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  1. Scythian Fury

    About 100 days

    It's a quote from the Three Stooges' Curly.
  2. Scythian Fury

    Important decision

    My old stand-by for 3-5 hour final exams in college was mini-Snickers. The sugar gives you an immediate boost and the peanuts kick in with a more lasting effect after the sugar buzz wears off.
  3. Scythian Fury

    About 100 days

    Yes, contrary to all the prophecies of doom you may have seen on this forum, the game is still alive. There are still plenty of new players joining up and forming new alliances. The only thing that has changed is the devs haven't done a lick to develop the game further. Also, most of the old time whiners have finally had the good sense to move on with their lives and let the rest of us enjoy the game for the game's sake.
  4. Scythian Fury

    my castle

    Welcome to the game and the forum. Check out the Discussion section of the forum, lots of useful information there to help you with your game. This is one of them:
  5. Scythian Fury

    Relief Force

    Actually, I know that she is the emperor and was subtly trying to suggest that she needs to start weeding out non-actively participating members of her alliance. If some one is in an alliance and contributes nothing, what is the use of having them there? One of the ways I got most of the players in my alliances donating RF steadily without anyone having to ask was by posting an announcement that from now on I only donate to those who donate and those who donate will never need to ask for troops, I also encouraged my lords to do the same and eventually booted all the players that only asked for RF without donating and never responding in Chat. Anytime a new player shows up and asks for RF we tell them that all they have to do is donate to others before they ask and they will be taken care of. It has worked very well in all our alliances.
  6. Scythian Fury

    Alter Account

    If you cannot log back in with the E-mail originally associated with the account, you can ask Xbox Support to associated your account with a more current E-mail, then use that to log in.
  7. Scythian Fury

    Relief Force

    Sounds like you need to find a more active alliance where there are plenty of other players donating RF without having to be asked. In too many alliances there is very little communication between players and most of what you see in chat is RF requests, so find one where there is active chat and players take care of one another.
  8. Scythian Fury

    Happy Anniversary!!!!

    There's a bug in my soup, could you please pass it on, thanks!
  9. Scythian Fury

