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    "Runnin' Down A Dream".
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    Gaming, landscaping, Bully Breed dogs,Harley Davidsons, Friends, Fishing, Classic Rock, R&B, Traveling, and exploring life's adventures!

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  2. img_0553.jpg?w=584&key=860e24a5603f8cab1Well is it.........................Microsoft?  SmokingGun?

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  4. Goodnight All! Sweet Dreams!

  5. This new patch is a pain in my A**![angry]

  6. Hi HippyHoot,  you know I miss you women.  You were a lot of fun for HC, say hello once in awhile.

    1. HippyHootAKA13


      Hey. SeaPetals! I hope you are well and the Alliance is in a winning way! I am doing great! Down by the sea & living a simple good life! Take care!

  7. Hope you are doing well in the New year!

    1. Jasonx


      Unfortunatelly im not!

      My mom broke the lag... my computer works only on security mode, i cant play or open nothing, i ca run zero applications on my pc.

      Sry for late answer!! Have a nice weekend!!


    2. HippyHootAKA13


      Oh, Jason, I am so sorry!  [omg] I guess you have a lot to deal with. I hope things get better soon!  [love]

    3. Jasonx
  8. Hi, Jasonx, I am back & have missed you and the Forum very much !    [lol]

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    2. Jasonx


      Leave your alliance ;) 

    3. HippyHootAKA13


      Sorry screwed up ! [omg][scared]   IT IS : HippyHootAKA13

    4. Jasonx


      Hahaha so much alters and acc's make us a little confused sometimes [lol]  :P 

      Im waiting you leave your alliance... cus you are imperor... After you leave i can send a request for you ;) 

  9. Love your new profile pic!

    1. Jasonx


      Cheers and thanks for ->  @Wulf & Dove  [wub]


    2. Wicked Wulf

      Wicked Wulf

      Ahhh I knew you wanted one badly and you also love cats......was no big trouble lol........hugs

  10. Glad to see you again... I was missing you [wub]  :wub:

    See my orofile photo background @Wulf & Dove change for me [blush]



    Welcome Back
    Resultado de imagem para welcome back minions gif


  11. Hi... How are you? Long time ago i dont see you online ingame or on forum... 

    Hugs ;) [wub]

  12. Sadly iOS HAS NO INPUT AS YET.

    aaWill refer to @joe2plus not appearing here :((((

  13. Energy reserves, source please..

  14. ScoobyDoo, where are you?

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