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    Story time! The last time my husband went on a business trip, he added The Boss Baby to my Netflix "My List" thing and I didn't notice for ages. Eventually I was scrolling the list and he smugly asked "oh, you wanna watch ths boss baby?!?" and I got really mad that Netflix would just push their content like that. Nope, I just married a big ole prankster.
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    Airing of the Grievances! Part 2

    It is Friday everyone! Let’s hear those grievances! My Grievance today is with Hulu! Every time I fall asleep watching a show it seems to add other shows to my watchlist. Just because a show comes on after the one I fell asleep watching, does not mean I am watching it! Yeah that’s the best I have today.
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    and the troller becomes the troll-ee....
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    Airing of the Grievances! Part 2

    You mean, after all that trouble he went through, you did not watch it with him?
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    No !! they are not my taste actually I dont like Indian songs and movies. what I like is Universal music which is almost same every where. the Art and spirit of music can not be bounded by human made border, I have music and songs in chinses/ Japanese/Arabic/Persian/Spanish/French/Latin/Celtic/wales and more. . . dont like Hindi songs though. Celtic music is the best in world. my dear friend that's hurt a little. I dont believe a good person as you can say something like that..even as mockery BTW here is my favorite mandarin solo.
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    EAST!!! Never thought you'd make it this far. Sure you would have been turning a bend in the road, reaching for the next beer, when a deer or Bigfoot was in your headlights. Happy B-Day Old Man!!!
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    I talked to the player and it was his brother who would get on his comp and do these things, the player has been made aware of the situation and has dealt with the brother.
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    Good Movie Quotes/Scenes

    Wow... you were able to post on this thread that sat in dust for over a year? I was always under the belief that threads were automatically archived after 6 months inactivity. They must've loosened up the restrictor lol Cool
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    @GhengisKhan1981, this is right in your wheelhouse
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    Hi! You can find all 153 Hero combinations with power level, comments & battle strategy http://www.aoeclub.ru/combo Please, leave a comment for interested combination, and we'll translate the material into english
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    List of suggestions

    This would be a nice feature as well... emoticons, like button, copy & paste, edit... any or all of these features in alliance chat would be beneficial. But, if we only got a couple of the above mentioned suggestions added to the game, there would be a lot of happy players.
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    Castle Siege Memes

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    Dudeist Priest

    Castle Siege Memes

    Some players be like:
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    Dudeist Priest

    Castle Siege Memes

    Tribute Castle owners be like,
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    Queen Matcha

    Castle Siege Memes

    That's a good one. Mind if I use it in the future? You will be credited, of course!
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