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  1. Sentientmage263

    We have half a year !!!

    Right. Fight what? Each other? That was what the game taught us. Party like it's 1999 er 2019!
  2. Sentientmage263

    ANNOUNCEMENT: Castle Siege Sunset & Refunds

    All that gold does not glitter castle siege gone i'm bitter gold earned is gold gone i'll take it in bitcoin
  3. Sentientmage263

    Age XI

    And I'm only 3 beers in! Could be the weekend from ??
  4. Sentientmage263

    Music.........New & Old.......Part 2 :-)

    I had to listen to the whole Master of Reality album. It'd been 20 years since I last had the old Sony PS1200 operational. Now I have way too much time on computers to spend with the sound of vinyl. God I miss it... Please keep this kind of thread going it is too cool...
  5. Sentientmage263

    Age XI

    What?!? I want Conrad neutered! All his rams - with only three working wheels - to do the "turning circles disease," CWD(chronic wasted disease) dance on my castles! Thereby, missing all targeted objects you designate them and remain head wall bangers, on the walls for troops to take what they will, if they can.
  6. Go get them steppe tigers! It's a sound treatment for heathens like that!
  7. Sentientmage263

    Emperor Change Request

    I saw your lowly emporer situation. I reported him via bad layout. Not sure that will do anything. Report by email up top to Baroness Von Panda directly. She is back today from vacation. Good Luck. SentientMage263 Good looking Alliance = AOE ITALIA = Siege On!
  8. Sentientmage263

    Share your success in the Leagues here

    Now the Champion League, quite a disaster. winning crowns not so good. Started at bottom 10% and it looks like I'll end it in last place. But for finishing off another Civilization in Achievement/Objectives and within 5 of finishing off my own Civ. I'll take the sacrifices. A lot of high crown crushers taking out my terror dome most creatively. So, I modified the T-dome to let anyone party in it to the end of the season.
  9. Sentientmage263

    Share your success in the Leagues here

    Hey first league placement in this half of the year 3rd. Considering I started 9th and bottomed out to 22nd - I'm a campy happer!
  10. Sentientmage263

    Battle for the No. 1 Spot..

    Kraken Khum is on my todo list. Got only 2 crowns on his decent from the top and that is from a lone raider attack..
  11. Sentientmage263

    I want the stars of the one who was No. 1

    Perhaps a wish list could be added? It's been months since actually opening a purple chest. Then, this week, finally a purple chest (OPENED! It was loaded with: Gold - always helpful, resources of little use and pennants of no use. All I wanted were garden accessories, A golden bear, an eagle or a lion. Troops are partied out from all the refreshment stands, All the dead troops are buried and gone, from partying, The fountains are filled with blood from all the revenging, For after all I wished for were peaceful gardens. SM263
  12. Sentientmage263

    Fan of the No.1 Player

    Will checking Feeding Angle frequently for proper inspiration.
  13. Sentientmage263

    Update from Smoking Gun Interactive

    Myself, the game of intrigue is in completing the objectives and its internal gold collection. As a maxed out castle, there are only the occasional runs for the achievements that remain, as well as recruiting, keeping alliance members happy with troops in their patrol points or embassy guards - whatever. So it is like a board game now. Play from the beginning and see the dramatic improvements over your first time through....
  14. Sentientmage263

    Update from Smoking Gun Interactive

    Still enjoying the investment I have in the Castle Siege version.
  15. Sentientmage263

    How many apples you put on ,next '

    There is always a waiting period for an occasional PT in the first week of league. But come SMASHDOWN time I maybe next a handful of times. Trying to focus on what objectives alliance and I fulfilling. Then, when desperately tempted I habitually next 20-25, but 50+ when league is coming to an end and I'm looking for the right siege before going back to work later that day! It is a bunch of Apples but clicking on the farms usually recovers them to max again.