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  1. cam44

    Water guide

    Just stick to maps that only have a little bit of water ... like Great Plains. Ship 2 Caravel 1st card to control 2 ponds for water eco = gg
  2. cam44

    Hot Keys

    Hey beaster - you up for some nilla 3v3 tonight!?!?
  3. cam44

    Opri boxing

    Exactly -- you need 1 hawt cav archer in the middle ... for some reason all the opri's then clump to sniff him
  4. cam44


    Stupid comment..... so you are saying LET people cheat because it will lower the amount of people online if they are banned?? That rationality is ridiculous. I have known a lot of people who QUIT the game because of the numerous cheats on ESO. So how many more do you think there are that I didnt know? Why would you defend people who cheat? Of course they are not going to play them again but other people shouldnt be subjected to cheating in the future because nothing was done about that player. Wtf brah you mad?show me when i say let ppl cheat because it will lower the amount of ppl? Omg open your eyes and think before posting!Buy a freakin brain and read again my comment lolol lol
  5. cam44


    *cough* *cough* I don't think all of the above names are able to log on to ESO any longer ... but I am not sure
  6. cam44


    With respect to a few posts lately about known cheaters ... I recently submitted a complaint/ticket WITH evidence regarding a 'cheater' -- someone who broke one of the rules. Althought the response I received from MS moderators only stated that "the matter was solved", I was given no indication what if anything was done ... (this is their policy that they don't discuss this -- apparently even to the person that has made the complaint). This does not mean that they did not take action -- they simply do not update you with what the action taken was ... These things aren't discussed so none of us really know BUT it seems that (without giving specific information here regarding recent events) if you can provide solid proof of the cheating the cheater will be banned.
  7. cam44


    I don't know what was done about it. the response I got only says that they take each complaint seriously, etc.. -- it doesn't say exactly what was done at all (if anything) ...
  8. So the original thread started by Gear was locked ... that's odd but anyways, par for the course I suppose around here. In that thread DeepR3d aka DeepRed_GB_Eire ADMITS THAT HE POINT TRADES -- see here'>'>'>'>'> THIS IS THE RESPONSE I GOT SO NOTHING WAS DONE ABOUT IT??? Your request (#Reporting a known Point Trader) has been updated with the comments below and marked as "solved". If the issue has been resolved to your satisfaction, no further action is required. If you do need further assistance, please directly reply to this email. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BarbarossaBlade, Mar 31 14:46: Thank you for contacting Age of Empires Support. We keep reports of individuals who violate the online gaming policy, employ disingenuous methods to refrain from taking a loss or gain an unfair advantage over players, or harass others. If it appears these individuals are causing frequent issues, action will be taken against them. We do log every report and take cheating seriously. Additional Information regarding the online gaming policy can be found at the following website: Regards, BarbarossaBlade Microsoft Studios Community Support -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- cam, Mar 29 04:08: Ticket Submitted By: Cam Game Account Name: Cam44 Product ID: Issue Content: "Jason" has 2 accounts I know of: Deepr3d DeepRed_GB_Eire He ADMITS to point trading in THIS thread on age forums:'>'>'>'>'> You will see that this is exactly what he did.
  9. cam44


    I would suggest all AOE3 players move to Cuckoo's site I can understand people that remain here that were re-directed from AOEO or play AOE2 ... but for people that play AOE3 these forums have been deserted and actually destroyed by the moderators themselves.
  10. cam44

    My 1000th Win

    Loser? You can make cav wid me anytime, hero
  11. cam44

    early market

    For British it goes like this (Great Plains is nice because you usually get 50 gold with the beaver(s)) 300w start, Manor and Market up asap, manage for gold for Hunting dogs 200w 100g start, Market up, at 125 gold (with beavers) trade 125G for wood, Get Manor up, mine 50g more for Hunting Dogs 200w ... if you have the gold from beavers its worth it to go Manor, then market, then HD ... on a map without any gold, just go 2 manors ... imo it is ALWAYS worth it to go early market with British (even more so than France since you will have more wood left over than France w starting crates) ...
  12. cam44

    Name for my smurf account

    <removed by mod> have done well together Pixel - do you play nilla? Is your eso PixelPanda??
  13. cam44

    Any way to get unbanned?

    Well at my age the bumper cars and STDs aren't as much fun anymore Ya Canada is nice ... about 15 minutes out of Maine you can hardly hear any gun shots ... After that it's peace and quiet ...
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