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  1. MedianRope8063

    Using Siege Rush

    Sounds like the Terrordome layout. Conrad can not dock on a gate. It has to be a wall. You need to break a gate, and expose a wall first. Only then will Conrad activate as usual. I hope this helps!
  2. MedianRope8063

    Wednsday - Bonus , but WS troops?!

    The player is in an active alliance, even though they are inactive. The alliance is still topping up their Relief Force for them. Choose a castle that isn't in an alliance! Look at the embassy first to see if they are in an alliance before attacking.
  3. MedianRope8063

    Robber Knights

    Happy Anniversary to me! I've been a Robber for 2 years today! Party time!!!!! Come and join in the fun!
  4. MedianRope8063

    New player wanted

    Happy Anniversary to me! I've been a Robber for 2 years today! Party time!!!!! Come and join the fun! The drinks are on me!!!
  5. MedianRope8063

    Looking for Wonder Donations help

    On behalf of an Emperor who has just recently taken over control of an alliance he has been in for over a year: Can you spare some Wood please? Alliance Name: Colder Robbers Emperor: Colderbing White Shield with a red cross Thank you in advance for any donations received!
  6. MedianRope8063

    Robber Knights

    Question: When is the best time to join the Robber Knights? Answer: When the day ends in the letter "Y". That would be: TODAY!!!
  7. MedianRope8063

    who needs wood?

    Colder Robbers would love your wood! Under the new management of Colderbing. The alliance and Wonder is open 24/7. Thank you!
  8. My main Gamertag: MedianRope8063 Alliances: Robber Knights, Robber Republic, Jolly Robbers, Shadow Robbers. (Plus whichever Robber needs help completing a Wonder!) Alts: PuppyBunny879, ClearDuckling34, HazyRaptor63938, (plus another two I claimed from my kids!) Location: Living in Northern Ireland
  9. MedianRope8063

    Everyone Please Meet Angie!

    I agree! We only have one fur-baby now. A beautiful black 4 year old co.cker spaniel called Rosie! Our other two fur-babies (mother and son), both passed in the last 3 years.
  10. MedianRope8063

    New player wanted

    Woooooooooooooooooo Hoooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!! Time to join the Robber Barons!
  11. MedianRope8063

    Everyone Please Meet Angie!

    You should have called her Dora. A-Dora-ble! She is sooooooooo cute!
  12. MedianRope8063

    New player wanted

    Come and join the Robber Barons!
  13. MedianRope8063

    Robber Knights

    The Easter Bunny is coming soon!!! Don't eat the little round balls he leaves behind!
  14. MedianRope8063

    New player wanted

    Kuss kuss mwah!!!!
  15. MedianRope8063

    Robber Knights

    That was the week I joined the Robber Barons! 14th May 2016. I didn't have enough crowns to join the Robber Knights at that time. @BLACKHERCULES96 and @Ragnar Sigurdson taught me how to battle, and win! It wasn't long until I had enough crowns to move to the Robber Knights.
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