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  1. This is intimate!
  2. Maybe some figure there words matter none.
  3. Explain the Snow?
  4. We would like to have more members join our team. New and experience are welcomed, come join if your able. No crown limit; just be active and help us grow. We are on our second wanders just about to complete the second of the second wanders. Hope to see you soon!
  5. I hope this will find those that will be over joyed by my leaving " love you always" and thank you for the ventures I had along the way; Some good and not so kind.
  6. What a story this one tells, I guess it means we women are the weaker with more emotions. I liked.
  7. Loyalty! Cant beat it. Its the best. Its a pleasure to know you both angel9m9, and Kicho.
  8. I like the beat, some of the words aren't my thing.
  9. There all good, I like them. The fourth one I would suggest to anyone that has migraines not to watch it, just listen.
  10. Almost afraid to Breathe......This made me feel like I was on the Shores with the Vikings for departure.
  11. kicho, enjoy those times with her, it is short. She will hold onto those memories in a special sense, and they will be written on her heart. Go with joy.
  12. I play chess, placing the keep and its defence stronger against the attackers is guarding against the opponent.
  13. The Song Was Written Impossible For Human But She Nailed It. Charismatic Jane Zhang! In Italian. Now this one I found browsing through America has talent, its amazing.