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    Thank You - to players

    I thought I would add my two cents to the comments. It's been a long run, longer than I've spent with any other game. I've been happy, frustrated, sad, and many places in between. I stopped playing a couple of times, but always came back. I'd like to think it was because of the friends I've made here in the forum and in the game itself. I am going to thank a few people, although I could thank many more. Most of them are gone, but this forum will be tomorrow, anyway. Thanks to @GapingNeptune52, my first emperor. Thanks to @Drustanus27, who replaced Neptune as emperor, and kept me in the game through medical issues. Thanks to @Wicked Wulf and @Midwest, who befriended me early on and shepherded me through the scavenger hunt for Age X. There are many more that made this game enjoyable, but if I tried to list them all, I'd run out time for the forum closing down. When I've finally run my last attack, and when I've finally decided to abandon my keep, I'll still have the memories of the camaraderie, the arguments, the lessons both given and received, and people that I've experienced all of this with. So, while, like others, I'm disappointed in Microsoft for closing down the game, I'll still thank the people at SGI, both those I've interacted with and those behind the scenes that I haven't met, for giving me this experience. I'll still be playing for awhile, although I don't know how long I'll continue, but hope to visit many of you before I finally sign out. Thanks for the memories. BTW--anyone know where I can get a good deal for about 40,000 gold?

    Thank You - to players

    This was always a great place to visit, even the times when I just read messages and didn't give a smart @$$ reply. Best forum I've been on, and going to miss it and the people here...sorry also to see it shutting down. Saw your signature, and East didn't exactly tell everyone "Hi."
  3. I don't know...East is down to 1100 crowns...he could make a comeback in that league for a few thousand gold.

    Moat in action

    Hey, Chuggles22 had a moat!

    Community Changes

    Are you sure she even liked you then?

    The Highest I Can Go...

    Had a great time with all of you...we gave it our best shot. I learned a lot, even this late in the game, from a great bunch of people. It was awesome seeing five different folks at the top of the leaderboard, and so many times in the top 10.

    This Blows!

    He survived banging his head against the wall...but it may have modified his behavior....he's been downright helpful.....FREE THE PUPPET!

    This Blows!

    Don't know their why's, but unfortunately for the forum, East is perma-banned....joining the "Free the Puppet" crusade, myself.

    Community Changes

    Would love to hear from Phasma before we ride off into the sunset, our swords dragging in the mud.

    Free East Puppet...

    Actually, if you look at his gamertag, it's Puppetier. So far though, no comments from he who shall not be named.

    Free East Puppet...

    East is still alive and ALMOST well. He's with a few of us uniting for a reunion and last push. I'll ask him if he has anything to relate---how about that? a puppet speaking through a monopoly piece.


    No, you get awarded useless gold. Can't use it for anything.
  13. That's how I know the forum is coming to an end....Andy is speechless.

    Why does AoE:CS have to finish like this?

    Don't know if I want to start another game that I'd spend this much time on.....not like the old, old timers, but 3 years is a lot of time.

    It takes a village

    I'm here....but mostly because my Time Bucket ran out and I got attacked....I think Dudeist is retired again. Didn't know I was even close...it's been a long time since I spent much time here.....
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