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    Hey Siegers! It’s the sad duty of us here at Microsoft Studios to announce the decision to begin the process of sunsetting Age of Empires: Castle Siege, to ultimately close the game on May 13, 2019. Though we’re saddened to be ending this chapter of the Age of Empires franchise, we look back with immense gratitude for the support, patience, and passion of our community over the years. What does this mean? From May 13, 2019 Age of Empires: Castle Siege matchmaking services will cease, which means the game will no longer be playable. Until then, you can continue to play Castle Siege as normal. As of now, Gold will no longer be purchasable. You will be able to continue earning your daily free Gold from trade routes until closure. In addition, we are refunding all purchases of in-game Gold from the past 6 months, beginning with purchases made on May 8, 2018. Players will be able to spend what Gold they have until matchmaking ceases on May 13, 2019. These forums will remain open until Dec 13, 2018, after which they will be archived. We encourage all our forums users to join further conversations about the Age of Empires franchise on the official Age forum at forums.ageofempires.com. More information is available on the Xbox Support Page for Castle Siege. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for playing with us!
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    10am PT: Hi everyone, We're investigating reports of an outage. At a glance, it looks to be Xbox Live, however we're digging deeper to be certain, as some reports we're seeing would indicate it's our servers. Please keep an eye on this thread for updates. UPDATE 11:30am PT: It's looking like it might be our servers, so we're working on that. I don't have an ETA for you at this time but will keep this post updated. UPDATE 12PM PT: We think we have identified the root cause of this, however it's likely we won't be able to get it fixed until tomorrow afternoon. We're working to try get it done sooner, but I wanted to make you all aware now. We will not be issuing Peace Treaties at this time. I will re-assess the situation tomorrow and depending on where we're at with getting it fixed, this may change. Anything else will be discussed and considered after we have the servers back up and running. With this in mind, I won't be around much for the remainder of the day, unless I get another update from the team. Please continue to check this thread for updates. UPDATE 1:30PM PT: We're now working to re-start the servers. They've now been taken down and we hope to have them back up soon, but don't have an ETA as we may encounter an issue with the specific server that went down. UPDATE 4:30PM PT: Servers should now be starting to come back online, though it may take a little while for everything to stabilize and run as normal.
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    Sadly we lost another Awesome player and Friend in this life......and this game. He had many friends out there for years and if they wish to do a page in his honor and memory......that would be great. It was just very sad that nothing had been said about his tragic end in life so far. Play on Jag.....You were one of a kind and a friend to so many......
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    But seriously, Joe, that’s a really weird way to announce Age 11.
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    You know, for being a quirky little mobile app to keep the AoE flame lit until MS was able to move forward with another RTS sequel, I’d say AoECS sure has exceeded expectations. It’s not my favorite AoE game and is going to be much easier for me than when we lost AoEO, but I sure will miss it and think fondly of the community. I’ve never been dragged deeper into a community than this one, and it’s always been a pleasure. I made some legit friends here, and I know almost everyone here has, too. I’ll even miss the people I didn’t like and the people who genuinely freaked me out. What a crazy game for us to get addicted to. Love you guys.
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    Everyday another one disappears.... It's my turn now too... Are you guys still lurking in the shadows or all gone for good? I think i'll keep lurking from time to time and messing around on alt's but it's been a long time since i was a regular poster and figure it's best to say goodbye now before there's nobody left to say it to. Cheers guys and girls... I'll be seeing ya Those who know me a bit better know i love music... so this is the best way i know how "Too many friends, too many people, that i'll never meet. that i'll never be there for" Thanks for all the good times !
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    Sell it to Smoking Gun with heavy contractual obligations to preserve the integrity of the AoE brand. If you don't the AoE brand will forever be branded as a transient game that dies in a few years and not the epic brand it should be. Who here still plays Mario or Asteroids? I may not play them alot, but I still enjoy them a couple of times a year. I still play the AoE games (and so do others) when that nostalgic urge hits. Use this as a fundraiser.... "Buy Gold and Save Castle Siege!!" You might be surprised at the response.
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    Glad you started a thread @Wicked Wulf. We were trying to get in touch with @Traders51 to start one since he and Jag were the closest of friends in the game. I was going to start one myself if we had not got in touch with him soon. I, for one, am taking this very rough. Jag has been there for me so many times through some rough health issues that I experienced. I only wish that I could have been there for him in any way that I could have throughout his struggle for life. I have been in a state of grief and shock for the last few days. It is always rough to loose a treasured friend. For those who wish to know. Our wonderful Jag, aka Treasure Hunter or @Inactive User was involved in a serious car accident on June 10, 2018. He was put into an medically induced coma to try to heal his body but was never able to come out of the coma and officially died on July 26, 2018. This information was provided by his brother who also dabbled at the game and that I got to meet in game in my alliance last year. I will think of him fondly and will miss his wit and cynicism greatly. He loved this game but was so disturbed by a lack of support from the developers to make necessary changes to the game that gave him joy. So for that reason, there was a lot of heated debate by him and with him on this forum. But he was one smart cookie. And if only a few of his ideas were implemented, he would not have quit playing the game. But his joy was not so much in just playing the game. His joy was being a part of this community. Y'all have heard me say that OK was family to me. And I have always considered Jag as a major member of that family. It was an honor to be his friend and I will treasure his friendship for the rest of my life. I was honored to be his emp at OK. I learned a lot about this game from him and he was one of my greatest cheerleaders in helping me and OK to get to #1 a few months back. It was a lot of fun for me. Thanks for that Jag. You da man! All my prayers are sent to his biological family for their peace and comfort. But I also send prayers out to the friends that he made here. We love and miss you Jag. Go Rest High On that Mountain My Friend!
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    My dead carcass of an account has arisen and peeked through some threads and figured that while we can't agree on a definition on what exactly constitutes being called a revenge window and whatnot then how about figure out a way to ease the overall symptoms of why we're annoyed with this gap in not getting attacked fast enough. So with that in mind, @Baroness Von Panda would it in the realm of possibilities for the devs to attempt or even look into being able to anything about the rate at which an inactive zombie gets knocked out of matchmaking for good until they log in again. I forget off the top of my head whether that number was 60 or 90 days but if that number can get pinched down to 30 days it would eliminate much of the junk filling up matchmaking at the moment. You yourself have mentioned how the player base's behavior has shifted to mainly revenging so it wouldn't have too much of an adverse effort on finding a player to attack in matchmaking and might actually increase the chances of finding an active worthwhile player to attack through matchmaking. No clue if its a server side only change that's needed or not but if you could check if its possible with that the devs are working with at the moment (I know there's nothing in the budget for anything other than maintenance only stuff), it would be greatly appreciated … and now back to my slumber...
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    Well, I’m not sad because finally I will be free, I will enjoy life without be worried about play a game, I guess I will miss all my dear friends and I will keep playing till last day, I have plenty gold to give away, FAREWELL CASTLE SIEGE!!!!,!,!,!
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    Just wanted to share with everyone that today, is a very special day. It's the birthday of a very special person. None other than @east puppet! Too bad he can't be here to read all the wonderful things we all feel about him, and can say about him. He has many friends, and many 'enemies'...but one thing is for sure. There's nobody like East! The forums certainly are not the same without his presence...his voice. But no worries. He does send his regards (particularly to a @Scythian Fury....to go F themselves). **hey, don't shoot the messenger...** Please feel free to post any thoughts or wishes. I will go ahead and tag a bunch of his favorite people that he's encountered both in game and in forums...in no particular order...sorry if I leave anybody off! @Chuggles22@Aardvark@Shaz@Bailey2821 @Sheyenne250 @SYNERGY inc @Andy P @ghettoplaya @recycle ar @Akshay @DeNiSs @Traders51 @Inactive User @Tactical Visor @Count Zoltar @GreenAchiever59 @RangerHMS @Drustanus27 @fishhoekshark @D_Angel_T @RuffRotations @Clyder84 @dymon @AceCape @[ModEdit] @Alex Mercer @Plutonic Plague @Nickle Tech @Smashing Gnat @Kicho @ClothingHook89 @AbstruseZulu @mmali386 @ematheney @Brenttus @Wicked Wulf @PleasedClown463 @Septerror43 @TheJohnnyBang @HP DragonSlayer
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    So sad! Can't say I'm extremely surprised. The game has seemed to be dying for about a year now. I do appreciate getting 6 months notice. Hey, shoutout to all the Motley Crew from Forum minigames some months back. we could repeat that effort now, maybe with multiple alliances if enough were interested. No one could buy gold this time so starting on an equal playing field, we could all create new accounts and see how far we could progress in 6 months. @Wicked Wulf, @PleasedClown463, @Chuggles22, @EvaD, @EntireBroom Jr, @DoNotBurn, @Cavalry Cat, @Kicho, @recycle ar, @mmali386, @Traders51, @Smirky, @SuatKelem, @east puppet, @AnotherRiddle, @POORFELLER, @Wicken Wonder, @Septerror43, @mannerheimlich, @smashinggnat, @seapetals , @Mannerheim North, @Smashing Gnat, i may have missed a few tags, and some just wont show up. @SeaPetals. hahaha, there it is. hope you're well SeaPetals. but yeah, if i missed mentioning anyone from Motley Crew, apologies. my recordkeeping is not always perfect.
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    You guys are still in Age 10? My version has been updated every six weeks, and I'm presently in Age 26.
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    east puppet

