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    Don't know exactly how many of you have seen this or will see it as the board changes today. But Roger Gjuv has worked hard on an accomplishment that I have never seen and may never see again. Yesterday, he made it to #1 on his alt and was #7 on his main. I was tickled pick because his alt is in Old Knights right now. Then last night he set forth to be #1 & #2 and was well on his way when I went to bed. At about 5 am Eastern, not sure what time it was for him, this happened: Quite honestly, it could not have happened to a nicer guy than Roger. It has been such a pleasure being in an alliance with him. Way to go Roger!!!! Such an accomplishment and proof that some are still having some fun. I also have to insert this one, because Old Knights was cheering for this #1 yesterday. It has put a little zing in our little alliance. I hope it motivates them all. I know it has me.
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    @Robeyone @Baroness Von Panda @JimScrubs (Mr. loneley ) @anybodyelseonthedevelopmentteamwhostilllooksattheforums Guys (and girls) Please fix this bs @Chuggles22 @Wicked Wulf could one of you guys find out why i can't tag JimScrubs... must be a forum problem or did SGI finally 'let him go' WE NEED TO BE ABLE TO empty rubbish out of our watch signal. OR make a rank that can't donate. It just never ends... new player... donates rubbish gets bombed on... leaves or gets kicked. (Originally i didn't use the word rubbish... then i self-moderated ) I'm going to put it bluntly. New players leave alliances and the game everyday because they get bombed on for making stupid donations... but what do I know?? This guy got kicked... This one got oversensitive and left... lol And now we're back to having a crown limit to keep the riff-raff out. Before somebody comments... yes i have 33K gold... no, i dont use it... no, I never will... no i didn't buy it, I just used to play far too much
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    As I read it, the first sentence announces that the next sentences should be read as Panda expanding on the notion that she doesn't have any updates. So the reason she doesn't have any updates is because SGI and MS haven't collaborated to create more updates? Weird phrasing. It's like being told mommy and daddy don't love each other anymore but we both will always love you kids. What on earth is happening? The only hopeful thing I see is that us being on this journey with them is phrased in the present tense. But even that's ambiguous. Future tense would have been better, and past tense would have been a eulogy.
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    Hi, To begin with, I know that not many would care that I am retiring from this game, and its not the goal of this post to gain attention as I am not an attention wh***, I am just posting this to share my thoughts with you thats all. I am also not a "noob" player who is just babbling, of course I am far from being a pro, yet I am experienced in this game, here is my castle: 3 years ago, I got a Windows Phone device on my birthday as a present, it had everything I needed except Clash of Clans, the game I used to play the most on my Android device, but I couldn't resist the features in that phone so I started using it. A few months later, Age of Empires: Castle Siege was released, I knew it was Microsoft's response to Supercell not wanting to release Clash of Clans for Windows Phone, so I instantly installed it and started playing it from the first day of its release, and back then, there was no Chat and no Leagues. I was from the first players to create alliances in the game. My alliance got to the Top 200 leaderboard multiple times, but months after months, the best players in my alliance stopped playing this game as they got bored from it, because the developers were never hype to add new content, so my alliance went down harshly. I hadn't abandoned the game just yet, I reinvited players to my alliance, kept posting on the Aliiance Recruiting forum, until I got many players, we improved together, and then reached the #1 on the Champions League, but my alliance was never as good as it used to be. This year, I kept seeing members of my alliance going inactive and leaving the game, so we kept pressuring the developers into giving us new content, and when we were almost out of breath, they gave us "Battle Chests", which we can clearly see that it was an update to shut us up for a few more months, then after that they released Android version of the game, and it was the last time we hear anything from the developers. I kept my hopes high and cheered my alliance members to stay in the game, hoping that the developers will surprise us with a new update. Today, after 6 months from the last """major""" update, after months of waiting a response from one of the developers, SGI's @Baroness Von Panda told us the following: Which leaves no choice but to quit the game as it has lost its potential and is currently only a source of time waste, the game gets really boring each day because its just repetitive. I guess its not an exaggeration to post such a long thread after playing a game for 3 years, is it? And today, after seeing SGI's announcement regarding the game, I have decided to uninstall Age of Empires: Castle Siege from my device and to never play it again, and also to give it a rating of 1 star in Android Play Store. I will never play anything made by the lazy a** company SGI.
