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  1. MedianRope8063

    Using Siege Rush

    Sounds like the Terrordome layout. Conrad can not dock on a gate. It has to be a wall. You need to break a gate, and expose a wall first. Only then will Conrad activate as usual. I hope this helps!
  2. MedianRope8063

    Wednsday - Bonus , but WS troops?!

    The player is in an active alliance, even though they are inactive. The alliance is still topping up their Relief Force for them. Choose a castle that isn't in an alliance! Look at the embassy first to see if they are in an alliance before attacking.
  3. MedianRope8063

    Xbox update does not allow switching between users

    Yes! It threw me too at first!
  4. MedianRope8063

    Need new emperor as the current emperor is not active

    You need to send a Private Message to @Baroness Von Panda She will need the following information: Your Gamertag: Alliance Name: Emperor's Gamertag: New Emperor's Gamertag: Length of time Emperor inactive: Good luck!
  5. MedianRope8063

    Robber Knights

    Happy Anniversary to me! I've been a Robber for 2 years today! Party time!!!!! Come and join in the fun!
  6. MedianRope8063

    New player wanted

    Happy Anniversary to me! I've been a Robber for 2 years today! Party time!!!!! Come and join the fun! The drinks are on me!!!
  7. MedianRope8063

    So the Terrordome been around for how long?

    Have you seen the Turtle Terrordome yet? I came across it with one of my alts. I assume because I am not slating them, that I can name them? Have a look at Juventus Pavel. 3 out of 10 of the last defenses were wins. That's more successful than some of my layouts!
  8. MedianRope8063

    Looking for Wonder Donations help

    On behalf of an Emperor who has just recently taken over control of an alliance he has been in for over a year: Can you spare some Wood please? Alliance Name: Colder Robbers Emperor: Colderbing White Shield with a red cross Thank you in advance for any donations received!
  9. MedianRope8063

    Need to takeover an Alliance

    You need to send a Private Message to @Baroness Von Panda giving details of: The name of the alliance, the Emperors Gamertag, Length of time they have been inactive, and the name of the new Emperor (who must be in that alliance!). Do it soon, as you have just told everyone on the forum of this interesting alliance! Next time send a private PM to @EntireBroom Jr Good luck!
  10. MedianRope8063

    Lost Battle because of a server connection error

    I've just watched the replay. Nothing happens in the last 2 minutes of the battle. I think you need the guys/girls with more experience of the game to advise you here. However, I know you won't be able to get those crowns back.
  11. MedianRope8063

    Robber Knights

    Question: When is the best time to join the Robber Knights? Answer: When the day ends in the letter "Y". That would be: TODAY!!!
  12. MedianRope8063

    Lost Battle because of a server connection error

    Unfortunately the battle can not be reverted. The "Error connecting to server" is at your end. i.e. Your own internet connection.
  13. MedianRope8063

    Everyone must open the wall and gate

    My walls and gates are firmly closed - except when Conrad calls round with his drunken rams. They leave the place in such a mess, and refuse to tidy up afterwards!
  14. MedianRope8063

    who needs wood?

    Colder Robbers would love your wood! Under the new management of Colderbing. The alliance and Wonder is open 24/7. Thank you!
  15. MedianRope8063

    Hit the same castle twice within 5 minutes!

    Hazy is looking for Archer Towers now, and is still trying find this castle for a repeat performance of attacks. Third time lucky maybe!