    How long are you playing ?

    Played since the beginning my greatest achievement is getting @mmali386 to admit I'm smarter then him.
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    Andy P

    Happy Anniversary!!!!

    Let’s celebrate by letting Joan convert wall troops again. It’s been about 3 years and 11 months since she could.
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    Hi everyone, Myself and the rest of the team here at SGI are incredibly sorry to hear this. Treasure was a funny, smart and passionate part of our Castle Siege community, and he will be sorely missed. My thoughts go out to his family, and to all of you who played together with him. He will not be forgotten I'm working to ensure that a substantial Peace Treaty is placed on his account.
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    east puppet

    I can remember at 1 time

    Playing 3-5 hours most nights and sometimes a lot more. The forum filled with 50-70 members and a bunch of guests getting into good debates. That's all gone now I have no desire to hunt crowns anymore cause your just going to get a revenge and cramtell with 18 rams, the forum is filled with rubbish posts if any posts at all. Never thought this day would come but its over Made a lot of good friends over the years and still get to chat with them on a discord channel we made. oh well im sure there will be another game like this sometime
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    Free East Puppet...

    There's one voice missing regarding this huge, Late-Breaking news....this bombshell we had drop today. Anybody else want to petition to those in charge...and see if they can free the Puppet for one last post? I'm sure he'll promise to be nice....
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    Woulda been nice to get the Cayman Flag...… oh well, I'll have another rum please!!!
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    Happy Anniversary!!!!

    4th Anniversary of castle siege I believe is today! Sadly no word from development of any excitement!
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    *** yeah!!! Dude has stamina Oh *** no... I still remember the purple spandex debarcle Trust me dude... you don't wanna go there. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- I think the most important and relevant question here is: Will Monkey catch banana?
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    Hey GK good to see you! Die selfde vir jou. You know @east puppet that may just be the nicest thing you ever said to me ... I should quit more often
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