.) Lots of people sign up to be an Age of Empires Insider and unwittingly believe that they now are a beta tester. That's not true. They are now able to be selected to be a beta tester. Presently, 213,272 different email accounts have signed up to be an Insider. (Found here.) I do not know how many beta testers there are. (I do not believe that number has been stated or is available anywhere.) However, my sense is that it is more than 1000 and less than 10,000 (but I could be totally wrong, too). But even at 10k, that's less than 5 percent of Insiders. This is where you have to get lucky. (And I do not know that it is simply shear luck. To become an Insider, you must answer a series of questions about your hardware. I believe part of the beta testing involves seeing how the software performs on different machines. I don't know that one particular set up is advantageous to another, so obviously don't go buying some new machine/lying about your hardware just on a hunch it will get you into the beta.) Here's a FAQ about the AoE Insider program. Finally, for better or worse, pre-ordering AoEDE is not a magical way to jump in line for the beta. So don't preorder the game and then get cranky that you aren't getting red carpet treatment to the front door. The front door isn't open yet, and they've been clear that they are choosing entrants to the side door based on Insiders and sorta based on their hardware and sorta based on shear luck. Finally, finally, I'm in the beta, but beta participants need to sign a nondisclosure agreement, so I can't talk about the beta versions I've played/am playing. That I stated above that the game needs more time in the oven is self-evident, so of course I can say it out loud. But I can't get into how the game plays. There are official videos and stuff out there. Basically, those videos show you regular old AoE1 with a fresh coat of HD paint. It's nifty but obviously not mind expanding.
  14. double type in chat since FCU

    I have that same problem too. But the "double alt+tab" method fixes the issue temporarily. Interesting. Still hope they can fix the issue.
  15. AOE Definitive Edition

    Is the Beta still open and playable .. ?

    Actually, the problem of ages 9 & 10 is that they do not provide any new abilities or new tecnologies (not talking about musket towers, which look rather awkward), just increasing hp and damage of troops and buildings. Do we need Age 11, if in the "newest" Age 10 even all the buildings look like Age 9 buildings with golden roofs? What will we get in Age 11, more gold on buildings? Fully golden towers&houses? Platinum roofs with diamond incrustations? Even not talking about appearance of the castle, the heroes are maxed out and got all their abilities long ago (from the point of maxed out Age 9-10), all researches also were finished long time ago, the battle timer became quite small for huge castles with buildings containing lots of hp and dozen of wall compartments made of maxed out walls with "brace the walls". Collecting another billion of resourses for upgrade and waiting another week to complete it are becoming just boring. Upd. Would be fun to have a "Star wars" Age
  17. AOE Definitive Edition

    AoE turned 20 three days ago. I think they were arbitrarily fixated on a timely release date. I don't have any specific knowledge about the delay, but the game needs more time in the oven. A delayed, quality release beats a half-baked one every time. It's actually quite cool to see MS pull the horses back to give themselves the time they need. Ignore that December, 2018 stated release date. That's a placeholder apparently necessary for them to use in the windows store or something. I'm not sure what the idea is with it, but they've explained this, so we players know it's confusingly false. The ETA is first quarter, 2018, I believe.
  18. Gnat's Defence Clinic

    This thread warms my heart. And at first, I even thought I was clicking on a substantive thread about strategy. I got tricked, and it still warms my heart.
  19. AOE Definitive Edition

    more news here .. latest .. (Update 10/16/2017) Please note that the Windows Store page for Age of Empires: Definitive Edition is currently listing the planned release date as 12/31/2018. This is a placeholder, and does not reflect our target release date. We will update that page once the final release date has been announced. You can follow Age of Empires on Facebook and Twitter for the latest news.
  20. double type in chat since FCU

    Temporary you can use double alt+tab It's annoying but better than still use backspace.
  21. Gnat's Defence Clinic

    Not sure what you're complaining about; only 63% of the attacks on your base use Conrad. I've had times where all 40 defenses were Conrad. Now that hurts!
  22. AOE Definitive Edition

    WTH??????????????????????????????????????????????????????? More than another year? No one at MS should ever wonder why their consumers are continually angry at them or switch brands ever again. It's stunts like this that make people say "never again"!! C'mon SantaRobeyone!! Maybe Christmas 2017, but the end of 2018?? Geesh!
  23. AOE Definitive Edition

    What we really need is Castle Siege Definitive Edition, with a total rescheduling of the game engine, and reviewing the practical and strategic consequences of each detail, allowing an optimal gaming experience, and fully realize its full potential
  24. double type in chat since FCU

    If you read the thread that I opened before you, I have the same problem, and on my pc, and on my laptop. It is just after last night update to Fall Creators, and only happens in the game chat When I type you hello, write me hheelllloo I need an urgent solution because I am emperor of a group of alliances, but all the partners of the game, also need an urgent solution
  25. double type in chat since FCU

    I've got the same, since I applied the latest Windows 10 "Feature Update".
  26. AOE Definitive Edition

    rumours have it delayed .. store says 2018 ..
  27. In the game chat, if I write: Hello good day Each letter is duplicated like this: hheelllloo ggoooodd ddaayy The only change I've made is to install last night, the new official version Fall Creators of Windows 10, just released last night. All the programs on my computer work perfectly, except for the game chat, because it duplicates each letter character. I clarify that I have the same problem on my PC and on my laptop, so it can not be a keyboard driver problem What solution is there? Thank you
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