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  1. Scythian Fury

    Music.........New & Old.......Part 2 :-)

    These are the Central Asian descendants of the Scythians and are still called the Saka (Saccae): And some Mongolian Throat Singing: And a couple of Cossack tunes as we ride off into the sunset.
  2. Scythian Fury

    Thank You - to players

    If this is really TH risen from the grave then this is not only the end of the game, it is the end of the world!!!! Hmm...I wonder if it's too late to get perma-banned from this forum?
  3. Scythian Fury

    AoE:CS Poetry Corner

    So...the AOE:CS forum is shutting down today, 2 days before my 3 year anniversary of playing CS. In the last 3 years I had a lot of fun in this game, made a lot of friends (and a few enemies), built 30+ alliances (8 of them joined my Coalition of Deadpool Alliances (CODA)) and personally led 2 of them into the Top 200. In retrospect, one thing I did not do was rush to max out as fast as I could and then get totally burned out, jaded and bitter about the lack of development in the game. Instead, I played it for fun and hope to still continue doing so until the MM servers finally shut down in May 2019. This has definitely been a fun ride and what made it even more fun is the community of players on this forum, I wish you all the best in life and the coming New Year. SIEGE ON, Y'ALL!!!! Game over... We Sieged, we played, we had some fun, We laughed, we cried, we even trolled. But now the race is finally run, The whole tale's finally told. Let Conrad rest and ramrush no more, No new taunts from Martell, No Archergeddon to bypass the walls, No ringing of the victory bell. All that remains of deeds once done A memory of glories that once were, A few good friends that once had fun And never once got bored. As for the rest, there's not much to say, It's like dust that shall be swept beneath a rug, This game is over, it has been much, much fun to play, Mortician, pull the plug!!!
  4. Scythian Fury

    Castle Siege Memes

    I like the musical version:
  5. Scythian Fury

    It takes a village

    At least it wasn't on a Friday.
  6. Scythian Fury

    It takes a village

    I was actually contemplating getting myself permanently banned from the forum before the announcement came down, just so that I wouldn't get outdone by a drunken puppet. Though, one of the few consolations for me is beating out the puppet in reputation for the year (and that's even before he got himself perma-banned). So, technically, if you don't count the Wulfie and Chuggs numbers (VCMs have an unfair natural advantage), I had the #1 spot for the year. Yay me!!! BTW, how is this list evaluated? I can't see the filter being used.
  7. Some moron attacked one of my alts 3 times in 6 days and only won once. I revved him once already and the rest are still open, so I'm looking forward to educating this fool about messing with a Cossack.
  8. Scythian Fury

    can not view castle at this time ?????

    When When a new update happens, those who got the update cannot access the castles of those who haven't, and vice verse. Also, the updates take time to propagate through all the MS stores around the world, so it takes time for everyone to be playing the same updated version, until then you won't be able to visit and/or revenge some of the players who don't have the same version of the game you do. So, just wait 1-2 days for everyone to update and then you should be able to rev the *** out of them like before, but the replays/retries from before the update will all be greyed out, so don't freak out about that, that's how the updates work. Hope this helps.
  9. Scythian Fury

    new alliance

    Some useful advice on this thread for new alliance emperors: Hope it helps
  10. Another thing to consider is also the electronic interference in the whole system and how many steps/relays the signal has to go through in order for a command to be activated in the game. There is a simple rule in engineering--the more moving parts there are (more steps the signal has to go through) the more chances there are of things going wrong and the interference can be very minor, from a badly shielded microwave oven to a refrigerator sharing the same AC line as the device you're playing on. Also, for many of us the signal has to get relayed through satellite networks and solar/stellar wind activity can influence those transmissions very easily. So, yeah, considering how many things could go wrong, it is pretty amazing that so many thing actually go right with this game. Something else to consider for those who play on devices with HD touchscreens is that the pixels on the screen are very tiny and that makes it much harder to execute commands in the exactly same manner every time, because very minor differences in triggering the command can translate into very large differences in the device's execution of those commands.
  11. Scythian Fury

    About 100 days

    It's a quote from the Three Stooges' Curly.
  12. Scythian Fury

    Important decision

    My old stand-by for 3-5 hour final exams in college was mini-Snickers. The sugar gives you an immediate boost and the peanuts kick in with a more lasting effect after the sugar buzz wears off.
  13. Scythian Fury

    About 100 days

    Yes, contrary to all the prophecies of doom you may have seen on this forum, the game is still alive. There are still plenty of new players joining up and forming new alliances. The only thing that has changed is the devs haven't done a lick to develop the game further. Also, most of the old time whiners have finally had the good sense to move on with their lives and let the rest of us enjoy the game for the game's sake.
  14. Scythian Fury

    my castle

    Welcome to the game and the forum. Check out the Discussion section of the forum, lots of useful information there to help you with your game. This is one of them:
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