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    Important decision

    Forget all that rubbish - you've got to go Hot Pockets Comedian Jim Gaffigan is well known for his material poking fun at Hot Pockets. This material is so popular among fans that he is regularly offered Hot Pockets while on tour. The video became a YouTube sensation. Nestlé confirms that they had no influence with this stand-up comedy. In a 2015 installment of the comic strip Wizard of Id the Huns employed a trojan Hot Pocket in their perpetual war against the Kingdom of Id, with the intention of causing them to kill themselves slowly. Actor DJ Qualls plays a hacker in the 2003 science fiction film The Core who subsists solely on the microwaveable snack.
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    Scythian Fury

    Important decision

    My old stand-by for 3-5 hour final exams in college was mini-Snickers. The sugar gives you an immediate boost and the peanuts kick in with a more lasting effect after the sugar buzz wears off.
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    Ragnar Sigurdson

    Important decision

    Eat them and you get the Cardinal's troops for free!
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    Hi all! Wanted to let you all know I'm going to be on vacation from 3rd to 8th October, so I won't be around (much) on the forums during that time! If you have any support queries during this time, please contact community@smokingguninc.com where the team will be able to assist you. Please be patient with them, they are taking this on in addition to their usual workload so you will likely see longer response times.
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    Important decision

    Should I eat snickers milkyway or 3 musketeers while playing castle siege?
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    Scythian Fury

    About 100 days

    Yes, contrary to all the prophecies of doom you may have seen on this forum, the game is still alive. There are still plenty of new players joining up and forming new alliances. The only thing that has changed is the devs haven't done a lick to develop the game further. Also, most of the old time whiners have finally had the good sense to move on with their lives and let the rest of us enjoy the game for the game's sake.
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    NeunBonBon86, CaosAD2016, and FearFactory2017 thank you so much for the wood and relief troops. We are very close to completing our wonder because of you. Appreciate the love!
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