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    1. IcedGuitar785


      Thank You, Petals!! I am well, and I hope you are, too! [smile]


  2. IcedGuitar785

    Too Quiet

    thank you Wulfy!! got a couple chuckles from this.
  3. IcedGuitar785

    Too Quiet

    Kiss is awesome! They were the background noise of my youth as well as my favorite band. this was in the days before CD's. We had vinyl and turntables. And I had my headphones attached to my turntable. KISS helped me through many adolescent hard times, with my headphones maxed.. KISS ARMY FOREVER!
  4. IcedGuitar785

    Update from Smoking Gun Interactive

    the laugh is on them. despite MS & SGI's best efforts to kill this game, they started something way back when that might never die.
  5. IcedGuitar785

    With a deep sorrow and heavy heart

    I did not know TankDriver personally, but i heard of him through the grapevine. With the grapevine we have, that means to me he was an icon. I hope the afterlife rulers are prepared to deal with him! I humbly add my condolences to all who knew him. I am sorry for your loss.
  6. IcedGuitar785

    Future Mini Game....Starting at Age 6 for ALL

    So, how are you @Wicked Wulf? I heard mention of an accident in a recent post. Everyone ok? I sure hope so. Don't stress about this game. Do what you can to make us all happy, knowing you can't please everyone all the time. I think you've been doing a great job, up until your harrowing weekend. I hope the raspberries aren't inappropriate. I'm kind of assuming the accident wasn't super severe or we would have heard more about it. I think a race to 7 may be nice for a lot of our players. I'm sure I can't win that, so the potential for other mini-games within the mini-game is quite appealing. May not win those either, but it will be fun. If it isn't, by golly, we'll MAKE IT fun!
  7. IcedGuitar785


    Something new and strange about this. I understand that we can't see or revenge players who have a different version of the game. But I just tried to look at one that had attacked me only minutes before. Why would they be able to see me when i can't see them? I've noticed this happening since yesterday. There is no update available in my store either. I'm on Win8.1, so maybe that's the issue with no update as @POORFELLER mentioned. But not being able to see players who can see me is quite disturbing.
  8. IcedGuitar785

    attack and Defense reviews

    so if i try to tag @AngelicAngieK too many times, it might not work @AngelicAngieK? @AngelicAngieK, have you made a chart of how many times someone cannot tag @Baroness Von Panda? I would hate to know that @Baroness Von Panda was not at our beck and call and that @Baroness Von Panda could not be tagged as many times as i want to tag @Baroness Von Panda in a post. It would be unfair to @Baroness Von Panda and @AngelicAngieK & everyone. @Baroness Von Panda, can you explain the discrepancy here where i can tag @Baroness Von Panda & @AngelicAngieK right now, but had trouble tagging @Olddosman in my earlier post? @IcedGuitar785, @Iced Brute 7, @Iced Knave 7, @Iced Knave77, are you having this trouble on a regular basis? Maybe @Baroness Von Panda could help you, or if not, maybe @AngelicAngieK could explain why you're just an idiot chasing windmills @DonQuixote!!!! and see, tagging did finally fail. but i'm not sure it's really related to the number of times one tags one person. i think @AngelicAngieK & @Baroness Von Panda, the phenomena is totally random. here in my edit, i was able to tag both @Baroness Von Panda & @AngelicAngieK, hmmmm, well i was going to say twice each, but it seems @Baroness von Panda is a bit more important than you @AngelicAngieK. I did get to tag you both again after the tagging failed, and i waited a few minutes to edit the post
  9. IcedGuitar785

    attack and Defense reviews

    So that's a full year of new money rolling in!
  10. IcedGuitar785

    attack and Defense reviews

    Thank you Baroness! And at you, too!
  11. IcedGuitar785

    attack and Defense reviews

    You would think so about the copy & paste function @Olddosman. And it would be such a boon for us all, so we could ALL communicate with each other. It still seems like a no-brainer to me. Alas, I have been assured in the past, this is NOT possible. I'm still a bit skeptical of the explanation, but my spirit and my heart were broken that day. I screamed and vowed to keep bugging them about this, but one can only stay blue in the face so long before it becomes too painful. @Baroness Von Panda, would you mind, please, explaining again why this isn't possible, not just for me, but for ----> @Olddosman <---- ,and any other interested parties? Pretty please?! ( i put in the pointers to @Olddosman, because again, it seems all of a sudden my forum member tagging feature is not working properly always. Obviously it just worked at the beginning of that sentence. Just pointing that out, in case you may want to look into it, or if you can tell me what i'm doing wrong. (but that's not the point of this post, so back to it)) I think it would be worth totally revamping chat to accomplish this goal. And now that SGI is raking in the big bucks from all the new Android players, maybe there is some room in the budget to pursue this. Player retention would surely be greatly helped with this one "small" thing.
  12. IcedGuitar785

    Future Mini Game....Starting at Age 6 for ALL

    We can do all that, too, even while stupidly looking for crowns or glory! I think the fun is just about to get even more fun!
  13. IcedGuitar785

    Future Mini Game....Starting at Age 6 for ALL

    well it didn't show it since you pasted your comments into the quote, but ok. makes sense. the only way to take advantage of lower PL would be quicker times between battles. Ok, ok, ok, you & everybody, let's get this straight. it is for fun, im here for fun, i know some people have a hard time having fun. many times, rules make those kind of people feel safe and grounded. We all like that feeling, safe & grounded. Ergo, my suggestions regarding rules. ....I had someplace i was going with this, but that last martini seems to have kidnapped the direction. hmmm, maybe i already made the point i was pointed toward. that was impersonal, i apologize. I meant, ok, ok, ok, east puppet & everybody.
  14. IcedGuitar785

    Future Mini Game....Starting at Age 6 for ALL

    I shouldn't reply before a few more opinions come in from the rest of our "shy" group , but what the hey. I get what you're saying about trying to pile up gold between, but as you point out, some of us may not be able to play these accounts much in between games. Is it fair to those who might be competing elsewhere, or whatever prevents them playing this minigame account to not be able to stockpile gold while some can? When it comes down to it, I really don't care what rules are established for this, but before someone get's mad about it and rage quits mid game, I do think it must be addressed with a rule. And, imho, the most fair way to deal with it would be for everyone to start with the same gold. The only way I can think of for that to happen is for everyone to start at or near zero. Regarding heroes, I don't agree. Not upgrading some heroes that you really don't ever use, or don't need to use, keeps your PL down, making battles a bit easier. How many heroes you have and their level does affect PL, right?
  15. IcedGuitar785

    Future Mini Game....Starting at Age 6 for ALL

    In theory, sounds like a great idea! And while I trust that all our competitors are honorable people, this might add a temptation to buy one's way to the win. Gold hasn't been discussed that I'm aware of. Is gold buying going to be allowed? I would assume not. This and one more thing to level the playing field have been on my mind. I've tried to bring them up in our chat, but no one has replied while I'm logged in, and our chat goes so fast, I would never know if someone replied after I logged out. So I'll bring the ideas here, where everyone can hear and think about it. I'm sure none of this group will really have an opinion. Everyone's so shy! On the gold issue, the thought i had was that everyone could be required to spend all gold before starting the next round. Ok, before you break out the flogs, just let me say, in the right circumstance, I like those. It would suck a bit for training troops for relief and such, so really, the more I think about it, the less I like this idea. But it would start us all off equal. My other thought toward leveling the playing field is that we should all max our age 5 heroes. Then everyone starts at the same PL, and MM doesn't make it tougher for some than for others. So, any of our "shy" competitors want to chime in?