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    But seriously, Joe, that’s a really weird way to announce Age 11.
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    You know, for being a quirky little mobile app to keep the AoE flame lit until MS was able to move forward with another RTS sequel, I’d say AoECS sure has exceeded expectations. It’s not my favorite AoE game and is going to be much easier for me than when we lost AoEO, but I sure will miss it and think fondly of the community. I’ve never been dragged deeper into a community than this one, and it’s always been a pleasure. I made some legit friends here, and I know almost everyone here has, too. I’ll even miss the people I didn’t like and the people who genuinely freaked me out. What a crazy game for us to get addicted to. Love you guys.
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    Hey Siegers! It’s the sad duty of us here at Microsoft Studios to announce the decision to begin the process of sunsetting Age of Empires: Castle Siege, to ultimately close the game on May 13, 2019. Though we’re saddened to be ending this chapter of the Age of Empires franchise, we look back with immense gratitude for the support, patience, and passion of our community over the years. What does this mean? From May 13, 2019 Age of Empires: Castle Siege matchmaking services will cease, which means the game will no longer be playable. Until then, you can continue to play Castle Siege as normal. As of now, Gold will no longer be purchasable. You will be able to continue earning your daily free Gold from trade routes until closure. In addition, we are refunding all purchases of in-game Gold from the past 6 months, beginning with purchases made on May 8, 2018. Players will be able to spend what Gold they have until matchmaking ceases on May 13, 2019. These forums will remain open until Dec 13, 2018, after which they will be archived. We encourage all our forums users to join further conversations about the Age of Empires franchise on the official Age forum at forums.ageofempires.com. More information is available on the Xbox Support Page for Castle Siege. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for playing with us!
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    I saw the announcement today. I always knew it would come to an end, but it's still no fun to face it. Those were good days. Even the bad days were good days. There were always things I wished we could have done, plans that never quite came to fruition, and even though I've been away for two years I'll always look back at the Age community--and especially the Castle Siege community--as some of the best gamers on the internet. You guys and gals have meant more to me than I'll ever be able to express, and I hope we can siege together again in the future. I'm going to also turn on notifications for this post and turn it into an impromptu AMA. There are some things I won't be able to answer for various and sundry business reasons, but now that the game's closure is announced I should be able to answer quite a lot. For those of you who don't know who I am, and that may be a lot considering it's been 2 years, this franchise was entrusted to me for a time, when Castle Siege and our Steam business was at its peak, and we were gearing up for Age IV. Some of the old timers can vouch for me
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    Sell it to Smoking Gun with heavy contractual obligations to preserve the integrity of the AoE brand. If you don't the AoE brand will forever be branded as a transient game that dies in a few years and not the epic brand it should be. Who here still plays Mario or Asteroids? I may not play them alot, but I still enjoy them a couple of times a year. I still play the AoE games (and so do others) when that nostalgic urge hits. Use this as a fundraiser.... "Buy Gold and Save Castle Siege!!" You might be surprised at the response.
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    I hope everyone here realizes that dariakus was an amazing Emperor of the Age of Empires Franchise. We’ve never before or since had such an active and approachable lead producer. It’s a bit of a shame he helmed what will go down as a forgotten title in the canon. But we all owe him. Sure, he got paid for working. But he didn’t ever have to be that approachable. It’s always hard for a game to survive when the people who created it leave. We’ve seen that happen now twice in two games. Thanks, dariakus. I hope you can get some good sieges in before the lights go out forever.
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    Alliance Wars was on the long term design roadmap. Leagues was faster and cheaper to implement, and was a decent stopgap on the way to Alliance Wars... except as everyone knows we never made it to Alliance Wars. I can't speak for how plans may have changed after I departed in June of 2016, but I can speak to my own roadmaps! The original design for Alliance Wars was part of an Age of Exploration update that would have, among other things, added the ability for alliances to war for territory on newly discovered islands, in a week-long struggle that involved base building and moving troops around to control hexes on a grid. Whoever held the most territory at the end of the week would win the island. Your alliance would unlock awards based on the number of islands you'd conquered. Could either do random matching between alliances or targeted matching. I can go into the whole Age of Exploration thing in more depth too, if anyone wants to hear it
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    FINALLY they found a way to nerf Conrad
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    Free East Puppet...

