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    When Life Is Sweet, Say Thank You And Celebrate. When Life Is Bitter Say Thank You And Grow!!!!!!!!
    by Robert Frost-"in 3 words I can sum up everything I know about life: It Goes On,"

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  1. What’s getting on your nerves??

    I still believe in modesty, and dignity, I also still believe its a MANS World, it is sad to me that many male figures have gotten SOFT. Man does not have the same mind or way of thinking a women has. Women are more @ fault that people are willing to side with. I stood up against ERA, I am not equal to a man and never will be. I learn to do things that men would normally do, only to save me money and for no other reason. I am proud of being the women I was born to be and knowing this. I am not so proud of myself to have this come to me as harm, or my being. I am not looking I am spoken for. However if I was looking I would want that man or men to see my intelligence and face, the rest of me comes with that package, it is not the most interesting part of me. My mind is. WOMEN ARE MORE AT FAULT THAN WHAT IS GIVEN THEM.
  2. I want my revenge

    East Puppet attacked me I had it all planned out to attack East Puppet, then the Panda gave him 7 days peace treaty time . Twiddle Dee Dee, was not for me went to attack I saw the END of my line, he was set free from my time. Lucky Puppeteer.
  3. Think On This

    I praise you for your donation in volunteering your time. Not asking you to donate. I came across this and looked into it myself before I posted, I wanted to make sure its finding were right, that is what I am about being right, and doing right. I honestly feel its a good read and very informative. Your so correct saying all you said and its very true and very sad. When I give to homeless its because they lost their job, their home, or a major medical has placed them in poverty or they truly have a mental severity and were placed on the streets to defend for themselves. I will not help those that are lazy, and like living the life of a bum and love the drink, drugs, and filthy habits. I will help those that will and want to help themselves, but they do have to be sincere in their way of thinking, and I feel confident one would know if someone was trying to pull the wool over their eyes. Thank you very much @AnotherRiddle for your time, and comment.
  4. What’s getting on your nerves??

    Ok, here is my RANT! I am tried of men being accused of sexual harassment, or making sexual advances on women. For the life of me I cant understand why its always on the women side, when it is apparent the way the female dress to entice and have men I guess drooling over them is what their intentions were. I am a women, and I do not side with the women gold diggers or the tactic ways. Their trash. Can I get real responses to this?
  5. profile picture

    @Ragnar Sigurdson Know wander I look so metal head.
  6. profile picture

    Insulting; avatar for me, does nothing for my attributes.
  7. Crazy News

    da, yep you read this right.
  8. Think On This

    True or False: “Think Before You Donate” Charity Claims
  9. Anything Star Wars

    always read Calvin and Hobbs, so much laughter.
  10. You may have ended the RAM RUSH ability. I see the use of Trebuckets being sent out in droves with good Heroes like a force, with troops that can take and break that Terrodome down. Then someone can come up with another great ?????? to end the Trebucket droves. , I like your Terrodome well thought of.

    Held for Ransom, & games.
  12. Happy Thanksgiving Nov 23, 2017

    From my house friends & family to all you and your friends and family.
  13. announcements

    Unfortunately there is not anything that can be done with this, I believe every Alliance has had this problem. 1. You can keep the Lord you trust the most and take away the title from all others. ( caution- Catch 22 with this one ) 2. You can find like Vanilla or hosting forum to keep all your valuable tips and tricks on, some sites cost some are free. Just for your members.