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  1. Yesterday
  2. DD3399

    CODA Chat

    which place?
  3. truckdriver

    CODA Chat

    ya i visit that place also, i didnt like it
  4. DD3399

    Looking for Wonder Donations help

    Hello my dear friends! Today I have to ask for STONE again. It is for an alliance, I'm not emping, but feel somehow responsible for since I'm there with my castle LordOfCastle1 The alliance name is DEadpool (WesternEurope, down in the list of so many deadpool's ) Empress is StrawPark208967 Thank you very much for your support in advance !
  5. DD3399

    A Four Way Gate

    I see: junction to 2 and then again from 1 to 2. Anyway, it needs a lot of wall pieces. But 2 gates to the keep instead of 4 is a progress though!
  6. DD3399

    About 100 days

    Congrats for the first 100 days! Keep going!!!!
  7. Liars Truce

    About 100 days

    Well...been about 100 days. Thought I'd stop in for a couple battles. Just as fun as it always was. It did remind me of when my castle was just a bunch of sticks tho. Not a lot going on here in the forums....Hope all is well. I'm around...SIEGE ON!
  8. Oxbo Zeus

    Defiance United recruiting

    Yes & we have info that will boost your attacking & improve defense capability
  9. I love it. I found a corner keep and used Martel to one star it.
  10. nightwarrior690

    A Four Way Gate

    this is one of mine I also have one that brings all four thru one gate and splits them up again.
  11. Last week
  12. Perhaps we should have a forum game. We have to load this army and see who can get the most crowns. Anyone getting two stars is the outright winner.
  13. DD3399

    A Four Way Gate

    So what @CaosAD ... still sleeping or not enough beer to find a solution??? I must say, I'm not really close to solve the issue
  14. If there would be an award and I'm able to nominate, you would be the HERO OF THE DAY!!!!!
  15. It's me . Still wearing that T-Shirt. One they I'll show it to my grandsons. I don't know if it is allowed to show myself here. But I do it on my own risk Also you can find me on Facebook - Kiro.tenchev Burgas Bulgaria Happy universery Castle Siege
  16. If he does that I may have to give him the boot! I would feel real bad about it though.
  17. DD3399

    Revenge Failed

    the only way to get to know is: click the revenge shield. Either you'll get the revenge or it will tell you, that the one has a PT or that he's online.
  18. HarmlessCroc28

    Revenge Failed

    How will I know that the player is offline???
  19. Do you all think that @Andy P has still this bunch of bag-snatchers in his army??? Or should he load it again to test all the nice proposals?
  20. Most of the things I call east aren't CoC friendly ------------____________________------------ Besides, I could never hold a carrot to his witty grandeur XD

    It's almost Saturday afternoon/night

    Why are we calling him "he who shall not be named?" If it weren't for his Saturday night rants, no one would have been here a year ago.
  22. Saw your crowns--does it matter? Attack with no heroes

    Is Conrad the only hero everyone uses?

    How could you forget Conrad?

    Does anyone play this game??

    Find a good alliance, read the pinned posting on this subforum, and use what knowledge you get to just go for it. You'll be there in no time, without the ramblings of us malcontents.
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