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  1. Game Still crashing

    Unbelievable! First season fully recovered from the last screwup. I wish someone would sue somebody for all the money lost playing this game. It would be a huge class action suit.
  2. Crashing after 1.25 Update

    Let's also not pretend to feel all warm and fuzzy about a colossal ***-up by the developers that is costing a lot of us real money.
  3. Crashing after 1.25 Update

    Love this... "This is a most unprofessional way to conduct a business that brings in a lot of money for Microsoft. Where are your values and respect for your customers. Totally unacceptable." Gamertag: OutrunClover650 Just lost 250 crowns and 162 gold when the game crashed 1 minute into my attack. 7 day peace treaty please. If I am not refunded for the entire amount of gold wasted this season trying to win my league I will not be back.
  4. Crashing after 1.25 Update

    I hope a lot of people lose their jobs over this. Completely unacceptable that it wasn't tested sufficiently, and for Windows 10 no less!! Completely agree. And Microsoft continues to take our money without a problem. We've already lost 2 of our best alliance members because of this and I'm about to be the third. There's absolutely no reason they couldn't have rolled back to the prior version until they DID THEIR JOBS and solved for the crash.