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  1. Sentientmage263

    Update from Smoking Gun Interactive

    Myself, the game of intrigue is in completing the objectives and its internal gold collection. As a maxed out castle, there are only the occasional runs for the achievements that remain, as well as recruiting, keeping alliance members happy with troops in their patrol points or embassy guards - whatever. So it is like a board game now. Play from the beginning and see the dramatic improvements over your first time through....
  2. Sentientmage263

    Update from Smoking Gun Interactive

    Still enjoying the investment I have in the Castle Siege version.
  3. Sentientmage263

    How many apples you put on ,next '

    There is always a waiting period for an occasional PT in the first week of league. But come SMASHDOWN time I maybe next a handful of times. Trying to focus on what objectives alliance and I fulfilling. Then, when desperately tempted I habitually next 20-25, but 50+ when league is coming to an end and I'm looking for the right siege before going back to work later that day! It is a bunch of Apples but clicking on the farms usually recovers them to max again.
  4. Gamer and forum name SentientMage263 Alliance: WRY:WeRockYou Home: Minnesota, USA Active in game, objective and wonder completion, recruiting, feeding active members patrols and always considering M&A offers!
  5. Sentientmage263

    List of suggestions

    Interesting theory, but the logic is already actuated in the program. We wait. We see. We Siege On! One of the reasons I want to finish all the objectives before I commit to a drastic attempt at re-emporer-ing the alliance I'm in. From there it will be following in many others footsteps - retracing through alt. accts. defeating the mistakes I made the first time around. Especially by buying my way to the top of the Keep race. How come you think the devs moved on?!… Too many of us wanted to see what we could see and we saw a blizzard of rev attacks that stunted our growth. Good dev scheme. Keep'em playing by handing out gold like pop corn. Then they'll chase regal stuff that has no meaning to adorn their battle fields and play some more! I like the game the way it is. It is the alliance that concerns me. The mentality it takes to continue playing is simply daunting for its compromise of mission versus gratification. See you in another alliance. SM@^#
  6. Sentientmage263

    Random Ideas for Age... XV

    I want one too! A must have for the maxed out dude!
  7. Sentientmage263


    It's time for the movie for this game. e.g. 'Serenity' for Firefly series. Oooh, Aaaah! That would shtake the devs for more work and play!
  8. Sentientmage263

    How long are you playing ?

    Gads, I'm sorry... That's Septerrer43's whose now infamous TerrorDome I love to hate to love to hate to … Sorry Scythian. Although champion of the cotu is cool too! I'm striving for the dark side like Luke.
  9. Sentientmage263

    Watch Tower

    Re-jig the layout as often as needed. Defense works best for surviving a league season. But going after layouts you are not familiar with can train you on how to strengthen your own defense. Losing only counts if your counting crowns. Experience is what builds a seiger.
  10. Sentientmage263

    Anecdote of the day

    I battled on my 666th day. It was brutal - It was also Friday the 13th. Not thinking and drinking, it was like I had never played the before. I didn't win against anyone whether a planned Revenge or in MM, primarily using a ConRam while aiming for too many ballistas. *** Wonder II: Expansion Finally, I took on a Kievan Rus in MM, of whose banners I needed to bolster. Using Martel and another hero(seek and ye shall find) - I've had ill luck with Martel by not fully utilizing him or the constituent hero enough for the potential distract they may provide each other) I went after a lesser castle and beat one for the first time in I don't know how long. Practice makes perfect. It was fun again. But the right day makes it all worthwhile. Not funny just anecdotal.
  11. Sentientmage263

    How long are you playing ?

    H ello world: Day 666 on July 13th was not a good Friday here. I punished myself winning small and hard battles. Still dropped to 100th in league from 88th. Booyah! Now I've risen simply not playing and being attacked. Gotta love the TerrorDome! Thanks ScythianFury ?SP? SentientMage263
  12. Sentientmage263

    List of suggestions

    I win enough gold to hoard as it is. Even when I lose I know when to say no to gold from ads. Let us just keep dreaming up new ways to use AOE:CS as the whipping boy for whatever comes up next in the gaming sequence.
  13. Sentientmage263


    Thanks for the invite. I am not ready yet. I enjoy the game but I have too many objectives to finish. Being an Emporer (It is good to be king) over even a few players is better while developing my own skills being maxed out on everything but objectives. SentientMage263 You can check the log. No lie, I have a long way on wonders to go. But adding just one active player to the amount I do would double the wonder munch business. I will keep my eye on ALMIGHTY FORCE However long it takes. When personal objective are complete. Another rookie (alt acct) may choose to join. But emporer is still too much fun.
  14. Was this a one time event? Did they leave the alliance after the donation? An emporer can kick-out miscreants like this... But it sound like a rather creative form of spying. Your alliance is stuck with the donated troops. You can only manage so much as an emporer. But every player can report them on their own screen! Good Luck
  15. Sentientmage263


    NO!?! a gold sale!!!