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  1. I love it. I found a corner keep and used Martel to one star it.
  2. Andy P

    Happy Anniversary!!!!

    Let’s celebrate by letting Joan convert wall troops again. It’s been about 3 years and 11 months since she could.
  3. My secret connections are why PM remains atop the leaderboard today.
  4. Andy P

    In Memory of The Treasure we lost....

    Thanks. That’s very sad.
  5. Andy P

    In Memory of The Treasure we lost....

    We lost tankdriver?
  6. I always assumed much of the business strategy was to mess around with the low stakes mobile market to try something new while waving the AoE flag keeping the brand warm until they were ready to push again in the PC RTS market. CS made some money and killed time between AoEO and the next round of games. It carried AoE far enough and is now put out to pasture. Along the way it accidentally created this community. Not sure MS really thinks much of us, though I suppose it’s benign neglect that they leave the light on for us.
  7. No way one patch killed the game. But that’s just my own speculation. I figure they stopped spending money developing because they observed that the vast majority of players leave the game before Age X and they couldn’t justify the expense of additional content. That runs counter to the observations of us diehard players and our friends, but that could be because of self selection bias.
  8. Maybe I will make some new ones someday.
  9. Andy P

    How to play 2 or more campaigns

    How do I create multiple castles? Creating an alt account is very easy, at least on a PC. Follow these steps: 1. Go to (probably any email account would work, but @musictopia2 suggested hotmail & hotmail is now outlook.) 2. Choose to create new account 3. Follow all the steps on the screen to create the new account (including deciding on your password) 4. After account is completed, go to the Xbox account 5. go to settings and log off on your old account. 6. open up castle siege 7. it should ask you for the account or choose a new account. Choose new account and enter the name including email address you chose for the account and password 8. After a while, it will create a username for you. Decide to either change that name or keep the name chosen. If it asks for password again, choose to sign in separately It may ask for permission which you have to accept. At this point, your new account will be created and you start with the tutorial again. If you want to switch, then log off your new account on the xbox and then when you open castle siege, both accounts will appear and choose which account you want to use. ************ Here is some advice from @ksslive on how to add an account to Xbox
  10. I know. That half-baked age 10 was really weird. (That patch turns two-years-old next month, by the way.) And then they sprinkled in the Battle Chests and Smashdown Battles in early 2017 only to just leave us hanging forevermore. It was not done very well. Not classy. They ghosted us. After a while of waiting for them to come back, I just kinda walked out the back door, too.
  11. Andy P

    How to play 2 or more campaigns

    use a different device or create a different user profile on your existing device.
  12. Hi Wulf. Hope you are doing well, too. After I finally allowed the AoECS winds to leave my sails and resign myself that there won't be any more updates, I moved back to other AoE games. I still log in every once in a while, but unless lightning strikes and there is more content, I just don't know I will be able to find the energy to chase crowns. The game was magical back when we were anticipating new content and sprinting to unlock it, but all things must pass. Too bad it just kinda ended like this. It seemed like it would have been straightforward enough to keep pushing out new levels for buildings and units every few months or so, even if they didn't bother with additional artwork and stuff. But for whatever reason, they didn't.
  13. I sincerely believe that there will no future patches. I have certainly seen no evidence to suggest otherwise.
  14. Andy P

    You Make This Game Suck

    This is awesome. I love every beautiful word.