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    When Life Is Sweet, Say Thank You And Celebrate. When Life Is Bitter Say Thank You And Grow!!!!!!!!
    by Robert Frost-"in 3 words I can sum up everything I know about life: It Goes On,"

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    I would be Goldie O'Bourbon if you drink me, means I am smooth
  2. Music.........New & Old.......Part 2 :-)

    know many here do not listen to Country, but have you ever thought that maybe this song says a lot about us all. Cyndi Lauper-this song is so very different from her free, wild girls want to have fun days. I like the way she sings.

    @Bluefire Various ways to gain GOLD. 1. Roads meeting up with your keep. 2. Winning battles-Jack Pot Chest & Battle Chest Stone. Your quarry will take wood to build, as you upgrade then it will take Stone.
  4. Help me please

    you can send @Baroness Von Panda a message explaining what it is you need to do, she will be able to help maybe.
  5. I did not wish to make a post concerning my feelings going to Keep 10.

    Hopefully this will be seen.

    I was really disappointed when my Keep finally finished its upgrade level 10.  I was so hoping to 10-12 more walls, only got 5.

    I was also hoping my Caernarfon Castle Troops would be upgraded along with Archery, Stable, & Barracks,  just to find out they are not.

    I was also looking forward to upgrading my Camps...To find that is not an option.

    I was glad I was able to get a few more defense items and upgrading those with what I already have.

    Not sure what I was expecting reaching that mile stone,  I'm sure disappointment was not on my list.

    Keep 10 Venting Image result for emoji of disappointment


    1. Subhajit Roy

      Subhajit Roy

      Ha ha ha. Same thing I realised too two days ago.. But it has a cool golden look. At least I can tell my GF ""yes I made a golden castle for you""

    2. SeaPetals


      I didn't even mention the Hero's!

    3. IcedGuitar785


      One of the main reasons i am in no hurry to ug to age 10 even with my main. i've heard of this disappointment before. Sorry it just now slapped you in the face, Petals. [sad] I'm just delaying the inevitable as long as i can. I don't know if i'll be able to deal with the heartbreak! ;)[lol]

  6. Help me please

    If your not with the Alliance anymore can rejoin or join express it this way, or you can message the person through X Box, if you know his/her Forum name can leave a message here.
  7. Image result for Animated Hello ThereHow you doing?

    1. Scythian Fury

      Scythian Fury

      I'm good, just busy IRL and lso with alliance business, I'm emping 3 right now


    2. SeaPetals


      That will sure keep you hoping [lol]

  8. Image result for Animated Hello There

    1. TheJohnnyBang


      Hello Seapetals!

  9. Saying Image result for saying hello picshave an awesome week.

  10. Image result for saying hello and hope your body is mending well.

  11. Fully upgraded Age 10 with no quarries?????

    Thank you for the information, I never knew this, and yes sounds good and wished I had opted out from things, would be less to try and keep. I did know this, just looked and realize it had never dawned on me cant shelve certain items.