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  1. CODA Chat

    We could change our Forum name multiple times by going through some steps just like settings > settings area. There you'll find ""DISPLAY NAME"" But now it's not editable. Sorry, you can't change forum name. To set custom pic as DP, you have to keep any picture on your microsoft account first. FORUM-DP will be sync automatically. We can share any pic in this forum like this... I shared this YouTube vdo here by simply copy and pasting the link. If you want to share other's image somewhere which is already posted, or animated Emojis, or vdos, or gifs just go to the file, right click on it (tap for few secs) and select ""copy file link and paste where you want. Boom, its inserted.
  2. CODA Chat

    Welcome mom. Love to see you again here.. @lindiana.
  3. Happy 1425

    your imagination is correct. Written happy new year in bengali. but it's 1st January Wala ""happy new year"" in bengali.. you will get the correct answer if you search '" Subha nobobarsha/ suvo noboborsa". Today is the first day of 1425. 2018 = ২০১৮. And picture is very beautiful. Thanks. Nice colour.
  4. Happy 1425

    অনেক অনেক ধন্যবাদ @POORFELLER সবাইকে জানাই শুভ নববর্ষের প্রীতি ও শুভেচ্ছা। সত্যি কথা বলতে, মনটা ভাই ভরিয়ে দিলে।
  5. CODA Chat

    Hi @FullestYapper0 Welcome to the CODA ROOM. Don't worry, you will never feel alone. @Scythian Fury will come with an another drink. But he will ask for the money.. Hi @lindiana and
  6. shout out to Edguy

    u have to put it on too
  7. Hmm yes, performance curve will be dropped and create a laggy performance. sorry I forgot I am messing with a GURU.. I am at my top gear with 500 crowns.. And please today is Sunday. I am with my Gf.
  8. If anyone do this by mistake, generally they will be notified as ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Did you see that till the end??? How he created a short cut to change user ID, its cool, na?? Okay tell me how did he do that?? 5 marks, don't cheat...
  9. Perhaps you logged in with a different Microsoft Account after downloading the game with another Account. You have multiple IDs and Perhaps you are trying to logged in with a different account by simply log out from windows 8/8.1?? Okay okay its going to very complicated. Suppose you have downloaded this game with ""A"" and then you have logged out from your computer and then logged in with "B OUTLOOK.COM"" When you are trying to run this game this MSG popped up, right?? You can't run this way. When you have downloaded this game with ""A"", this game will run only if your pc/xbox account is logged in with ""A"" . If you want to play with multiple accounts in windows 8/8.1 pc, ""SWITCHING ACCOUNT"" and download it again is the only way.. This is a vdo about how to switch account easily and fast... It would be boring bit if you will watch till the end you will definitely find a quickest path of SWITCHING ACCOUNTS by creating a desktop short cut. There is a setting option in windows store. For this, open windows store and the go to the """""right or left corner//charme"" you will find SETTINGS. If you are using latest version of windows 8/8.1 right click anywhere blank in windows store, you will find an UPPER PANE where you will find settings tab.
  10. How do you get attack ?

    It seems that you want to share images.. That's how we do...
  11. How do I contact an alliance to join?

    Hi @TrumpSlayer1000 I sometimes DO search players name in the ALLIANCE SEARCH window. After few tries, i find that there's no connection between my brain and my eyes. Make sure you searched THE HIGH ROAD in the ALLIANCE SEARCH WINDOW. Knock Knock @Cristrista, congratulations for the ALLIANCE OF THE WEEK. And you got a cool new player. He's waiting for your response.
  12. Music.........New & Old.......Part 2 :-)

    Happy Birthday Chester!! Let's sing together and tear our vocal chords. One of my favorite!!

    Love you..