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  1. Help me please

    go back to the support page (that's where you just posted this topic) The second item on page is the emperor change request read it and follow the instructions, It is the only way to fix the problem if the other player has gone missing.
  2. Game keep crashing at the time of Battle

    check your internet connection that's usually the problem try reinstalling the game if you still have problems fill out a support request with baroness von panda
  3. Start battle, game restarts

    check your internet connection that's usually the problem try reinstalling the game if you still have problems fill out a support request with baroness von panda
  4. Quotes You Love

    I came across this quote in a book in a doctors office when I was about 10 or 11 and it really made a big impression on me. It has helped me quite a bit throughout my life. " Profanity is the last refuge of the illiterate"
  5. Conrad is not active, does not work

    What if your layout looks like this In the general discussion forum go to please read this collection of guides & faq it shows how to make the gates here
  6. This game is to hard of a learning curve

    Take Poorfeller's advice A good alliance makes all the difference, sharing there experience will make that curve a whole lot straighter
  7. AI are not following directions; losing crowns every other battle!

    Good Answer!! the links and your advice should help them if they want to improve

    I believe that they have a time limit and will expire after about ninety days that's what we think happened in one alliance I'm in , I know that's not your problem but its something to watch for.

    I was afraid you weren't 100% sure who was doing the deleting you can try to monitor the player logon times to see if any coincide with the deletions or you can try posting my leave the D*** RED X ALONE SIGN LOL it worked for me. As a fellow emperor I share your frustration and unless I were !00% sure would not boot a player out but you can let them know if you DO find the person responsible you will show them the door

    if you know which accts they have toss the lot and if you change to request to join all they can do is keep asking to come back if these guys are that petty I don't think I would want to deal with them at all its hard enough to try to run an alliance when everyone works together the last thing you need is a player messing with you and as unfriendly as chat is to start with I would be going ballistic myself some of my guys were deleting post accidentally I posted a sign saying leave the darn red X alone and finally stopped it or I would have looked like this LOL
  11. Gate Cheat

    I can't leave anything alone I already changed it to try something else LOL, and a cool thing about putting a sideways gate at the end of a wall is it creates a shortcut for the defenders they can go from a compartment on oneside of the wall to the next one without have to go outside and around then reenter and go where needed much more quickly
  12. Gate Cheat

    LOL I always watch the other guys defensive replays to find where the traps are I figure most do ,I hope a few get sucked into that hole

    that is weird if you are positive these two players are the guilty ones you can always toss them out and change to request to join so they can't cause anymore trouble sounds like you don't want them cause of prior problems so your the boss.
  14. Main I.D. Nightwarrior690 in JEDI MASTERS Alt. I.D. blazingmeteor96 Emperor of JEDI MASTERS 4 Alt. I.D. drovewarrior in JEDI MASTERS 4 Alt. I.D. roadwarrior944 JEDI MASTERS 3 Redlands, California U.S.A.
  15. Gate Cheat

    here are some sideways gates I have made when you first look you think my guardhouse troops are locked in but if you look close.....