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  1. I know, some people might have to actually learn how to play this game. Especially, when you consider that the name of the game is Castle Siege, not Castle Revenge. The frequency of attacks is easily remedied by active MM searches and healthy use of PT. As for revs, they are a bonus not the mainstay, or shouldn't be at least.
  2. I emp 3 alliances, got plenty to keep me online when I got the time. 8 hrs goes by really quick. And if I do find someone who appears to be using artificial means, I don't even have to keep checking on them, I just figure out when their 8 hrs is up and hit them then. They are just way too predictable and too easy to rev. Most of the complaints about cheaters and all the other garbage are all about the fact that the other guys are not playing according to a schedule that is convenient to you, and that's it. God forbid folks should actually have to pay attention to the game if they want to win.
  3. Yeah, I know, it's terrible. It would be so much easier if we didn't have to pay attention to any aspect of the game, just have the machines do it all for us. How long you been doing this and does Mrs.DD know you been seeing yourself on the side?
  4. Scythian Fury

    How to ban user in alliance? Forever!

    I sent you a PM.
  5. But then we are going to be getting even more whines about people wanting to revenge and a need for a revenge function. The way it is now, at least we get to make fun of people who whine about not being able to catch a revenge when others obviously can.
  6. Hey, this is the most action this forum has seen lately, so I'm keeping it the other guy is wrong.
  7. You're missing the point, the fact that there CAN be only one, shows that they can be revenged by someone who knows what they are doing, and since there a plenty of red fists in these guy's logs, it shows that there are plenty people in the game who know what they are doing. Again, the whole complaint goes back to not being the one who has figured out how to be one of those folks. At higher levels, revenge is more of a luxury than the mainstay of the game. It's nice when you can catch one, but you shouldn't rely on it, the real game is finding attacks in MM and the fact that these folks also show plenty attacks from MM demonstrates that there is a healthy mix of both going on. And that is as it should be.
  8. Actually, it is more like 60-70%, but whatever, when you consider that there are 20-30 other players besides you that are trying to rev the same guy, but in the end there can be only one. So, this is the part of the movie you want to be in:
  9. Just to be fair and give the opposition a chance, I just checked the def logs of the top 3 players on the LB and they all got plenty of red fists in their def logs. So, I guess your only point is that none of those red fists are from you? IF you can show me a def log without any red fists in it going back a few weeks, I'd love to see it.
  10. All that someone has to do is stay online for 8hrs and then be put into MM and MM attackers have the advantage over the rev players because they don't have to deal with the same time delay as those trying to rev. But, that does not invalidate the fact that the only real complaint here is that the dude hasn't figured out how to get around that time delay. So yeah, maybe some on the LB are able to go for days without getting revved, but it's not forever and they are still getting hit from MM, so they are not impossible to attack.
  11. The real complaint about not being able to revenge is not that it's impossible, but that the dude doing the complaining just hasn't figured out how to catch it and instead would rather blame it on the game, or cheating, etc..
  12. Scythian Fury

    Making corners of terrordomes

    Ooh, I like you! You're going to become my new best friend, aren't you, I can tell. Things have been slow a bit around here so it'd be nice to have a new toy to play with.
  13. Scythian Fury

    Making corners of terrordomes

    Wow, dude, great attitude! Have you considered that this is the weekend and people are out there doing real things, which is very healthy, instead of loitering around the forum? Personally, I don't like Terrodomes because they only work on those that don't know how to take them down properly. I actually look for them in MM for an easy 2* at least. But, I offered what I knew about it. As for the rest of the folks who are more expert at building them than I am, just be patient and someone will respond with what you're looking for.
  14. Scythian Fury

    Making corners of terrordomes

    One way to do it is to put 5 pieces of wall in a cross formation and then just put road pieces between the walls and turn them into gates, no need to use the Keep.
  15. Scythian Fury

    How to ban user in alliance? Forever!

    They can PM me and I will translate what they need before they send it to Panda, otherwise they are going to have to shut down their alliances. And how can the devs know which alliance chat to check when no one complains about it.