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  1. IcedGuitar785

    ANNOUNCEMENT: Castle Siege Sunset & Refunds

    So sad! Can't say I'm extremely surprised. The game has seemed to be dying for about a year now. I do appreciate getting 6 months notice. Hey, shoutout to all the Motley Crew from Forum minigames some months back. we could repeat that effort now, maybe with multiple alliances if enough were interested. No one could buy gold this time so starting on an equal playing field, we could all create new accounts and see how far we could progress in 6 months. @Wicked Wulf, @PleasedClown463, @Chuggles22, @EvaD, @EntireBroom Jr, @DoNotBurn, @Cavalry Cat, @Kicho, @recycle ar, @mmali386, @Traders51, @Smirky, @SuatKelem, @east puppet, @AnotherRiddle, @POORFELLER, @Wicken Wonder, @Septerror43, @mannerheimlich, @smashinggnat, @seapetals , @Mannerheim North, @Smashing Gnat, i may have missed a few tags, and some just wont show up. @SeaPetals. hahaha, there it is. hope you're well SeaPetals. but yeah, if i missed mentioning anyone from Motley Crew, apologies. my recordkeeping is not always perfect.
  2. IcedGuitar785

    Unable to sign in

    me too. haven't tried all 4 accounts yet. but getting the "sign in to xbox" message. i successfully logged into my xbox accounts through internet explorer, and still can't login to the game. tried several times on two of my CS accounts with no success. i haven't tried to reset the app store or restart the PC yet. guess those are my next options to try. hope it gets sorted out. on the bright side, i've been checking the forum for the first time in a very long time. sad to see it seems to be a ghost town these days. but at least there's a few diehards left. Never mind. Was just a temporary problem. though it did go on for about 3 hours. I have now logged in to my main acct at least.
  3. IcedGuitar785

    Looking for Wonder Donations help

    Howdy Siegers, I come begging for stone. Alliance: Insolent Knaves; Emp: Iced Knave 7 (an alt of mine) We are ug Basilica (as many seem to be) so we can start using all those rotting apples. I try to make wine with them, but i just can't keep up. Many of you may remember me. It's been a while since i've been on forum, and i've been fairly inactive with my accounts the last year or so. @IcedGuitar785 is traveling these days and can drop apples or wood in your alliance in exchange for any stone you bring to Insolent Knaves. Hope to see some of you dropping by Insolent Knaves soon. There, done, did I mention my alliance Insolent Knaves enough times?! holy cow!! guess i've been gone longer than i realized. when did we get all these new emoji's?
  4. Image result for Saying Hello

    1. IcedGuitar785


      Thank You, Petals!! I am well, and I hope you are, too! [smile]


  5. IcedGuitar785

    Update from Smoking Gun Interactive

    the laugh is on them. despite MS & SGI's best efforts to kill this game, they started something way back when that might never die.
  6. Hi Iced,  hope you get it all worked out soon.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. SeaPetals


      We did have a good time.   Feel many others also had a good time.

    3. SeaPetals


      going to battle one more time, then I am off to bed,  will bid you a good night. [smile]

    4. IcedGuitar785


      have a most awesome slumber! [smile]

  7. IcedGuitar785

    Music.........New & Old.......Part 2 :-)

    As many of you, I am saddened deeply by the passing of Tom Petty. But he will continue on with the music he made and I am thankful for that. He made music, great music, and we will all miss the chance to hear more from him. Goodbye Tom, thanks for all the great times! I heard a song yesterday that reminded me just how powerful a voice for humanity can be, and how great it is for us all to have some music to turn to in our times of troubles, and in our times of celebration. It also seemed to represent the reason this thread exists. I hope I'm not sharing one already here, but I'm not going thru all those pages to check, so...
  8. IcedGuitar785

    Update from Smoking Gun Interactive

    I did not take the time to read the entire thread so i apologize if I'm bringing up a question already answered. (yep, I seriously said that, no time to read all 4 pages of it ) So my question is, @Baroness Von Panda, "Exactly who do you work for?" Microsoft, or Smoking Gun Interactive? Or, and i shudder to think, a third party hired to handle the forum?
  9. IcedGuitar785

    List of suggestions

    Awesome list! Great suggestions! But you forgot one thing that would really hugely make this game better for all. Better in game chat functions. Edit, copy, paste, just the basics which cannot be very hard to accomplish and would benefit sooo many of us. Help all the players communicate more! Even better would be a built in translator in the chat, but that may be asking too much.
  10. IcedGuitar785

    Crazy News

    OMG, my stomach hurts from the laughing and the laughing ain't stopped yet!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks for sharing that Wulf. made my day.
  11. IcedGuitar785

    Alliance of the Day - Irish

    Congrats, Irish!!! Why didn't they give you this honor two weeks ago, on St. Patrick's day?! Best of luck in your endeavors!! edit: Just remembered, got a four leaf clover in my pocket. Where should i send it?
  12. added another alt a few months back: Iced Knave 7, emperor of Insolent Knaves
  13. A good bet desirve a good photo [lol][lol][lol] 

    Talk more about that bet what @Chuggles22 do with you :) 

    1. Jasonx
    2. IcedGuitar785


      a Super Bowl bet. a sure win i thought when the score was 3-21, Falcons winning.  So I even gave 7 points so Chuggles would bet me.  he took the risk and me and the Falcons took the beating! [lol]

    3. Jasonx
  14. IcedGuitar785

    Share your success in the Leagues here

    Ohhhh yeah! It was an amazing season! Congrats to IMMORTAL KINGS and Riches to Ruins!! You guys all rock! and have you noticed, we're competing against each other this season?!
  15. Hey hun, I heard about your dad. I'm so, so sorry luv.

    Praying for him, for you and your family.

    Please know that your cared for and you know where you can find us if you need to talk.

    Hugs and kisses! 

    1. IcedGuitar785


      Thank you Jess! I appreciate the support. I will try to keep everyone updated. I don't think our alliance chat window will be an appropriate forum for me to discuss it. No need for everyone there to have to feel obligated to show their support or to feel awkward.

      Thanks again. You're a peach!

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