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  1. nightwarrior690

    Conrad not working

    Read the collection of guides and FAQ that is posted here in Gen. Diss> it contains A lot of good info Almost forgot the thread New Players Look Here is another good source its at the top of the page on this forum as well.
  2. nightwarrior690

    Xbox update does not allow switching between users

    If you use the x box beta it puts a notification in the action center that's the little box all the way to the right on the task bar that asks if you want to switch if you click it it signs you out and brings up the sign in window.
  3. nightwarrior690

    help me with this gate structure, fast

    you need to use the keep to make the two on the ends into gates put the road piece on the side opposite the one you can't make then put a road piece on each side of the gat you made and drop a wall in between then one more road on the backside of the last one click on it and tell it to be a gate all done
  4. nightwarrior690

    Server Maintenance - Tues 29 May - 1pm PT

    I hope the problem was fixed but my replays from before the first maint. are still playable everything after is still blank guess I will do an attack and see what happens
  5. nightwarrior690

    Server Maintenance - Tues 29 May - 1pm PT

    you have to wait till you are attacked again for a replay that will work
  6. the problem is the changes made to the game over the last couple of years have made it less fun to play and we have been told not to expect any new content or updates in the near (or far) future. At this point in time they have there hands full just trying to maintain the game. As a result players are doing what bored players do find another game to play. The alliance I started with used to be on the leaderboard now almost half don't bother to check in for months at a time. that's why your alliance is unranked there is no one to rank against. If things don't improve I'm afraid the game won't survive at the rate players seem to be leaving it can't
  7. nightwarrior690


    its been reported I think they are looking into the problem
  8. nightwarrior690


    they did something when they did server maintenance today that messed up replays this should only happen after a patch and should be the reverse we should only have the new replays and not the old ones
  9. nightwarrior690


    The issue is they did server maintenance this afternoon and messed it up we are waiting for them to fix whatever got messed up.
  10. nightwarrior690


    there was supposed to be a server maintenance done today ether they messed up on the server or do we have to do an update? I haven't heard anything about updating
  11. nightwarrior690

    And for my next (gate) trick

    This one brings three roads down to one takes it thru the outer wall splits back into three and hooks up to the keep the fourth road comes in thru the back all four function normally and all four get the daily gold. It doesn't seem to care how you get them to the keep but the torch start points have to connect to the keep to count and collect gold
  12. nightwarrior690

    Where is 007?

    they are not very smart for spies they all ways go to the same spots and they all wear purple.
  13. nightwarrior690

    Qestion to the old timers

    I run one of the training alliances I like working with the new players to try and give them a head start in the game. But lately they don't want to move up cause the main alliance has become a rest home for retired ID's they go weeks and months between logging on, I made a lot of friends that I am going to miss. I still like playing with different defensive designs my latest is getting three roads to become one go thru the outer wall and split back it three I can hook the three to the keep and they all collect gold. (I know way to much time on my hands)
  14. nightwarrior690

    Not Another Revenge Window Thread...or Not :p

    : : : : : : : AAAAh REVENGE AT LAST
  15. nightwarrior690

    You know what, i dont like liar's

    the way it used to be once I let the game time out for only a few seconds and when I logged back on I had to wait until the attack was over before I could continue playing. I was only off for 20 -30 seconds max.