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    "Liiittle Inferno just for meee!..." \o\ /o/
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    you used 12 rams you don't deserve the full amount
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    After 467 days the HATED old man who started the dreaded/hated Ram Rush has returned....... AND your still talking about it..... Like the US Army and the Abrams..... Brute force does wonders....... And I'm still in "The Leftovers 2". While it is basically dead, I'm going to see if I can bring it back to it's former glory.... As our POS said..... "Lets Make LO2 Great Again....." Looking for members who do not mind being associated with me........
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    Girlfriend/wife + bottle of (excellent) red wine + beach or something similar
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    Maybe these can go on the Pinterest page
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    While I have been the biggest supporter of the devs here for a while, I have to rethink my position. They have not and are not being honest with us. I have attached photographic evidence to prove my point. See the crowns on offer for my Conrad attack? Ok next let's see the outcome 2/3 of 300 is 200, so where's my 1 crown? Doesn't seem much but think, how many crowns have you and I been robbed of? This is outrageous and unacceptable. It's little wonder why players are leaving
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    Hi everyone, I know that you've been waiting to hear from us about the future of Age of Empires: Castle Siege, and it's important to us that our players aren't left feeling like they're in the dark. The short version is that right now, we don't have any updates for you. I know that you've heard this in various forms from me lately, but I'm going to take this opportunity to expand a little upon this. The creation of Castle Siege is, in very basic terms, collaborative. This means that any decisions made about the state of the game or updates to it, are made jointly by both parties. I wish we could tell you more, but right now that's simply all there is to tell. All of us here at Smoking Gun Interactive & Microsoft appreciate you, our players, and the time and love you've invested in to playing the game we've created. We’re grateful that you’re on this journey with us!
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    I remember when this game was pretty good, I don't think its to hard to make it good again. I might be in the minority but I only post my rants hoping that some of the higher ups of Microsoft will see them and maybe make a change. the lead dev don't even log it anymore but to say he's on vacation. Anyone still work there anymore? Why hasn't there been anything? Even a very small patch? No hero spotlight? LOL the only thing you do is a gold sale.
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    This is one of my hybrid accounts. Nothing in the Defense log but 100% losses and one 2 star until..... Note to any Dev that gives a dam; increase that Level one Rurik's health until he can take down that level one fire tower. It really is that simple. Other than the two Age Two wins, this is the only other win for this Age 8 Keep.
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    I believe that. And I'm sure that you want to be able to tell us news just as bad as we want to hear it. Can't be much fun managing a game community where there's nothing game related to discuss. Thank you for saying something. Even though there's nothing new to say... it's the effort that counts
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    Caught a revenge in the morning got matched with the same empire tonight. Had a much better army the first go around. But I guess you call this a double dip. Pretty sure this guy won't forget my name. How many of you have done this.
