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  1. ((((((((((Liars Truce))))))))))  miss you dude.

  2. I need to know how to Print Screen,  I have a button on my keyboard says this;  but when I push it nothing happens or I have no clue where it ends up at.   Can you help me please?

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    2. SeaPetals


      Hello GhengisKhan,  thank you.....How are you?  Its good to see you and hope all is well.

    3. GhengisKhan1981


      no problem, i;m doing good and when i'm not....i make it good lol. hope you are well too. happy new year to you and yours ;)

    4. SeaPetals


      Happy New Year,  hope to see you more often,  do take care.  Very good attitude, love it.

  3. Saying prayers for all these people that are dealing with the Frozen Flood in Massachusetts and East Coast.  This bottom pic was taken one day ago. Its horrible to deal with Frigged temps and have the ocean waters pushing inland also.

    Please keep all these people in your thoughts.

    See the source imageSee the source image

  4. being different

  5. Image result for numerical numbers small pics

    It should be boredom by now
    I know the tricks of the trade
    But it goes on anyhow
    Sometimes the answers are ready made

    And I go for it every time
    Just like a heavy drinker
    I go for it every time
    Hook, line and sinker

    He descends on the room
    Holier than thou and sillier
    He’s gonna knock on her cocoon
    And it’s gonna sound familiar

    And she’ll go for it every time
    Putting herself in peril
    She’ll go for it every time
    Lock, stock and barrel

    And I’m feeling for all of the world like I’m feeling for all the world

    So go and reel me in
    If I am tugging the line
    A hook is under my skin
    Because your lure is well designed

    Oh I go for it every time
    Just like a heavy drinker
    I go for it every time
    Hook, line and sinker

    Image result for number 2 pic


    It's something unattainable
    That you can't live without
    And now the unexplainable
    Has you riddled with doubt

    Things began, things decay
    And you've gotta find a way to be okay
    But if you wanna spend the day
    Wondering what it's all about
    Go and knock yourself out

    Why we're put in this mess
    Is anybody's guess
    It might be a test
    Or it might not be anything
    To be too worried about
    But if you're still in doubt
    Go and knock yourself out

  6. Special New Mini Forum Game For All

    Someone can appoint someone who has all the emails associated with this Mini Game, since its only for two weeks.
  7. 1st our Avatars, Now our Banners?!?

    @Baroness Von Panda Thank you for ***I'm just going to scream in to a pillow and then bump that email thread for the eleventy billionth time brb.
  8. Yea we are released of our pic dilemma.

    Image result for Breathe Quotes

  9. Special New Mini Forum Game For All

    was truly not necessarily a positive statement.
  10. Special New Mini Forum Game For All

    Why is it that we have to have numerous email addresses.? Can you explain this? Why cant it just be set up, for one email Addy with different avatar name? @TheJohnnyBangYou want us to all be in the same alliance? But what if I don’t like all these people? My same thoughts @ everyone on the FORUM-----I wish to keep kindness & peace between myself and you all, make you all happy, I will not participate in the game.
  11. Music.........New & Old.......Part 2 :-)

    My type will have the last but do thank you for the New Year getting along.
  12. Nope, he was not a arrogant A-hole as some are here.
  13. What’s getting on your nerves??

    ...I didn't say half what was actually on my mind. You talk about dignity and modesty.......I think we might have different views on this one considering past conversations and posts. Or was this just to make you look bigger, better, smarter? Let me say this; I include myself in WOMEN, why? Cause I am a women, I know what we are capable of, and I know the ways we think, conjure, manipulate, and if we are true women, we only tolerate other women. I do not live in denial.
  14. What’s getting on your nerves??

    So Wicked say the more that you feel the need to spill out, do your best to be at your worst.
  15. What’s getting on your nerves??

    Really! I personally do not like having people to do their best to undermine my being, I am almost certain you would not appreciate it either.
  16. What’s getting on your nerves??

    and I do not side with the women gold diggers or the tactic ways. Their trash. Which you left this out. I dress professional, I wear heels, skirts I look feminine, some would say I look attractive and ***, I have no fault with women dressing to feel nice and to look nice. I wear make up, and have jewels also. What I do not do is dress to impress every eye. I am truly hurt you were attacked, I too know what it feels like having a strong hold upon your being, taking, breaking, degrading your senses, violating a possession that is not theirs to have, I too have scares from such an ordeal, My hair is also past my thighs, its many colors naturally changing. You coming off on me the way you did was really out of content, but that is who you are isn't it? Women are at fault more than you are willing to admit too.
  17. Think On This

    True or False: “Think Before You Donate” Charity Claims
  18. Music.........New & Old.......Part 2 :-)

    For the New Year Enjoy the list. This one will most likely throw a loop hole in your thinking.
  19. Attacked While On LIne With Good Time?

    Sorry @east puppet for not speaking to you directly. I did not know.