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  1. Subhajit Roy


    I totally agree with you. Honestly, i always like to watch others attack log ( but now i cant give time to the game). Those are the very good tutorial and time passing. But yesterday i saw something someone shared his youtube channel's link to a Replay related thread, channel is awesome, cool, very educative BTW. There i found the story ""Why we follow Castle siege attack related vdos on youtube while we can catch them on the game?!"" That's why I suggest to hide them. Otherwise, attack log is too good for the newbies.. Hmm. You are right Logs should not be removed from this game. Now I am cleared. Thanks, ma'am.
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    Don't worry.. The problem will be solved soon.. Check this out...
  3. Subhajit Roy


    Many times youtube helps to get into the subject and brings more freshers.... And yes if logs are absent after a patch, surely, It would be hard to stand into the storm of the complaint, I agree with it. But seriously . They will quit the game just because they cannot watch other's logs??
  4. Subhajit Roy


    I can understand ""viewing others' log"" is the great feature and great way to learn and this makes aoe cs great. But.... Defense log:: Rev is the great way to boost up the crowns gaining for squire or champions. Besides that, you know the importance of the Revenge ((players are very conscious about revenging!! LOL)). Many many players do check attackers' def log before revenging. Thus they know how to deal with it plus all traps become known.. Maybe this is a lil bit failure of ""Advance scouting"". Not only this, def log also shows the weakness of defense to the revenger. Attack log:: A> There are many YouTubers of aoe: cs. Attack log is their weakness. Viewers do often check their (utubers/whose attack's showing)** attack log, gradually youtubers lost their viewer and then subscriber. Hiding attack logs will be great for YouTubers. ** if they don't hide GTs** B> Sharing attack log is like putting semester's result on the notice board. Not good for the weak attackers. Specially 21Conramers. "Look that noob player he's on LB".. C> Clans will be more active and "needier".
  5. Subhajit Roy


    Many posters had posted that def log helps to take revs maybe its the time to disable the def log.. There are many youtubers also of aoe cs I hope they will want to show their skills on their YouTube channel only not by their Attack log.. Imo it would be good if no one could visit OTHERS attack and def log.. Thus I hope we will have many skillful aoe Cs youtuber and clan will be more active to teach clan mates how to use trebs and other various combinations by their OWN shared replays ((not by recommended name)).. Replays should be visible for only own..
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    Happy birthday @Scythian Fury
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    Now it's clear why students often bunk Schythian's math classes..
  9. You know there was an another personality who worked on the same subject? Okay he didnt work with him. History says MARCONI was the inventor (Officially) but J C Bose (Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose, who discovered plant has life) also made a radio ((1st)) unfortunately he didn't gain that fame.
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    Speaking of harsh truth is also guilt
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    Hi @FullestYapper0
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    We could change our Forum name multiple times by going through some steps just like settings > settings area. There you'll find ""DISPLAY NAME"" But now it's not editable. Sorry, you can't change forum name. To set custom pic as DP, you have to keep any picture on your microsoft account first. FORUM-DP will be sync automatically. We can share any pic in this forum like this... I shared this YouTube vdo here by simply copy and pasting the link. If you want to share other's image somewhere which is already posted, or animated Emojis, or vdos, or gifs just go to the file, right click on it (tap for few secs) and select ""copy file link and paste where you want. Boom, its inserted.
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    Welcome mom. Love to see you again here.. @lindiana.
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    Post Funny Videos :3