    Crown Award Fairness

    Matchmaking works by power level and not crown count, or age of keep. So, if you are finding them in MM, or they are finding you, that means you are fairly evenly matched as far as your overall power level is concerned, so you are not being penalized at all. As far as the crown count difference is concerned, I'm sure you are not complaining about it when you attack someone with more crowns than you, so.... How does matchmaker work? Why am I being matched against people with way more crowns than me? The factors that contribute to who you get matched against are your “power level”, which is based on the upgrades you’ve purchased both for units and buildings, and the number of people close to your power level who are currently available to be attacked. Keep in mind that not all Age IV players are much weaker than those in Age V. An Age IV player that only has his keep left to upgrade and an Age V player who has only upgraded his keep are effectively the same power, and we account for this. In addition, the game presents a range of potential targets; enemy castles that are more or less powerful than you can be potential matchmaking targets. This gives players an opportunity to challenge themselves or to go after a weaker player. We scale potential resources with this as well: attacking a stronger player nets you more potential resources while attacking a weaker opponent means less potential resources to raid. Because making matches is highly dependent on the number of players available to match to, there will never be a system that is "balanced" all the time. The total pool of people who can be matched against is changing all the time so the way matchmaking feels, subjectively, changes as people enter and leave different levels. It also changes based on the number of people with peace treaties. Higher level players also tend to be more active and also get longer peace treaties. Ever person under a peace treaty is removed from the match pool so each player's pool of potential matches is fluctuating constantly. Since the launch of the game, we have never taken your crown count into consideration when matching you with opponents. However, as you climb the leaderboard, matchmaker starts to skew things toward people with similar crown counts. We keep you "logged in" for a few minutes after you log off, so that intermittent loss of internet connection due to bad cellular or wireless connections won't immediately open you up to attack. What are power levels? Where can I find out what mine is? Your castle's power level is the sum of the power of its offense and defense. It does not correspond with your crowns, your castle's age nor your siege results. You can raise your power level by upgrading buildings, walls, defenses and troops. You cannot lower your power level. Each building you build/upgrade and each troop you upgrade irreversibly adds a little bit to your overall power level. We do not know how much each building/upgrade attributes to your power level. The game does not disclose your castle's power level to you. You have no way of finding out your power level on your own. However, you can tell other people's castle power levels because the loot in the chest you recieve when you destroy a keep is calculated based on your opponent castle's power level: Calculations for normal chest: Power level = (Amount of food - 25) / 60 Power level = (Amount of wood - 25) / 60 Power level = (Amount of stones - 15) / 30 Power level = (Amount of gold coins - 1) Power level = (Amount of pennants) / (1 + Reward Chest Bonus) Calculations for jackpot chest: Power level = (Amount of food - 75) / 180 Power level = (Amount of wood - 75) / 180 Power level = (Amount of stones - 45) / 90 Power level = (Amount of gold coins - 3) / 3 Power level = (Amount of pennants) / (3 + 3 * Reward Chest Bonus) Example: If you smashed the castle of your enemy and got 1525 Food in the chest, his power level is 25. Some players have made the effort to collect these values for an assortment of players. Your castle might already be in the lookup sheet found here: AoE CS PowerLevel lookup sheet Why is my castle being attacked by someone 1, 2, or even more ages more than me? How do I overcome this? Again, matchmaking is based on the power level of your castle, not on the age of your castle. So it could well be that a highly upgraded Age 7 castle has the same power level as a barely upgraded Age 9 castle. If this starts happening to you, consider it time to age up. Because with every other upgrade to your castle in your current age, you risk only make it worse. If you do not like being matched against higher ages, then do not upgrade everything before you age up. Consider not upgrading troops and heroes that you do not use. Caveat for lower age players with many crowns: There used to be a loophole where low age players (often done in Age 5) could stop upgrading and grind enough crowns to grow to such a number that they'd appear on the top 200 leaderboard. (One guy, Cavalry Cat , reached first place this way.) Due to the high player population in lower ages, it is very rare to get attacked. And because high age players could not attack low age players, those grinding low age players were essentially immune to ever losing crowns. To constrain this a new rule was introduced. Basically for each age there is an unknown crown cap, that once exceeded opens your castle up to attack from higher age players. The "Cleverly Cat Flag" you can buy as an honor item in game is also a reference to Cavalry Cat's clever strategy. Should you find yourself falling under the "Cav Cat rule," aging up your castle will get you rid of those high age bullies. I seem stuck at this number of crowns, I can't find more, what's happening? If you do a constant number of attacks per day, you'll gradually gain crowns at an increasingly slower pace, and after some time you'll reach what is known as a 'glass ceiling'. Your castle has a power level, and matchmaking is based on it. Because crown rewarding is based on a levelling system of diminishing returns, this means that each power level has a distribution of crowns. And as you gain more crowns and approach the top crown numbers for your power level, you'll find it increasingly hard to gain more crowns. To find more crowns, you must therefore either increase your attack frequency, or move up in power level (or both). You will directly find out that you've moved up a bracket in power level once you encounter castles (whether in defense or offense log) with such high numbers of crowns you never saw before. A way to assess your crown growing potential is perusing your defense log. As long as there are many players in there with many more crowns than you, you've still got headroom to grow crowns at your current power level.
  10. Scythian Fury

    It's almost Saturday afternoon/night

    Methinks you got a bad puppet infection on the brain, a shot of penicillin might cure it. Before we had Conrad mania there was the Charlemagne rampage, and before that I don't remember who everyone was complaining about being OP but there was a bunch of them. So, everything else got nerfed except for Conrad, but if they nerf him, then some other attack will become prominent and overused, and once they nerf that and the ones that rise to the top after that, at some point we are going to be playing SimCity--no attacks, because everything has been nerfed to the max and now is useless for attacking. I hate the fact that most of my defenses are against Conrad and 20 rams but the state of the game is what it is and not going to change anytime soon. Deal with it, or find something else more productive to do with your life. Endlessly whining about the same things over and over again does absolutely nothing, and no one is paying attention to it anymore.
  11. Scythian Fury

    Emperor Change Request

    @Baroness Von Panda
  12. Scythian Fury

    Find new players

    Look in Leaderboards, that's your league and any players without alliance names below theirs are free to invite.
  13. Scythian Fury

    Anecdote of the day

    Q: How many real men does it take to *** in a light bulb? A None, real men are not afraid of the dark. Q: What does a stripper do with her a**hole before going to work? A: Drops him off at band practice. Q: What does lawyer and a housefly have in common? A: They both try to *** you after you're dead.
  14. Scythian Fury

    bug installed by high level players

    Those are far and few between, most of them have already made up their minds and just want to spew venom at any one who even tries to be reasonable with them.
  15. Scythian Fury


    Ok, which one of these are you?