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  1. Subhajit Roy

    Join 20+ alliances on Discord
  2. Subhajit Roy

    Thank You - to players

    I want my flowers back which I left on your graveyard... Those flowers are enough for my strong desi wine.. Seriously?! What I am seeing!! MAMMA MIA...
  3. Subhajit Roy


    Today is the last day of this forum.. I found the combinations of 1,2 are worsts and unlucky to me. The film '12, 12 Feb, 12 june (died my grandparents), today 12 Dec, I am 21, and my birthday 21 Dec. What I found in this forum, this world is really very small, we have same jokes, we have same stories, we have same tastes, everything is same. But how we are from different countries? Honestly I am very lucky because I was a part of this forums. True players you all are. Not only in this game, in real life too. I've learned lots of things from this forum and from my beloved DEADPOOL. But the sad thing is I am very lazy, and NOOB. In this sinusoidal life graph we lost many good friends, that's very bad.. Umm good luck to you all, and love, respect you all.. Sorry as well if I hurt anyone, that wasn't I mean.. Cheers friends... Facebook ID- Subhajit roy ( talking2roy) Twitter ID- Subhajit Roy (tweet2subhajit) Xbox- SubhajitSR56 #freeallprisoners
  4. Subhajit Roy

    Anecdote of the day

    YES YES based on a true story. We have a short film on that. That was funny though... The stroy of michael jenkins (maybe)
  5. Subhajit Roy

    What other games are like...

    Hi @Bodds1, ohh sorry, i am not sure about it. Maybe doesn't depend on platform. I played it long time ago. At that time there was no platform problems. Okay join active clan. Cause some resources are very highly rare and those are available on only clan raid.. So join a good, active,, top clan...
  6. Subhajit Roy

    What other games are like...

    There's game on win 8.1 store. SIEGEFALL quite good game. You can try it. No need of blue stacks or otjer simulators. Download it from win/android store. It's available for phone too but I felt it doesn't for phone..
  7. Subhajit Roy

    What other games are like...

    Sometimes I play FREE FIRE (mini version of PUBG) on my dads android phone. I found there very exciting thing which is CUSTOM ROOM. Only Moderates can create custom room, lucky 50 players can get into this room ( It's for everyone but fasters have the opportunity to get in). The number of matches depend on "OCCASIONS/Anniversary /Moderators mood". This game comes with three modes SOLO DUO and SQUAD. For the SOLO custom room lucky 50 players can get in the room, for duo/squad, players have to enroll their squad to the mod team. Squad forms by 4 players. Maybe there is also something "How many squad can be enlisted", i don't know this exactly... This custom room is more enjoying than regular. Obviously rule is same that is "last standing" but the winning prize is unbelievable. That makes more exciting.. Moreover every custom room matches are also "Live stream" on YouTube. If we had some updates.....
  8. Subhajit Roy

    HAPPY DIWALI to eveyone!!!

    okay captain..
  9. Subhajit Roy

    HAPPY DIWALI to eveyone!!!

    yes I've dug a very nice whole but you have to push him.. I have a really long chain of fire crackers, we can tie it with cossacks tail. What you like to do?
  10. Subhajit Roy

    HAPPY DIWALI to eveyone!!!

    Someone is laughing loudly, good to see him alive at least...
  11. Subhajit Roy

    HAPPY DIWALI to eveyone!!!

    Lol.. Yes, we had the light first. But I realised original fire crackers' effects after those BOTTLES. MAMMA MIA in my head and LIVER also...
  12. Subhajit Roy

    HAPPY DIWALI to eveyone!!!

    Happy Diwali... Actually in one shot it is the festival of light.. DD.. Loads of fireworks is must, strong bottles are also...
  13. Subhajit Roy


    Happy birth day...
  14. Subhajit Roy


    I play on my phone. Sorry...
  15. Subhajit Roy

    B von P is going on vacation! 3-8th Oct

    Wassup? @DD3399 i was joking....
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