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  1. nightwarrior690

    A Four Way Gate

    this is one of mine I also have one that brings all four thru one gate and splits them up again.
  2. nightwarrior690

    A Four Way Gate

    it took me a couple of six packs to get to where I thought of doing it in the first place LOL
  3. nightwarrior690

    A Four Way Gate

    I'm trying for as few gates as possible this one gate brings three trade routes to the keep thru one gate then splits them back to three and all four gates to this castle collect daily gold
  4. nightwarrior690

    A Four Way Gate

    I didn't think it possible but you can make a gate that works in all four directions at once
  5. nightwarrior690

    four into one

    these are the other keeps I've been playing with the age 7 has done the best so far its defense has been slipping lately and has dropped to 500 on its current log but it has won 110 times for quite awhile it was winning close to two for every one it lost.
  6. nightwarrior690

    four into one

    I've been playing with these gates for quite awhile, my first attempts did the same as yours changed to brick but no gold the reason is we were trying to hook up one start point to two or more end points once I tied all the start points together so they had a route to the keep it didn't care how they hooked to the keep as long as they got there. They collect gold and work just fine.
  7. nightwarrior690

    four into one

    LOL what's funny is a couple of the gates they show how to make in the thread A collection of guides and FAQ won't work for me tried and tried just can't do it.
  8. nightwarrior690

    four into one

    Just had to see if I could do it all four trade routes thru one gate and hooked up to the keep all four able to collect gold. Not very practical wastes to many wall units to get enough road units and restricts defending troop movment
  9. It at least gives you the chance to look them over first before joining and I think I said make sure they know the rules and watch them if they come to chat when they join the first thing you do is explain the rules if they don't come to chat you don't want them anyway if they don't follow rules I kick them and invite them back if they come to chat I tell them why if they don't and continue breaking rules kick them for good.
  10. keren kalo gabung


  11. If the problem is outsiders joining just to donate lousy troops you can control it to a degree by changing from anyone can join to request to join at least you will be able to screen them to an extent before letting them in. Make sure they understand the rules for donating and if they don't follow them kick them out before they can do to much damage
  12. nightwarrior690

    Why is it so hard to type in the chat?

    I was told on a different thread that over time some of the chat functions have deteriorated or been lost altogether and that it would be to expensive and take to much effort to be repaired. So I am afraid you are stuck with what we have.
  13. nightwarrior690

    Level 10

    the player is new to the forum only has 5 posts give him a break. Its ok to disagree on things but you seem to be coming down a little hard on him remember its just a game lets have a goo0d time playing it and enjoy
  14. nightwarrior690

    Conrad not working

    Read the collection of guides and FAQ that is posted here in Gen. Diss> it contains A lot of good info Almost forgot the thread New Players Look Here is another good source its at the top of the page on this forum as well.
  15. nightwarrior690

    Xbox update does not allow switching between users

    If you use the x box beta it puts a notification in the action center that's the little box all the way to the right on the task bar that asks if you want to switch if you click it it signs you out and brings up the sign in window.