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    Happy Patty's Day to all!!! I'm working at the pub all day, just stopped by to leave ya some rebel music. If the bar you walk into pours a pint less fine than this, walk out. Oh, and guys, don't drink and drive, because you could hit a bump in the road and spill your drink.
  2. Nick Name Change CastleSiege game

    Login to with the same MS account you use for the game and go to Profile>Change Gamertag, the first change is free of charge, so make sure it is exactl;y what you want before hitting that 'accept' button.

    I just watched that replay and your foot troops took out the towers in the West corner of the dome and then one of your rams broke through the one of the gates and exposed the inner wall before you activated Conrad. What I find more surprising is that you only got 1* in an attack on a layout that you can very easily get 2* and 3* from. Oh, and I'll have a Triple IPA and a shot of tequila.
  4. You can revenge on the last 5 attacks on you that aren't revenges on you (have red fists next to them).
  5. Conrad is not active, does not work

    Are you sure those 'walls' weren't gates? Here's one with plenty of what looks like walls:
  6. Saludos, si quieres cambiar de emperador, sigue estas instrucciones: Para enviar un PM (mensaje personal), haga clic en el sobre blanco en la parte superior derecha de esta página. Buena suerte.
  7. Image result for Animated Hello ThereHow you doing?

    1. Scythian Fury

      Scythian Fury

      I'm good, just busy IRL and lso with alliance business, I'm emping 3 right now


    2. SeaPetals


      That will sure keep you hoping [lol]

  8. Conrad is not active, does not work

    Some folks prefer not to help themselves by learning new things, it's easier to complain about things they don't know.
  9. saludos

    Translation: Does anyone know if there is any failure? The game does not load
  10. Probably what happened is that when you tried to revenge but someone beat you to it and you got the "player online' message during the attack, then when you checked by visiting the attack ended and the PT had begun. Also, a player can change their name through, but it doesn't offer any protection from revenges.
  11. Smashdown on the forum?

    Explain it to him in terms of Pushkin, now that is real poetry.
  12. This game is to hard of a learning curve

    You may find some useful info here: And what @POORFELLERand @nightwarrior690 said is absolutely true, you need to find a good teaching alliance to help you learn the game:
  13. Troops will choose what the AI considers the shortest path to a target, so sometimes they will attack a wrong object on the way. But, just spawning the troops and expecting them to go for their preferred targets only works at lower ages where there are less distractions for them, once you get to higher ages the castles you attack are more developed, so you need to develop your skills at directing troops to continue to stay competitive in this game, because the difficulty level rises as your Power Level does. Also, sometimes you need to re-direct the troops to the target you want them to attack and different troops respond differently when you do that. For example, RoMs are better if you point them in the direction of the target you want for them, so that they will set that target on fire and move on to the next one, where if you point them directly to the target they will stay there until it is destroyed. As far as your troops getting killed while you direct them, that is why we use certain troops that have more health than others, such as champions and TKs, as 'meatshields' to draw the fire to them while you direct your other troops. The key to successful attacks is in knowing how to use different unit types in combinations and while there may not be some thread dedicated strictly to this subject, it is definitely discussed in length on many threads, if you would take the time to look for them. The Wiki also has lots of good info on how to better use your troops, here's the link to it: You can find other info here: But, the most important thing that helps in learning to play is belonging to a good teaching alliance where you can learn to play from more experienced players and while I'm on that subject, I noticed that the emperor of your alliance hasn't logged in in over 2 months, so you need to make a decision, either find a better alliance to join or change the emperor where you are, here is the info on how to do that: Good luck and happy sieging!
  14. Are You Looking for an Alliance? Post Here

    Same here, have some Vietnamese players who could benefit from being in a good alliance where they could communicate. Please PM me.
  15. Players who are perpetually online

    Click on the little white envelope at the tops right of this page and address a PM to @Baroness Von Panda, but I would do so only if you have definitive proof of someone using a device, because there are plenty of legitimate ways to stay online for the 8 hours that you are allowed before you become vulnerable to attack and the better player know how to do that to protect their crowns. You might also look at other threads on this forum with similar complaints, it is a very common subject of some players who are frustrated with not being able to revenge on someone.