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  1. Wicken Wonder

    Watch Tower

    Also the watch signal needs to be protected. Crossbow towers and flame towers are good protectors. Relief Forces will not arrive if the watch signal is destroyed.
  2. Wicken Wonder

    Lets do a Wacky Poll....lol

    Will @Septerror43 get recognized with an honorary flag for devising the TERRORDOME Defense? Do new players know the story behind the "Cleverly Cat" Flag available in Honor items?
  3. May I recommend... Please read Andy P.'s section on "What is the Time Bucket" Time Bucket is not just a static 8 hours every 24 hours. It fills and empties as you log out and in. If the player is taking breaks and going offline in between battles then their Time Bucket refills while they are offline. If you are staying online the entire time is your Time Bucket running out?
  4. What can I say, It is a slow process.
  5. I saw Crown Addiction mentioned in another post. Thought it was time for some introspection.
  6. Wicken Wonder

    Conrad not working

    @RustyBlade, Welcome to the forum. You will find a wealth of knowledge about the game here. This is a friendly, but opinionated crowd. Ask questions without accusations and you will be rewarded.
  7. Glad someone besides me bumps this thread every now and again.
  8. I really like the TerrorDome. However, I thought with all the ConRam discussion being brought up by it, we could use a little peace a tranquility.
  9. Wicken Wonder

    Some amazing castles

    Did you break the Heart?
  10. Wicken Wonder

    Community Changes

    A resounding Yes, and I really want Alliance Wars.
  11. Earl, Your clinic has been so successful. I thought it deserved to come back into play. You should prepare for a surge in new clientele soon.
  12. Wicken Wonder

    Looking for Wonder Donations help

    Alliance Name: Atomic Fireball Current Wonder: Upgrade Basilica San Vitale -- Stone in 100,000 increments We also have... Eastern Standard Time US Kizhi Pogost Tuesdays -- Food in 100,000 increments Tower of London Thursdays -- Your own Pennants in 300 increments
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