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    Firstly I will mention that there is no hope in complaining about heroes, nothing will happen. Live with Conrad or leave, that's it. Secondly why even bother expressing anything here as the mods will take it down, I guess you can only say the devs failed so many times. Thirdly before the game dies, save up 3-4 k in gold and make a run into the top ten. No more gold is needed than that and about 48 hours will do. Fourthly try a turtle and sit around 2-3 k crowns and watch the fails, some funny things happen. Fithly if believe the game is not to your liking then write a review on the App Store where you downloaded it, you have the power. No power here. and finally if you do make it to number one then be smug, smug your *** off as you deserve it
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    Let’s talk about maxed level 10 players and crown distribution. By “maxed level 10” I mean they have upgraded everything. There is nothing left to upgrade. They are in an alliance with all wonders. There is absolutely nothing they can do with resources, and have no need at all to gain any. These players probably are using their wonders to literally destroy resources to get rid of them. The only thing left to fight for is crowns. The only thing left to fight for is crowns. Who are these players? They are going to be players that have spent a good deal of the time at the game, play daily, and almost certainly buy gold (which is your business model that pays the salaries). I am such a player. At the time of compiling these numbers I had 7597 crowns. Now there is a risk to reward ratio that just doesn’t work under the current matching system. If everything goes wrong and you lose a battle you’ve initiated, you’re going to lose about 280 crowns or so, which means you clearly don’t want to even enter into a battle with somebody with 20 crowns. You also don’t want to choose a battle with a low-crown player because when they revenge you the whole risk/reward ratio is so skewed that it’s insane to give them an opportunity. If I win a 2 star battle I might get 2 or 5 or even 60 crowns from them – but when they revenge me I present as a target giving up 850 to 1100 crowns or so. Just ridiculous. So if I fight a battle with 100 crown I get 66 on a 2-star win, they revenge me and get a 2-star win they win maybe 550 or 600. So you don’t fight battles with low crowns because it is strategically stupid to do so. For me – I choose a criteria of my opponent presenting at least 175 crowns. In a 2-star battle win I get about a 116 crown reward. So I go to find a battle and this is what I’m presented with out of 117 consecutive “next’s”, in order: (the number in parenthesis shows reward with a 2-star win). 44 (29), 8 (5), 24 (16) ,36 (24) , 50 (33) , 79 (53) , 13 (9) ,17 (11) , 74 (49) , 10 (7) ,12 (8) ,11 (7) , 95 (63) ,20 (13) , 62 (41) , 47 (31) , 7 (5) ,42 (28) ,25 (17) ,11 (7) ,66 (44) , 68 (45) ,68 (45) ,56 (37) , 8 (5), 160 (107), 8 (32),25 (17 , 67 (45) , 6 (4) , 62 (41) , 62 (41) , 18 (12) , 5 (3) , 52 (35) , 59 (39) , 59 (39) ,24 (16) , 6 (4), 41 (27) , 52 (35) , 4 (3),30 (20) , 6 (4), 47 (31) ,104 (69) , 46 (31) , 24 (16) , 64 (43) , 4 (3), 60 (40) ,52 (35) , 53 (35) , 26 (17) , 29 (19) ,13 (9) ,46 (31) , 8 (5), 12 (8) , 10 (7) ,16 (11) , 6 (4), 48 (32) ,25 (17) , 6 (4), 35 (23) ,70 (47) , 77 (51) , 17 (11) , 6 (4), 74 (49) , 54 (36) , 40 (27) , 16 (11) , 35 (23) , 54 (36) , 19 (13) , 19 (13) , 28 (19) , 118 (79) , 34 (23) , 11 (7) , 13 (9) ,49 (33) ,20 (13) ,23 (15) ,19 (13) ,40 (27) ,41 (27) ,54 (36) ,35 (23) ,2 (1),29 (19) ,42 (28) , 10 (7) ,16 (11) ,59 (39) ,19 (13) ,4 (3),16 (11) ,26 (17) ,36 (24) ,29 (19) ,4 (3),2 (1),26 (17),12 (8), 7 (5),62 (41) ,20 (13) ,68 (45) ,26 (17) ,1 (0) ,12 (8) ,17 (11) ,14 (9) ,196 (131) ============================================================= It took 117 nexts to find a barely acceptable battle. That was over 20 minutes of clicking, watch swords spin, see crappy battle presented, click, watch swords spin, repeatedly, over and over…. To find ONE battle that was ALMOST strategically acceptable to engage in. What the heck are you developers thinking? You have your best, most dedicated players, the ones most likely to spend actual money on your game, staring aimlessly at spinning swords rather than engaging in battles and spending gold. Does that sound like a smart business strategy on your part? How many players do you think just quit and find a game that is actually entertaining to play because of this? What are you even doing showing me opponents with single-digit crown counts? You know and I know that it would be INSANE to even engage in those battles - so why make me suffer through them. You really need to fix this game for high-level players – and keep them from wasting their game time even trying to find a battle to play. I could crunch these numbers a bunch of different ways – showing that I’d have to fight about ALL of the 1st 35 consecutive battles presented to me to make up for a 2-star loss when I log out – and many other different things. But I only have crowns to fight for. I had 7597 at this time. After 117 nexts and 20 minutes of play-time I finally got matched with a player who had 4,291 crowns and I gained 132 crowns. As soon as I log out somebody with 28 rams will get a 2-star battle against me and take 550 crown. Now, I COULD try and take some revenge battles myself against high-crown players, but I’d guess that about 70% of your top 400 or so players are [MOD EDIT] to avoid attacks and keep their crowns. Get your heads of out of your posteriors, developers and fix your game please. Especially if you're going to charge money for it. Thanks And will you PLEASE stop lighting up my screen like a christmas tree a 1000 times a day every time somebody donates a pikeman to somebody else?
