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  1. Andy P

    A goodbye.

    Take care, Clyder!
  2. Andy P

    A Thank You From SGI

    What a sad end to the forum. Thanks, everyone!
  3. Andy P

    Join 20+ alliances on Discord

    It’s so sad to see the life boats circling to pick up passengers. I hope I’ll see you all in another AoE game Soon.
  4. Andy P

    Community Changes

    Empress was lying to us! She just liked us because they paid her to. The horror! The outrage!
  5. Andy P

    Moat in action

    Yes, you guys never had a chance to consider a moat. That must be it.
  6. Hey @Kicho, @Bloodborne, @Scythian Fury, @POORFELLER, @Dudeist Priest, @recycle ar, and @InflamedNut2, you've got a month to get yourselves up to the top rungs of the all time standings. It's embarrassing that we have so many ghosts so high on the rankings. If you were ever going to carry this community on your shoulders, now is your time, so help us god. Let's see how many active accounts we can get on the Top 10 before the ship sinks. Do this community a solid and help us finish on top. If you hold up your end of the deal, I promise @SpelerWeetIkHoeveel will hang out with us again for a few precious weeks. Or at least until we all decide where to meet again.
  7. Andy P

    Festival Tree

    Mod edit: don’t be nasty to our Panda. She’s not making decisions to pull the plug. She’s just the messenger.
  8. Andy P

    Festival Tree

    You need to be a little more pushy at the office. I have a nerd closet of AoE holy relics.
  9. Andy P

    Festival Tree

    Panda, you need a T-shirt. Sometimes AoE swag is all that we have at the end.
  10. Andy P

    Free Gold!

    Saying this game is pay to win is only partly right. You also have to sell your sanity.
  11. Andy P

    It takes a village

    But there is so much to talk about, such as the confirmation of no more content and our impending death.
  12. Those alliance wars ideas were wonderful. I always wondered though whether the Devs ever anticipated or even knew the degree of diplomacy and metastrategies the competitive alliances ended up bringing into the game. As an example, I think PM had something like 14 or so alliances at one point. That was like 600+ players in an organization. My god, we were chatting 24 hours a day, rotating around to visit and gladhand each other and our allies. Holding a run to the top took a lot of manpower. And that’s before any of us even began to actually siege a castle. Weirdly deep game. And the game itself didn’t even support any of these necessary communication mechanics. This was pre-discord, so we were using Facebook messenger. And Nexting for an hour to find a match is such an enormous insult, it’s amazing anyone even cares to try. The alliance race becomes less about finding 49 great players and more about finding any 49 people who are willing to torture themselves for two weeks. Addicts being rewarded for going on a reckless two-week bender with other addicts. And of course if you pull it out at the end, you don’t even get a statue for posterity. If you are lucky, you get a screenshot. I hope the alliance leaderboard travels with us to AoE4. It didn’t matter whether we were sieging or playing tic tac toe, it was just flat out fun to compete in this game against other teams. And man, did we make some great friends.
  13. AoE is 20-years-old and doing great. AoE4 is in development, as are several other titles. They just are shuttering AoECS. It’s sad, but that’s the reality of games as services. It feels rotten, for sure.
  14. Andy P

    CS coming to an end. Was it something I said?

    You can't give gold away to other players. It's never been possible.
  15. Andy P

    CS coming to an end. Was it something I said?

    God bless you. Warms my heart to see someone still leveling up.
  16. Andy P

    Community Changes

    Dear SGI, can you do us a solid and track down Empress and tell her to log in sometime before we sink to the bottom of the ocean? She promised us she'd be back. We will never forget.
  17. Andy P

    The last Goodbye

    Oh my sweet, summer child. They aren't going to announce the closure on one day and second guess it the next day. The game is sentenced hanging by the neck until dead. Nothing is going to change that.
  18. I found this old tapestry. Those post-dariakus days really were dark. They starved us out.
  19. I have nothing to say about this topic whatsoever.
  20. Andy P

    What other games are like...

    There are many Age of Empires games out there.
  21. Andy P

    The last Goodbye

    Just promise us that before you shut off the lights and escort everyone to the parking lot, you punch Rurik and Charlemagne a few times in the nose. I never liked those underachieving clowns, and they really brought down the mood in the locker room.
  22. We are still PM. We just ran out of gas. After a while, we just couldn’t keep caring about a game its own developers stopped caring about. I don’t mean that to sound harsh or entitled. It’s just that part of the sales pitch was more content and part of the fandom was being there when the new content hit. Take away that hope and the bottom falls out a bit. The only advantage we had was that every night, Microsoft would give us all tons of crowns so we stayed in first place for months and months. I never understood how that was cheating.
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