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  1. Scythian Fury

    Has my Terror Dome layout been hacked?

    Wow, this forum now offers tips on how to slo-mo even better. Like there is not enough nonsense in the game, smh.
  2. Scythian Fury

    Conrad not working

    If you click on Search at the top right of the page it gives you some filters to play with. You also may be interested in this, it was on page 5-6 of the forum:
  3. Scythian Fury

    Wednsday - Bonus , but WS troops?!

    Some of the Smashdown castles are still in alliances, most likely alliances full of zombies. So, yeah, it is possible to find one with a full WS. Check the shield on the embassy, if it is not blank, that means that player is still in an alliance and possibly has a full WS. This also raises the possibility of doing the entire Smashdown armed only with Joan.
  4. Scythian Fury

    Conrad not working

    Actually, 90%+ don't read anything at all, just go straight to writing and posting.
  5. Scythian Fury

    Missing catapult

    Lol, next time try to click around unusual places.
  6. Scythian Fury

    Emperor of TeamScruff

    Click on the little white envelope at the top of the page and send a PM to @Baroness Von Panda with all the same info. You'll have to wait until Monday, though, when she comes back to work.
  7. Scythian Fury

    During the attack game reloads

    It sounds like a bad server connection issue, it happens sometimes when there is a hiccup with the WiFi, or just some internet connection glitch.
  8. And?...Any new revelations, or is that as far as you got?
  9. Scythian Fury

    I can remember at 1 time

    AoE:CS The Plague Years:
  10. Scythian Fury

    Game Help

    Tanslation: hi, i want to know how i can connect my xbox account to the game age of empires castle sieg,e i do not know and i need help, please.
  11. Scythian Fury

    it s impossible

    This is just one of the most recent threads on the topic, but there are lots more about it in the Discussion section:
  12. Scythian Fury


    I see your Conram and raise you a Terrordome!
  13. Scythian Fury


  14. Scythian Fury

    Conrad not working

    Sure, but that is the only exception to the rule...and I didn't hear or see anything, fact I wasn't even there at the time...whatever time it was wherever it may have happened...if it did, that is...