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    Meet ' Jim Scrubs' (aka. Mr Lonely) ... The last remaining member of the AOE CS development team... MS just told him he may be out of a job soon So Cmon Guys and girls... Buy Gold and waste it on CONRAM.. Help save Jim's Job!!! Jim has a degree in Advanced Computer Science... He just likes to keep the place clean cos MS wont let him work on any new content!! PS... To the devs (or dev? ) Just yanking your chains I know you guys are really busy with finishing off ageX, new heroes and all that... I'm sure its going to be great too!! 6 months is a long time so I'm sure you've got it just right by now . Sure you better halves will be thrilled when the next BIG patch is finally finished and they can actually see you at home again!! lol... sure... but hey... It's a free game, who are we to complain.
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    I have a Level 10 keep with everything fully developed. Clearly I've been playing this for awhile. How much do I REALLY care if somebody in my 50 person alliance donates troops to somebody else? It only happens hundreds of times a day, repeat for months and months to years... Perhaps you could quit making the little tab on the left side of the screen that goes to chat and announcements quit flashing at me like a bad website advertisement every time a troop donation is made? Where you have to click at least 4 times to make it go away? If I really care that much about a troop donation, I know where to look. Thanks much.
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    @MS IamPREZSTEVE and his ban hammer, @Queen Matcha and her replays of the week, or @Empress_Phasma and her great riddle game that had the forum on fire! Is it just me or has the forum hit the same rocks as the game and sinking into the night?
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    Used to be sometimes we would actually get an explanation as why a "popular" idea wouldn't work. Heck, they even used to talk candidly about possible features and throw in vague hints as to what they were going to be putting in the next patch. At least that was something. Devs used to be ACTIVE members of the community here, and no, I'm not including Panda in that list bc it is her job to be here. What I'm talking about is the fact that we used to have people who actually gave a rats but about the game and the community... and didn't look at it as if it was dog po.op cleaning duty that you're obligated to go out and shovel. Guess what... the yard here is full of po.op because nobody has bothered to do their job in quite a while. I would wholeheartedly agree with you there, but for the fact that the Devs keep telling us that we are NOT at end-game, that they ARE working on stuff. So they are doing either one of two things: being lazy or lying to us, neither of which I have much tolerance for If you think "Poor responses" from players is responsible for the games current health, then what do you think caused them? As far as I'm concerned, those "Responses" are called "Customer Feedback" in the business world. And when your business makes it a habit of constantly ignoring customer feedback, then there is only one direction your business can go. If they really are giving up on the game, then I think everyone here would be ok with it if they would just go ahead and ADMIT IT. If not, and they still have some sort of a business model going on here, then they need to wake up and go shovel the yard... because it sure doesn't smell like roses.
