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  1. Andy P

    Never has the game been worse

    Is there new content?
  2. Andy P

    History that's close to my heart.

    I think it is safe to say that everyone here wants the best for everyone else. Even eastpuppet.
  3. Andy P

    History that's close to my heart.

    I mean, if we are just going to airdrop entire works onto each other and call that discussion, I suppose I’ll have to step up my game.
  4. Andy P

    History that's close to my heart.

    That’s an awful lot of words. I skimmed. I assume you are saying that there’s lots of different versions of the Bible and inconsistencies too numerous to untangle? and that’s before we even try to translate those versions into English. Before we even get to typos and intentional additions/subtractions, the original texts were written without putting spaces between the words. We can’t completely translate ancient Greek into English. The languages have unique things that don’t cross over.
  5. Andy P

    TERRORDOME Gate trick

    I think this is in the faq?
  6. They changed their position on physical autoclicking? Link?
  7. East, you are still hunting crowns? I realized it’s been like a full 2 years since I have been pushing hard
  8. Andy P

    Plans for new units?

    We are going to die here.
  9. Andy P

    SURPRISE !!!

    Somebody woke me up to come here. Is there a new patch coming?
  10. Andy P

    What happened to this game?

    DE turned out to be exactly as advertised: a 1997 video game with a fresh coat of paint. It’s like the video game equivalent of a remastered extended edition Titanic director’s cut. I mean, I guess so, but I’ve seen this movie before.
  11. Andy P

    What happened to this game?

    Minor correction: AoE4 is coming, but there’s been no announcement as to when.
  12. Andy P

    Just Asking

    I heard they just added a feature where a giant statue of dariakus shows up in your castle if you don’t log in for 24 months.
  13. Andy P

    Just Asking

    I’m sure they removed it to make room for a huge new update with tons of similar features.
  14. Andy P

    Castle Siege History

    Our boy Dave is back! Or maybe you never left And it was just me