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    So sad! Can't say I'm extremely surprised. The game has seemed to be dying for about a year now. I do appreciate getting 6 months notice. Hey, shoutout to all the Motley Crew from Forum minigames some months back. we could repeat that effort now, maybe with multiple alliances if enough were interested. No one could buy gold this time so starting on an equal playing field, we could all create new accounts and see how far we could progress in 6 months. @Wicked Wulf, @PleasedClown463, @Chuggles22, @EvaD, @EntireBroom Jr, @DoNotBurn, @Cavalry Cat, @Kicho, @recycle ar, @mmali386, @Traders51, @Smirky, @SuatKelem, @east puppet, @AnotherRiddle, @POORFELLER, @Wicken Wonder, @Septerror43, @mannerheimlich, @smashinggnat, @seapetals , @Mannerheim North, @Smashing Gnat, i may have missed a few tags, and some just wont show up. @SeaPetals. hahaha, there it is. hope you're well SeaPetals. but yeah, if i missed mentioning anyone from Motley Crew, apologies. my recordkeeping is not always perfect.
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    I agree with everything above except about Castle Siege being a forgettable title in the AOE universe. It was its first attempt at reaching out to a mobile platform, and that alone will make it stand out. Not only from a gaming expansion standpoint, but also (and mostly) as a learning curve for whatever follows. Kudos to all you did for us Dariakus. A true players Dev. I suspect a lot of us knew that the best days were officially behind us when you moved on to greener pastures.
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    Should I post a screenshot of my developer account gold balance? We couldn't ever play competitively, and we routinely nuked our castles but...
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    Thank you for the kind words! I miss this community more than I miss the rest of the franchise in many ways!
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    Ahhh I was just planning my comeback! I might have to blow the cobwebs off the old castle anyway and do a couple of attacks. Good luck to everyone out there, wherever you might play next. It's been a pleasure meeting you and ransacking your castles. I'll keep an eye out for familiar game tags whenever I'm playing. Hope to see you around.
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    Free East Puppet...

    If this happened, I promise to play the game again. FREE PUPPET NOW FREE PUPPET NOW FREE PUPPET NOW @east puppet
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    Free East Puppet...

    There's one voice missing regarding this huge, Late-Breaking news....this bombshell we had drop today. Anybody else want to petition to those in charge...and see if they can free the Puppet for one last post? I'm sure he'll promise to be nice....
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    Woulda been nice to get the Cayman Flag...… oh well, I'll have another rum please!!!
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    Andy P

    The last Goodbye

    Just promise us that before you shut off the lights and escort everyone to the parking lot, you punch Rurik and Charlemagne a few times in the nose. I never liked those underachieving clowns, and they really brought down the mood in the locker room.
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    Never! Is @Andy P still around? @testadeferro71? Maybe I can organize world peace on the way out.
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    Baroness Von Panda

    Free East Puppet...

    Hey all I appreciate why you would post this, and the devil's advocate in me does kinda want to to do it. But at the same time, a perma-ban is a perma-ban and we can't go pardoning one person without being open to pardoning everyone which is a slippery slope. It also undermines the purpose of it in the first place. I know some of you might just be joking around but I have to give a serious answer just in case
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    Free East Puppet...

    I hate to be late to a funeral. Now that I mention this, aren't funerals always the occasions where all of the family including the black sheep come together and reunite, for that one last time? So yeah, bring back @east puppet!
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    Free East Puppet...

    i was able to sneak a hacksaw blade to him, the security holding him is not very good
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    AoE:CS was one of the greatest tower defence games I played, because it was first to introduce comllete control of units by player and very attractive buildings design. However, looks like devs have made a wrong move by almost not investing in marketing at all. For iOS and Android, name of AoE:CS couldn't float to the top because of many games, but especially one company that is marketing gigant, and that company is Supercell, with it's game Clash of Clans. I just hope that one day I will see a game with same idea as AoE:CS, but the one that will remain and that will become huge rival to Clash of Clans. Until then, good bye guys, it was great to be playing with all of you
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    Andy P


    oh, god no. It just means they are moving on with other things. SGI develops software. Obviously they havent been doing very much of that in CS for a long time. As video games have shifted away from being a marketable good and toward a marketable service, eventually the time comes where everyone just moves on. It's a pretty weird, frankly, but it's how they keep the lights on. Usually at some point after a shut down is announced, it gets followed up with an annoucned/released title. I have no idea when AoE4 is coming, but that MS is clearing out the debris is a pretty good sign that they are getting ready ready for something more. Bear in mind that after AoEO was shut down in July, 2014, AoECS was announced in August and released in September. Life cycles cycle.
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