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    I wish to thank all of you who participate here on this forum, particularly all the moderators, @Baroness Von Panda, and forum "regulars". It is truly amazing to have been part of the Castle Siege global community. For the most part, you have been informative and entertaining. The information shared has been helpful in learning about the game and all of its intricacies. I have also enjoyed the back-and-forth banter and wit. Many of the postings have been incredibly amusing, and given me occasion to laugh out loud. Thank you moderators and Baroness for keeping us "inline" when we wandered out of bounds; and for providing an avenue to settle differences and problems. The game we have been playing, AoE Castle Siege, is great; but it's the community that has made it outstanding. Thank you! I look forward to encountering many of you in another game, maybe even SGI's next venture. I wish all of you the best! LunarMojo
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    This Blows!

    I am not sure I would bet on the wall; he is pretty hard-headed, at least the outer shell; maybe mushy on the inside. FREE THE PUPPET!
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    This Blows!

    He survived banging his head against the wall...but it may have modified his behavior....he's been downright helpful.....FREE THE PUPPET!
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    Reminder that these forums will close on December 13, 2018. You can still reach my over on the SGI support email: community@smokingguninc.com or on the AoE:CS Facebook page.
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    Why does the forum have to be killed 5 months before the game is (officially) dead?
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    Yeah Hook, that doesn't make sense. I don't think I've read what the reason is, if any. Forum was just as fun sometimes as was the game, back in the day.
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    LOL at playing another game this company makes. They have proven to me that they cant continue to deliver for any period of time. They quit on this game over 2 years ago
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    Can't speak to that, as the decision to do that came after my tenure.
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    It's not just a case of giving hope, nor is it a case of not being willing. We physically don't have any automatic system for Gold grants, so it would all have to be manually done by me, which is simply not possible. So on this topic when I say we can't do it, that's very much the reality. (I agree it would be a nice idea!)
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    Baroness Von Panda

    Community Changes

    I know you all would really appreciate a drop in from one of the previous Community Managers, and it's a really sweet request, but I should let you know that's very unlikely, sorry
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    Baroness Von Panda


    Aww, thanks Lunar! It's been a weird 18 months since I joined, huh? But I have to echo a lot of your sentiments here, the community (for the most part ) has made it a fun and enjoyable roller-coaster. We are working on other projects, but we aren't ready to talk about them just yet. If you want to find out more, just follow the Smoking Gun Interactive pages on Twitter or Facebook. They're pretty dormant right now, but when we have stuff to talk about, that's where we'll be doing it.
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    Hi dariakus, since Microsoft is investing a lot on the xbox division and videogames in general, do you think there is any chance to see a new Castle Siege ( hopefully with alliance wars like yours) in the future? And since Xbox has now mouse and keyboard support , playing it on console would be awesome.
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    Yeah, it's useless at this point asking for stuff. Sucks that they killed this game. Killing game as in ending it officially, but also killing it with their ineptitude in prior years. Don't know whether to blame Microsoft or Smoking Gun. Or both! Its a crappy way to end the game. Hope Microsoft and Smoking Gun learn from their mistakes. Hope those responsible for letting this game die this slow death (again...Microsoft and/or Smoking Gun) aren't allowed to work on any projects...because they clearly don't know what the F they're doing. (can you tell I'm ***ed)
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    not able and not willing are 2 different things...
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    Community Changes

    One last word from @Empress_Phasma and QueenMacha would be cool.
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    Hi! I've been asked this a few times and whilst it's a really nice idea, regrettably it's not something we'll be able to do, sorry.
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    The only answer I have for you on that one is because Microsoft decided that was when the forums are closing. If I had a better answer, I'd give it, but that's all I've been told.
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    Why to close it?

    In May, All players 60+ days inactive should be kicked out automatically and so capacity of servers freed. But for God's Sake, let active players play on...
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    If they do something, it will give a hope to the players. So it's better not to do anything, which will be a clear signal that the over is over. #Free East Puppet #SaveAoECS
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    A divorce is a divorce. Sometimes two persons no matter how good they are, are not created for each other. They like each other, gather together, and after a few years they realize they have made a mistake. Now that divorce is a fact, and the two companies can not divide their common property. Of course, both companies will use the experience of this project for their future projects. #Free East Puppet #SaveAoECS
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    The Big Nacho

    Festival Tree

    Before they close the forums, I would like to know if they would put this Christmas back the '' Festival Tree ''. Also, I would like to suggest that you make the easiest chests of ornaments.
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    Anecdote of the day

    "Work at Microsoft" The unemployed is applying to work as a toilet cleaner at Microsoft. The Head of Human Resources summons him for an interview and then arranges an exam to make him unlock a toilet. After the exam, he says: - You are appointed, give me your e-mail and I will send you the forms you need to fill in as well as the date and the time when you come to work. The man desperately tells him he has no computer or email ... The human resource manager tells him he regrets, but since he does not have an email, it means he does not exist in the virtual space, and when he does not exist, he could not get the job at Microsoft. The man goes desperate, without knowing what to do, with just $ 10 in his pocket. He decides to go to the supermarket and buy 10kg of strawberries by going from door to door to sell them ... In less than two hours he doubles his capital. Repeat the operation three times and get $ 60 in your pocket! He realizes that he can continue in the same way. He starts getting out of the house and getting home later and multiplying money every day ... He buys a hand truck, then a truck and after a while turns out to be on the forehead of a small supply fleet ... After 5 years Man is now the owner of one of the largest distribution networks in the US. Then he thinks about the future of his family, decides to make a life insurance. It is called to an insurer, chooses a plan and when the conversation approaches its end, the insurer asks him for his e-mail to send him the offer. The man replies that there is no e-mail. "Interesting," says the insurer, "you have no e-mail, but you have built this empire! Imagine where you would be now if you had an email ... The man thinks and answers: - I was going to clean up the toilets in Microsoft ...
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    While there won’t be any official handing over to the community of the game, I wouldn’t be shocked if someone managed to get it running again like AoEO eventually...
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    it's a terrible shame to lose access to this game full stop, why-as it can only be about money- can't they just make it a priced game. I for one would rather let them keep the £300+ I've spent on gold in last 4 months to still be able to play. Please Microsoft, let those who love this game pay a fee to keep this game going, there's nothing that offers the battle control this game offers that makes it so unique, turn it into a price to buy game, I beg you! I have never been interested in a game like this in 33 years, don't take it away. I'll admit this games play setup should never of been a free game. Hear this message!!!!! there are sadly no other battle games that come close to the actual direct control of units this game offer's. I was shocked that this game was ever a free game as the above states. All similar games are automated battle play it's not close to skilful to use. This changes unique in that way and I am angered that they won't even offer this as a buy to play game.... Why??????? (stopping it can only be about income so charge a fee please Microsoft!!!!!)
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