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  1. FD.Svensson

    Revenge players not to smart

    a few of my alts only have around 2 - 4 hundred of crowns, ofcourse I should beat you ( sorry if my English Write wrong , but I´m can understand German. Can you?) And now, where is the BEER?
  2. 3 times I have meet Bonus - Battle that had working WS. How could this happened? Last wednsday it was LillBonnie that met a Bonus with WS
  3. There´s youre mistake lol. I started play this game 2016 and still play. Now you can read where I am, the last one who came with Android is moving up to age seven now.
  4. I´m really LOVE this game, therefore I am so many lol

  5. How many alts do you take. I have for now 4 sleeping alts that I will start up soon, is it something for you?
  6. FD.Svensson

    Code of Conduct

    I have problem with this line. Don't create new accounts (alt accounts) to avoid the consequences of a ban, aka 'ban dodging' I´ve bean band becouse I was here with my alt, not for I´ve bean band. This is not a trouble for me, I just want to know.
  7. Sorry Wulf but I cant replay youre messages. I click submit over and over again. The content of my text is that the only one I complain is myself ;-)

    1. Wicked Wulf

      Wicked Wulf

      sorry, I am confused?

      Svensson........do you need help with something?

    2. FD.Svensson


      Yes Wulf. You send me a message where you wonder if I was mad about somthing, maybe R2R. I´m not mad aboat anything. I have´nt read Faq or CoC and if I doin any mistake, it´s up to me. No one els.

      Why I have´nt chat is becouse I have´nt sleept to well leatly and I´m not fun when I´m tired [tongue]

      I don´t know why, but I cant answer the message you sent me, therfore I do that here.



      I have been a Moderator on several pages and know how people thinks aboat it somethimes :ph34r:

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