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  1. Plasticcaz

    Big Forums Changes Next Week!

    I'm hoping we could be sure Microsoft is okay with that, and won't send them a cease and desist. I don't expect Microsoft to support it, but it is walking a very fine line at the very least.
  2. Plasticcaz

    Big Forums Changes Next Week!

    I'm down for nachos any time.
  3. Plasticcaz

    A Few Suggestions and Desires

    An Australian and/or Maori mythology would be pretty sweet, but you do know they are distinct people right? They are not really related in culture. As for Jewish, Christian, and Islam, A) These viewpoints still exist today in the mainstream, it would be unwise for MS to risk offense. These religions talk about "one God" which doesn't lend itself to the Age of Mythology gameplay. C) Christianity and Islam are really more from the Middle Ages, whereas AOM is set more in the classical era. That said, I would welcome the idea of creating a few extra civs. Especially an Australian Aboriginal and/or Maori civ, I don't know much about either's mythology, but I do know that Australian Mythology is pretty cool.
  4. Plasticcaz


    Most likely locked to steam name. It's using Steam's multiplayer thing like AOK:HD.
  5. Plasticcaz

    Leave Aoeo live

    Sounds expensive for MS to do. They shut down development on AOEO because it was expensive, and they were not going to get enough back.
  6. Plasticcaz

    Free Content

    I'd guess it probably depends on how well the game does. AOEII:HD appears to have been a pretty good success judging by the fact they are still pouring development time into the game. Development time is expensive.
  7. Plasticcaz

    Age of Mythology: Extended Edition

    Here's the trailer on Youtube: (It's just the gamespot trailer with a little extra at the end.) So do we have a new Alfred the Alpaca cheat?
  8. Plasticcaz


    LucasArts owns the rights to Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds, not Microsoft. LucasArts got shut down. So perhaps Disney does now? (Through the Lucasarts brand) EA has exclusive Star Wars game rights, so do they own it now? I don't know...5
  9. Plasticcaz

    April Wololo Wednesday

    "Okay, whose bright idea was it to put the water so close together?"
  10. Plasticcaz

    Age of Mythology: Extended Edition

    Looks interesting... EDIT: One thing I want to ask, is: Are we going to have the option to have a grid-based hotkey system? Personally, I find that easier to learn.
  11. Plasticcaz

    April Fools

    Haha! I love it! I almost want to hear some Alfred taunts!
  12. Plasticcaz

    What do you think about the Byzantine Empire?

    That's pretty interesting!
  13. Plasticcaz

    Age of Mythology: Extended Edition

    What in the name of...
  14. Plasticcaz

    What do you think about the Byzantine Empire?

    The Byzantines certainly are an interesting empire. They held back some evils from the west for a while, and outlasted the Western Roman Empire by a thousand years. I know they have their roots in the Roman Empire (Constantine was the Roman Emperor, and moved the capital to Constantinople), but I kind of consider them to be more Greek, as they are around that area. I guess you could consider them Roman-Greek, as they definately were part of Rome, and the real continuation of Rome as the West weakened and the city of Rome fell.
  15. Plasticcaz


    Yeah, they really need to fix the forum. Half the time it eats my post, and I give up.
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