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    Sadly we lost another Awesome player and Friend in this life......and this game. He had many friends out there for years and if they wish to do a page in his honor and memory......that would be great. It was just very sad that nothing had been said about his tragic end in life so far. Play on Jag.....You were one of a kind and a friend to so many......
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    You guys are still in Age 10? My version has been updated every six weeks, and I'm presently in Age 26.
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    four into one

    Just had to see if I could do it all four trade routes thru one gate and hooked up to the keep all four able to collect gold. Not very practical wastes to many wall units to get enough road units and restricts defending troop movment
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    RIP Jag, may your memory live on forever.
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    @Overkill I'm a Cheater So put a tower and 2 walls Then 2 roads Use the Keep to open 2 gates another wall put 2 walls and a road behind the tower With the keep open 2 gates And now the cheat is finished
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    It makes me sad seeing Earl's clinic in this state. I spent months here recovering... Thanks Earl you changed my life! lol I remember when the halls were filled with the screams of crazed fanatics being torn away from PC's and phones at the end of bucket time... There were all sorts of weirdos. We had clowns, puppets, insects, royalty, lawyers, doctors, garbage disposal guys, crazy-a.ss je.rk kids and old dudes with far too much time, money, really bad motor skills and an unhealthy relationship with Conrad , from all corners of the globe... And the escape attempts... those were the absolute best Can anybody remember who this was? Thanks to the volunteers (in no particular order) who really made this place great @Chuggles22, @Wicked Wulf @Andy P @AnotherRiddle @InflamedNut2
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    I’m still lost for words, and really didn’t want to write this, as it then hits harder that it’s actually happened. Jags You were one of a kind. A pleasure to be around, great sense of humour and a great team mate. Was always fun with a few of us in alliance battling for #1. And yeah I had a handicap as my defence sucked as you all kept reminding me. You will be greatly missed my friend. Rest in peace
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    Treasure Hunter is a legend in this game. Tough loss by the game and community. He was definitely well liked by all who he played with. Funny guy - had a real great sense of humor. Player we can count on when needed. We will miss him.
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    Andy P

    You Make This Game Suck

    This is awesome. I love every beautiful word.
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    Some amazing castles

    What is the Admiral shipping ???
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    4/4 Builders

    My builders are in a bit of a crisis. Seems they have been drawing unemployment for well over a year now and it is about to expire. Won’t you hire my builders? Or better yet, bid them a construction job?
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    Very shocking news. Rest in Peace
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    Thanks for getting the thread started @Wicked Wulf I am not really sure what to say. I am still in shock. A great guy always full of jokes and all around humor. An exceptional player of this game and a man of your word. You will be greatly missed! I will continue to send prayers for your wife, friends and family.
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    Anyone else... and I do mean ANYONE... I would call out as a liar on this. But I believe it's absolutely possible in your case lol.
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    I can't wait to see what's in store for us with the next Server Maintenance I pray it's on a Friday just as League is ending. THAT would make this place just a tad bit exciting
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    Got anything exciting in store for us? @Baroness Von Panda
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    Ok, let's see if I got this right? You can't figure out how to make those gates and that means that the devs are letting the players that do know how to make those gates cheat, is that correct? Or did I miss something?
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    I don't know whether this is helpful. I must confess that I keep forgetting how these gates are made (there are more important things in life to remember) So I use this source of information if I want to construct new ones.
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    You do know that PM gets all the good stuff, Andy is ahead of me as I am only at age 25. It's good to be Andy's left hand.
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    Baroness Von Panda

    Anecdote of the day

    I should hide this but instead I'm sending it to my husband
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    Anecdote of the day

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    I was very innocent before joining the forum. This Time..
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    4/4 Builders

    If they bring loads of stone with them, JB … but only when you take my farmers! Regarding the construction job, the general offer by the dev's is not published yet for a new age!!!
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    It's pretty common for players to go hard to hit the top spot and then drop down again, so this isn't really unusual. Also, as has been noted, we don't really need this many threads open about one player, you could have easily just posted this as a comment on one of the others. Please keep that in mind in future.
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