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  1. Just Asking

    I heard they just added a feature where a giant statue of dariakus shows up in your castle if you don’t log in for 24 months.
  2. Just Asking

    I’m sure they removed it to make room for a huge new update with tons of similar features.
  3. Castle Siege History

    Our boy Dave is back! Or maybe you never left And it was just me
  4. Wait, being hunted down in your own alliance by hidden trolls is something most people haven't experienced?
  5. I’m still around. I can never leave. @G12es d, @rhrmn, @MasterMindCXXXV, @Ragnar mm33 @skh812, @Stone & Bone and @ghettoplaya
  6. This Game Needs War Or Special Events!!

    They haven’t released a patch with a single upgrade in 26 months. What kind of news on the state of the game are you waiting for?
  7. Crowns ar far from worthless. To some, they have the street value of pure cocaine. Edit: that was a typo, but I'm leaving it in. Some kind of cosmic Freudian pun.
  8. Farewell to Robeyone!

    Courage? That exact theory was a trope around here when Emp announced need she was leaving.
  9. I dunno. They've never flipped the game upside down and really shown us how the pieces work under the hood. But we know some math though trial and error. 1. Form theory. 2. Test theory. 3. Publish conclusions on forum with screenshots and equations. 4. Ask for feedback. Congratulations. You have now arrived at the truth. It will remain the truth until proven wrong. Works every time.
  10. Farewell to Robeyone!

    Plot twist: Empress Phasma left her job at SGI all those months ago to become the lead MS producer hiding in the shadows.
  11. Patch Notes - 1.25 - Tuesday 7 Nov

    I daresay this may have been Panda's first patch. That looks wonky. Here's 2017.
  12. I want new castle

    Glad to know that FAQ is getting some use.
  13. Patch Notes - 1.25 - Tuesday 7 Nov

    Don't start ripping out the feeding tubes, but a pulse has been detected.
  14. I love that former Developer snark.
  15. AOE Definitive Edition

    I don't think it's was ever as simple as moving the AoECS people to AoEDE. Both can be slow to release things without upsetting the universal order of things. But it's totally true that AoE is spread very wide and possibly a little thin these days. That's a good thing, by the way. But, yeah, communication is pretty weak, particularly here. It's like dad left for a pack of smokes and never came back.