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  1. I hope East has a nice birthday!
  2. There are only a few of us who log in these days, but we do have room for about 9 others if anyone wants to look us up and say hi.
  3. Andy P

    So on my age 10 alt account

    Reinstalled it on my new PC. I've had a couple matches in the last couple of days, and starting to get the bug back. It's been a long time.
  4. Andy P

    So on my age 10 alt account

    Because mommy and daddy don't love each other anymore.
  5. One more time for good measure.
  6. Andy P

    Random Ideas for Age... XV

    You are still active here? I need to login more often.
  7. I am waiting for that new content SGI is working on.
  8. Total lack of transparency. That's garbage. This brand can do better.
  9. I've been sleeping. Still no public announcement that they've stopped development, correct? And certainly no announcement about new content, I take it? And has there been a public announcement about shutting down?
  10. Andy P


    Nope. When they shut AoEO down, they announced the cessation of development about 18 months prior and gave us maybe 6 months of notice when they were pulling the plug.
  11. Andy P

    Never has the game been worse

    Is there new content?
  12. Andy P

    History that's close to my heart.

    I think it is safe to say that everyone here wants the best for everyone else. Even eastpuppet.
  13. Andy P

    History that's close to my heart.

    I mean, if we are just going to airdrop entire works onto each other and call that discussion, I suppose I’ll have to step up my game.
  14. Andy P

    History that's close to my heart.

    That’s an awful lot of words. I skimmed. I assume you are saying that there’s lots of different versions of the Bible and inconsistencies too numerous to untangle? and that’s before we even try to translate those versions into English. Before we even get to typos and intentional additions/subtractions, the original texts were written without putting spaces between the words. We can’t completely translate ancient Greek into English. The languages have unique things that don’t cross over.