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  1. Wicken Wonder

    Watch Tower

    Also the watch signal needs to be protected. Crossbow towers and flame towers are good protectors. Relief Forces will not arrive if the watch signal is destroyed.
  2. Wicken Wonder

    Lets do a Wacky Poll....lol

    Will @Septerror43 get recognized with an honorary flag for devising the TERRORDOME Defense? Do new players know the story behind the "Cleverly Cat" Flag available in Honor items?
  3. May I recommend... Please read Andy P.'s section on "What is the Time Bucket" Time Bucket is not just a static 8 hours every 24 hours. It fills and empties as you log out and in. If the player is taking breaks and going offline in between battles then their Time Bucket refills while they are offline. If you are staying online the entire time is your Time Bucket running out?
  4. What can I say, It is a slow process.
  5. I saw Crown Addiction mentioned in another post. Thought it was time for some introspection.
  6. Wicken Wonder

    Conrad not working

    @RustyBlade, Welcome to the forum. You will find a wealth of knowledge about the game here. This is a friendly, but opinionated crowd. Ask questions without accusations and you will be rewarded.
  7. Wicken Wonder

    notifications stopped working

    I have mine turned off. I have turned them back on. I'll let you know if I see the same thing.
  8. Wicken Wonder

    Active defense.

    Welcome to the forums. Good question. Unfortunately, No. You cannot watch nor participate while a defensive battle is in progress. If you use all of your bucket time and are online when you are attacked, you will be logged out of the game. While the attacking player is viewing your empire. Once the battle is complete, or they have nexted to the next empire, the game will automatically log you back in. At which time you can watch the replay, if you choose.
  9. Wicken Wonder

    Xbox update does not allow switching between users

    Thanks everyone
  10. Has anyone else loaded an Xbox update that does not allow you to switch between accounts? I finally found how to switch, there is now a Not You? in the upper left corner of the log in screen. I guess I just had to post a topic before my eyes and brain would work together. It looks like I am talking to myself in the same post because they were merged together.
  11. Wicken Wonder

    Does anyone know if the game gets more age?

    The first post about this was last year. Most recently the same answer was given.
  12. Wicken Wonder

    Hi, newbie here

    I agree with @Traders51, Join a good alliance. I prefer Longbows to greens for their distance. They are great sniping units and if you are not interested in earning crowns quickly, you can play all day, training while you scout and pick up crowns slowly attacking inactive empires trying to protect against Conram. I don't recognize the name Citadel. I have not read the guides in a long time. I think you are talking about what I refer to as a Tribute. Buildings equaling 50% of your empire are placed outside the walls encouraging attackers to take a 1 star win easily and leaving the rest alone. This does work if you are ok with short peace treaties and are not a crown player. When using this, I recommend not to break your peace treaties. Collecting your resources often is important. The best meatshield is Infantry. Training Scenario 4
  13. Wicken Wonder

    Thoughts for a new alliance tool

    I called it a Stable for two reasons, first, because I could not think of another medieval building to use. Second, I wanted to signify strong troops and most alliances like mounted troops for both strength and speed. I think of it as different from the watch signal. You would need both, the watch signal to hold the troops, but this would be a troop generating building though the troops are only sent to the watch signal.
  14. Wicken Wonder

    Just trying to understand what I am dealing with

    I just gave my Mom Turtles for Mother's day. She loves the pecans and caramel.