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  2. Plans for new units?

    Which zombie castle is this? Shout out to @Andy P and @Dariakus Hotel Caiifornia has a no cancel policy.....
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  4. Alliance is Lost

    I wrote you a PM.
  5. Alliance is Lost

    @Baroness Von Panda

    Do we give Bonus Gold for silly threads? The "terrordome" works, although it should be called the Yo Conrad Attackers, In Your Face defense. It works, unfortunately, against players that have gotten enamored with their RamRush but haven't gone through the Search function to check out how to beat it. And beating it is rather simple because the defenses are spread so thin. Take out any gate and there will be a wall he can attach to beyond that gate. (Duuuh, not if you take out a freestanding gate in the middle of a meadow! Take out a gate that leads to the internal walls.) It will probably still work if you're getting attacked by the Under 2000 Crowns crowd, but anyone who's learned "Search" or who scrolls through the leader boards can find empires using it and view their losses. It is mathematically impossible, even with advanced gate-building techniques to have zero non-gate walls inside the terrordome wall. And thus, because of the spread-out towers along the all-gate wall, there's always an opening to an easy to remove gate. 3 not-yet-conraded rams will do the trick and you can get conrad in there to activate them as soon as they're done taking out the gate. Saladdin will do the job quite nicely, too. You can always find a spot for him to launch his special powershot out-of-reach of shorter-ranged towers. Check out MaraisMur57. He's only level 9 so short a number of towers yet. Funky corner-wall building allows him fewer gates and fewer towers on the terrordome wall. He can thus put trebs and catapults inside at the keep. He's on my team and went "Allgate" early, before word had spread. At one time he was about 16-1 against Conrad. In the last several days, it's balancing out. I don't think he's 50/50 in four to six last battles. When he goes to L10 he can put more firepower inside, too. I think I went to Allgate about five days ago. Word had spread and I'm at a 1:3 W/L record. (I'm not Bloodheart in the game. I use that for the forums because I thought you had to have a different name. I'm WispyVoyage9139. Not a top player; kinda feeble on attack, to be honest.)
  7. Music.........New & Old.......Part 2 :-)

    Thanks for sharing that very catchy and addictive song, AnotherRiddle! I'm glad to acquaint myself with the works of Yogscast.

    I would be Goldie O'Bourbon if you drink me, means I am smooth

    Ask east puppet .

    LMAO !! You missed just by one more language. You already count 3 viz. english frank latin. Join us and we teach you Spanish haha a golden chance to be counted as "highly inteligente" !
  11. AYON

    An interesting discussion, Ayon Dutta. Hello and welcome to the forum. May I guide you towards the forum Code of Conduct ( and ask that you familiarise yourself with the contents, prior to posting. After perusing the linked information, I would ask if you wish to expand on your first post? If not, if it's OK with you, I would like to treat said post as 'spam' and deal with it accordingly. I await your response with bated breath. I am but to serve
  12. hi

    [Hi, I'm from Colombia, where do you write from?] Hello laharenas and welcome to the forum. I'm not sure if you realise that this is not a dating site. It is a forum for those who enjoy playing the various formats of Age of Empires. Please converse yourself with the forum Code of Conduct ( prior to posting nonsensical and inane discussion. Thank you and happy sieging [Hola laharenas y bienvenidos al foro. No estoy seguro si te das cuenta de que este no es un sitio de citas. Es un foro para aquellos que disfrutan de jugar en los diferentes formatos de Age of Empires. Por favor converse con el Código de Conducta del foro ( antes de publicar una discusión sin sentido y tonta. Gracias y feliz asedio ]
  13. can't change email

    Hello mccaslinmd, and welcome to the forum. I suggest you send a personal message (pm) to @Baroness Von Panda with all the details you have and ask her for assistance. Happy sieging.
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  15. Music.........New & Old.......Part 2 :-)

    If they're not listening to country - there is only one other they COULD be listening to - western
  16. Alliance is Lost

    It's been a problem, particularly with "nation" alliance names. It seems like several people name their alliance for their country, and as you say, many of them are zombie alliances. Unfortunately, @Kicho has been asking for a solution to this for quite awhile, and nothing has been forthcoming.
  17. Unlinked accounts

    Send a private message to @Baroness Von Panda. She can unlink the accounts.
  18. When I was running up crowns, I stayed online everyday until my bucket time ran out (8 hours). As soon as I got the "vulnerable to attack message," I got offline. I was attacked almost immediately by someone waiting to revenge me. Seeing as I did multiple attacks during that eight hours, and only one guy got revenge, all the others were still looking when I got back online after my peace treaty. Since I quit looking for them Friday, I've been revenged 4 times. Some folks don't stop looking to run them up and do this continuously, even setting their alarm for the middle of the night to get back online after a peace treaty. Good luck catching your opponent.
  19. Resources looting count

    There are several possibilities: 1) He may be able to store 1.6 million stone, that doesn't mean he has that much. 2) The quarry can hold 40K of stone. If you don't take it out, you won't get a percentage of that stone as, 3) You get a percentage of what you take with it coming in different amounts for different buildings (keep and stone storage has the most. If you don't 3* him, you aren't getting all of it.
  20. Towers not firing

    Click on your ballista. An aura will appear around it. If a troop/siege weapon doesn't come inside that aura, the ballista can't reach it. If you'll notice, there's also a doughnut hole near the tower itself. Ballistas can't hit things that get too close.

    Don't forget capturing spies: If you see a single troop wandering around your layout, click on him....he's a spy, and capturing him will give you free gold as well.

    And a *** good one, if I do say so myself.
  23. Towers not firing

    I just watched a replay of the last attack on my kingdom. When I zoomed in on my ballista tower it was not firing and did not fire until their soldiers had broken down my wall yet every time I attack a kingdom all the towers fire huge amounts of arrows and cross bolts. I spend a lot of money on this game and am not getting anywhere so unless you make the game more equitable I will shut the game down and find a different game to spend my money on.
  24. Music.........New & Old.......Part 2 :-)

    Here's something a little different.
  25. Viking Horde need active players

    Join Viking Horde. We are a good group of people that love the game so come battle with us and grow

    I never claimed to be one. American English, some French, oh and Pig Latin... that's about all I got
  27. Join USA 6 :)

    USA6 is a great place to be. Fun group with active players that like to help you out. 500 Crowns to join
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