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    How much constructive criticism can go unanswered?? It is not us that hasn't done a patch in months, even though there are many solid suggestions about things that can be fixed. It is not us that have stated that there won't be any updates pending in the foreseeable future, although there are many ideas that have been suggested that would bring back old players and expand the player base. It is not us that have chosen to not interact and communicate with them: It is them that have chosen to isolate us and not respond to anything here. It is not us that isolated this forum from other AoE forums, although they try to draw from us their new DE players. I'm glad you're "Little Miss Sunshine" Aardvark, but wake up and smell the coffee!!! MS is trying to kill this game and remove all fingerprints that they were ever involved in this game! It's as plain as the nose on your face! (my apologies in advance is you have some nose malformation and take offense)
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    I have played Chess all my life. Castle Siege reminds me of Chess. I feel like I could play this game for a long time. I don't feel that everyone has explored what can be done with combinations of Heroes, setup of Castles, and how Alliances cooperate to play. I feel like there is a lot to share and perhaps some of the discoveries within game play haven't been shared. Not faulting anyone. I just marvel at the new things that some of the players are coming up with that go unnoticed by most of this group. And I admit I have read Chess books in German, Russian, Polish for instance. And I could talk about great chessplayers like Capablanca or Staunton and maybe you might know them. And have read about their games. I feel like there is alot of potential in this game. I am sorry some are quitting. But I think we are in the middle of the dawn of a really great game.
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    If anyone else here has lived through the death of a beloved game-as-a-service, they will surely also attest that sometimes funding just gets pulled and even obvious minor fixes you can't imagine the Devs would leave hanging can just hang. When it's over, it's over. A game-as-a-service is like one of those tomato plants you can buy at a greenhouse. When you start, it's small and full of potential. The Devs water it with funding, and it grows quickly and bears fruit. Of course you always see more branches that could blossom if they gave it just a little more water and a little more time. And some of them do. Things are going well. You are convinced that every branch will grow to the sky. It certainly is looking that way. But eventually the tomatoes grow slower and smaller. Your plant still seems quite healthy. You fear that it isn't getting enough water, but you tell yourself that it's just getting ready to push again. Another small tomato or two even grows. But without enough water, it eventually starts to dry out and wilt. You keep it on your porch for probably longer than you should have. And then one day you look at it and it's just dead. It's a lot less painful and much cheaper to simply buy your tomatoes at the grocery store. But there really isn't anything else like watching them grow on a plant. Being part of it. So next spring when you see they are selling tomato plants again, you do it all over again. You can't help yourself.
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    My son-in-law plays a game with 100 in the alliance and he says it is awful. Communication is horrible because you cant keep up in chat and it is difficult as emperor to control that many alliance members. He has been asking on that game's forum to cut it down to 50 like our game. We have compared and contrasted our games and that is the one thing that he is adamant about when we talk about what would make it better.
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    I think you're on to something here, especially considering this: What if all this lack of activity by the devs actually goes all the way to the top? Panda's statement here suggests that maybe SGI wanted to create more updates/content but got the big 'Nyet!' from the MS bosses. That would make sense, SGI proposes the changes, but has to get them approved by MS, so there may be more going on here than meets the eye. The folks that make the decisions at MS are primarily pencil pushers and bean counters, with very little understanding/appreciation of the creative process. These kind of 'businessmen' tend to think in terms of 'what has worked before' and not 'what could possibly work in the future', so if they are not seeing the numbers that they are looking for on their fiscal activity reports, they tend to be less optimistic about the thing that they are investing in. For MS this game is just another commodity, it either generates the desirable numbers, or it doesn't. So, maybe the one big patch where we got all these unexpected goodies, was due to an effort by the SGI team to get their numbers up to where MS wanted to see them. This might explain the statement by @Robeyone about SGI being satisfied with the results of that patch, primarily 'player retention'. Then again I might just be running out of tin foil.
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    There's a difference between senseless complaining and trying to point out the real need for new content. There are too many maxed players that have stopped playing because they have nothing new to do. Battle chests with just resources when you are maxed is just a slap in the face. Fighting for crowns for hours when they will just be ramrushed away is pointless. Nexting for crowns when a good percentage of your opponents have abandoned crown hunting is futile and more time-consuming. Under the past Dev team we had some communication and semi-frequent updates and fixes; currently there is no dialogue and no updates pending. Get this current team to commit that there will be an update (ANY UPDATE) and the approx. timeframe (Fall, winter, 2017, 2020, etc.) and you will have performed a minor miracle. Simply suggesting that players demanding new content should just quietly disappear into the night is unfair to them and the game.
