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  1. This Game Needs War Or Special Events!!

    Actually, that's not what he originally said, here is the original post, before he edited it. Read the whole thing next time, please, thnx. Relief troops are only for defense when a member of your alliance is attacked, not for attacks. So, the number of troops they have in their WS has no bearing on their attack and your donating to them will not be impeded, and they will receive a notice that you donated troops to them after their attack is over. After he saw my post and realized what he said could easily be misinterpreted, he edited it: So, no I didn't miss it, he just wasn't clear about what he was asking.
  2. seems there is a new loop hole on MM

    Ok, I am willing to admit that I might have missed the memo about this 'revenge window', it has been a fairly hectic few months, and I missed some statement from the devs about it. If so, please let me know, because then I got a whole other gripe. A few days ago I got home from work late checked in with my alliances and stepped away to eat dinner, when I come back 30 minutes later I found out I got hit on my main acct, not a revenge just some dude with not really any crowns worth revenging. Also a while back I was stalking a rev, watched the dudes alliance log in count down to a possible window, hesitated briefly to make sure I had all my troops, heroes and boosts, and hit the revenge button to find out that someone beat me to it, and again not a rev. So, if there is a window, I'm getting gypped. I am not trying to argue with you, just to understand if I am missing something, especially since you and the rest of the OK crew have been spot on in explaining some of the stuff that's happening in the game in the past. I'm just not seeing it in my own gameplay. I have gone for almost a whole day without being attacked on my main with a crown count that in the past would have been jumped on at the first opportunity. And yes, I feel a bit safer lately stepping away from the game for 30-40 minutes without getting attacked most of the time. And the revenges are more accessible. But all of this can simply be explained by there being more inexperienced players in the game. Especially since the last memorable communication that we had from the devs was this one from @Robeyone: On that same thread @east puppet asked this: Robey did not reply. But I do remember someone on another thread talking about there now being a revenge window and after that other folks began to say the same. So, have the devs confirmed any of this at a later date? If they did, I missed it. But, if they didn't, I'm thinking that this is a new emergent adjustment in the overall game dynamic that is simply more evident at higher levels where there difference between experienced and inexperienced players becomes more obvious.
  3. Looking for Active Indian players

    Post this here:

    A very wise choice, if you are not enjoying the game and think it's rigged against you, don't play it. Move on to something that will be fun for you, there's no harm in that, it's only a stupid game. Good luck to you in all you endeavors and Happy Holidays!
  5. seems there is a new loop hole on MM

    I've experienced the exact same things recently that both of you are describing, but I am simply not attributing to any alteration in the game code, as there hasn't been any in quite a while (unless you count the recent nearly disastrous Search patch). I have gone for hours without being revenged, or attacked in any way with 3500+ crowns and thought that is was some new feature. As long as I didn't go into MM, I wasn't getting attacked, and yet my crown count was lucrative enough where the way things used to be I'd be swamped by a plethora of Conrammers, this didn't make sense. So, I started looking at those guys' attack logs and found out that most of them, especially the age X with fairly maxed layouts were not getting most of their crown by attacking whales, but instead were speed training their troops and attacking a lot of lower crown offers. The only way that I can figure to explain this, is these guys are noobs who have bought their way through all the upgrades quickly but are avoiding hitting higher crown counts because they think that the lower are easier (typical noob misunderstanding). And I have seen evidence of that in the recent two weeks while I barely had enough time to play (it's final exams time and I've been swamped with panicky students) and my crown count has dropped by 1K+, all of a sudden I'm getting hit left and right again, by all the same as before. Other folks that I have talked to in several alliances are reporting the same happening to them. This also explains why revenges are now easier (and I have seen that too), there are more inexperienced players attacking what they erroneously perceive to be easier targets. Leaving the more lucrative targets to the more experienced players (an all too quickly disappearing breed). But, I do not believe that any of this is happening due to any recent change that the devs made to the game code, like changing the way MM works, because there haven't been any changes in quite a while, not since all those patches they gave us months ago (including the revenge patch). I believe all seeming changes we are seeing to the game dynamics are the long term consequences of all those patches, not something new because, alas, the devs have pretty much abandoned us and are not doing anything more than they have done already. As of yesterday, I have been playing this game for 2 years and have seen it change over all this time and this is not the same game that it was when I started, but I'm still having fun and that is all that counts. I don't expect the devs to do anything new and that is fine by me, as long as I am still enjoying the game I will continue to play it and if, and when, that changes, I will stop, it is only a stupid game, after all.
  6. This Game Needs War Or Special Events!!

    Relief troops are only for defense when a member of your alliance is attacked, not for attacks. So, the number of troops they have in their WS has no bearing on their attack and your donating to them will not be impeded, and they will receive a notice that you donated troops to them after their attack is over.
  7. This Game Needs War Or Special Events!!

    Well, just because chemistry is one of the subjects I teach it doesn't mean that I partake of it's products, especially hallucinogens, a fairly useless pursuit nowadays if you ask me. So thnx for the concern. And if you are going to take something that was offered in a humorous way as serious, then let's forget about bears and trees, and Santa, and deal with the real meaning of things: So, Merry early Christmas, Denis, to you and all of yours! May your tree have lots of crowns on it.
  8. seems there is a new loop hole on MM

    The devs, have not done anything, and I repeat, ANYTHING, to change the state of the game in many months. Nothing has changed here in a long time. All we are seeing is the fallout from the last patches they gave us that were designed to attract more noobs to stay longer in the game, Since there are more players in the game, there are more options for them in MM and therefore many of us are not getting attacked as often as we used to be. There is no 15-45 minute window for revenges, you can be revenged as soon as you go offline with still the same probability of getting attacked by someone new as before. The reason we are not seeing as many attacks on the types of castles that we used to see get hit all the time, is that there are more players in MM than before, so there are more options for attackers to hit. That is why now sometimes we can go for hours offline before we are attacked and also why it is easier to revenge at higher levels, that is the only thing that has changed. No thanks to the devs for that.
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    What's a mirror?
  10. profile picture

    Dude, you got nothing to worry about, my avatar is so obviously much better looking than yours, that there is no way they would ever mistake your paltry appearance for mine.

    The more the game is rigged, the more fun it is! Good to see you, @SpelerWeetIkHoeveel, I hope you are still having fun and the best to you and yours for the Holidays
  12. seems there is a new loop hole on MM

    If you only would, but yet you keep bringing up the same things over and over and over again, and you have yet to give a reasonable answer to the previous questions. Just let it rest, dude. Enjoy it, or walk away, it's all good, no life defining thing involved, this is only a stupid game, that is all.
  13. seems there is a new loop hole on MM

    Why? Are hoping to find a conversation that wouldn't overtax your intellectual capacity? Oh no, thinking is not at all what they are engaged in. Now answer a few of my questions. If you are not having fun playing a game, why continue playing it? And if you are having fun playing it, why then keep complaining? Especially, since it is obvious the devs are not going to do anything about it. Or, is it that complaining is the fun you are looking for to get from the game?
  14. seems there is a new loop hole on MM

    Before we start fixing problems, though, we need to make sure we have enough whiskey not to end up in a fix.
  15. This Game Needs War Or Special Events!!

    And yet here is the proof positive of the fact. Oh ye of little faith, who seeing will not see, you either accept the scientific proof, or live on with your primitive superstitions. Get with the times, dude, this is not the Dark Middle Ages, we have Modern Science now.