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  1. Sentientmage263

    Final Thank You

    Thank you Panda You were a steady force To reconnoiter with Indelible and indominable Fair and forceful Sheesh better stop before my lexicon burns up Thanks for the memories one and all It was truly worth the ride. never attaining any topped out lists it was the curious and the learning that was worth it all. What skills did we attain here Social, political, or religious norms weren't of any portent Just the camaraderie of good times take care and find the time to drop the hints of battles to come development to occur and improvements over the existing in the temporal end SM263
  2. Sentientmage263

    Community Changes

    She Emporer'd me! The AndyP I don't recall. I know he was too busy dealing out hashes to you ol' boys club members.
  3. Sentientmage263

    Moat in action

    NOOOOOooooo….. …… It's too late! At least in da FORUM! There's only one, To turn off the lights. the Panda is too fair To create such an element To thwart the discussion On what would come next. RAMS with bridging abilities? Siege On, as it were To the near end
  4. NOOOOOOOoooooooooo………!
  5. Sentientmage263

    Some final useless opinions

    10-4 see you in the match or revenge. ssssSsssiiiiieeeeggggeeee ON!
  6. Sentientmage263

    App Keeps Freezing & Restarting

    I noticed it in android. Presumed it was our tweeting POTUS.
  7. Sentientmage263

    Sale! Last chance!

    I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a Hamburger today!
  8. Sentientmage263

    Castle Siege Memes

    Over an dOubt~
  9. Sentientmage263


    Good Night, Over and Out. The Sound of Silence SentientMage263
  10. Sentientmage263

    A Thank You From SGI

    It was a fulfilling ride. W two objectives left on my primary account now I get my first recruit in 5 months. I thank Phasma for my emporer-ship(after reading the forum for HTTs). I thank the devs for balancing out their acts of Godmode for the balance between PT and revenge of revenges. I thank all the battlers that made it excruciatingly difficult to learn this game that was supposed to be fun. I am just now getting my second wind and realizing it's the final breath. OMG when will this game become mine?!?!? SM263
  11. Sentientmage263

    How to go from #1 money game to *** plan

    Wha Ho TF! did you pull this out of your A. It's the end. The end is near. I have a new Age IV in the alliance. HTF do I pull him through to the end? I'm enjoying demolition time w/ Rams & Mangonels by abusing Martel & Conrad in concerto. Taking crowns and pennants. All this to fulfill my last two objectives. Attacks and Defenses. +51 SM263
  12. Sentientmage263

    Amputating the Nose to Spite the Face!

    are there alternative news group locations to bolster the alliance and league play?
  13. Sentientmage263

    Community Changes

    But reasonable.
  14. You'll just have to continue earning it the good old fashioned way. EARN IT!!..!…!....!..... BVP? Thanks for the memories! SentientMage 263
  15. Sentientmage263

    Refund failed

    As things look on refunds - It's a Microsoft Store Issue. & maybe a G20 meet n greet, and tariff hold for 90 days! Good luck! It will be slow going to the far west I suppose. SM263
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