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  1. BatArrow007

    What happened to the United India alliance ?

    FYI, I have just started playing after some 3 months though I dont know for how long I will be playing this game
  2. BatArrow007


    Winrich used his ability in first attempt never used winrich like this, that's awesome one Thanks a lot for this, this is the one I'm not good at
  3. Was lucky today but not that lucky to be 1st
  4. BatArrow007


    Here you go @Wulf & Dove Sorry if I placed it at wrong place Live battle with Conrad+Joan here just one change in army composition I usually go with 1 KT but i accidentally trained LB. Though I dindt did any editing in video as @lilanthe "THE CONTENT CREATOR" does so you may get bored initially but after that it will go smooth. So here you go. . . Remember this is easiest castle for this combo you may had some troubles on other castle I will give some more video too. Untill then just hang on to this. Though there are some players who do that easier than me too
  5. Repeat this again with growth in both, Really very excited to see 15k at the end of the league from you. BTW 16k would be awesome for sure
  6. Gamer tag: BatArrow007 Alliance: United India 1,2,3,4,5,6 Alt account: BatArrow07 Alliance: United India 5 Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.
  7. BatArrow007


    I have seen some players using too many rams with Conrad only to destroy the keep, this is wasting only 4-5 rams are enough with level 4 Conrad & atleast level 6 ram, use other rams to destroy the towers and go for flam, crossbow and bellista towers first. don't put watch signal out side ur keep as I have seen some players putting at the outer most corner to hide that but it is wasting because WS will not be active until any troops go near there spawn area. keep ur guard house on attacking mode and petrol point on defensive mode, as GH will create another troops after few min. use atleast 1 TK(Tuetonic knights in petrol point inside the keep area, this will strengthen ur base. Put ROM in GH and atleast on 1 of the petrol point, as ROM will directly attack to siege weapons and without them it is difficult to destroy the keep.
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