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    My time machine is two portals located in the same position in space but separated by time. This keeps the variables down and the maths easier. I can only go back in time to when I created the first portal, its a door that you can't open until it's there, if you like. This is why we haven't seen people from the future. Because I haven't finished it yet but I will once I can stop playing this silly game.
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    I don't know what I would do without a good belly laugh started by something that my Puppet friend said every day. And not just him, but there are many that don't come to the forums and shout a little about loosing a great game. But we hear it every day in chat. And the thing that hurts the most is we also loose some of those people every day as well. It is more than a game to them and to me. There is so much that can be done to improve the game and to keep players wanting to stay. But we just see it dying. So before you criticize @east puppet or delete his post, try to see it from his point of view. Not only is his entertainment dying daily, he is loosing friends daily. What if you would never have access to the things that made you happy? You would rail a bit, too, maybe rant, maybe rave and possibly curse about it. We would just like a little information. Is this the end? Or do you even want to keep the game going? Will we ever get another patch? They are valid questions from your consumers. Or maybe the final question is are you even wanting consumers anymore? Just a few answers might make this a more peaceful forum.
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    Once upon a time, a ghost appeared in the Castle Siege Forum... ...is this our long lost Dev? .....The shock of those gathered, ripples through the room.....who is this Stranger among them? lmao ....After the shocked room settles...some wonder.....Could it really be @Robeyone Is there hope? Will he hear us? ...the Ghost leaves laughing......
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    Smash down is ok it is easy resources but I don't want to waste troops on them every Wednesday! I know I can drop a unit and leave battle which is fine for me but other are concerned of their win percentage. I'm just asking for the option to do this battle or not do this battle at any point during that day. Stay tuned for next weeks routine scheduled smashdown rant!
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    Soo... After spending several years on upgrades, I have launched upgrade of my last cannon tower.. So guys, I want to ask - am I the winner now? Or.. what's next? Boring fights for virtual crowns and top, which can never be reached with a reasonable efforts? What would you do, when resource hunting is already over?
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    Sorry to burst the bubble of the few but the icy water has come rushing in and even @Andy P cannot get the pumps going How long before we hit the bottom and will we break in two? I don't think that even @dariakus could save the ship now even if he was still in the lead but if he was in the lead we would know far more than we do now! Please be calm as we head to the life boats women and kids to the boats........ they said there are life boats didn't they?
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    You need this Not sure if this is footage of panda at SGI trying to get our ideas across to the team...
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    I didn't have Panda's thread in mind when writing my post... What I DID have in mind was what actually comes from the Lead Developers mouth. THAT WAS 2 MONTHS AGO. Since that thread... he has made ONE comment on this forum in which he stated that he hasn't been around due to vacationing. Believe it or not, I WANT to be on the Devs side here... but the complete lack of interest I see from @Robeyone towards this Franchise and Community only leads me to the conclusion that he is not the right man for the job. I'm not saying he's a bad Dev... I hear he spends a lot of time playing and promoting other games. But if his workload spreads his attention out so thin that he doesn't have time for us, then loosen up his schedule a little and get someone else in charge here who DOES have some time to give AOE the attention that it deserves.
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    Nope, it's to continuously grind out those three battles each time your PT runs out; to wake up in the middle of the night; to adjust your work and real life schedules around; to tap a phone screen under a conference room table: day in and day out for years just to stay at 5K-6K in crowns. Sounds like a lot of fun, doesn't it?
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    Remember........there is no "I" in team...........no "Robey" either lol.
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    [Mod edit: I just hid 12 posts, 11 of which appeared to be related to the same post that was some kind of personal attack. As always, if you want to accuse somebody of cheating or of some other kind of unsportsmanship thing, do it via private message to @Baroness Von Panda and not publicly. Otherwise, don't be surprised to feel the cool rush of air over your head as the mod hammer swings, quickly followed by its warm embrace upon the top of your head.]
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    Sounds like they need someone to go in to blow the dust and wipe all the cobwebs from the servers lol (Still better than Crystal Skulls lol)
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    This makes more sense than a lot of your recent posts ;-)
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    Me when I entered this thread:
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