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  1. Jasonx

    Post Funny Videos :3

    Just remember cute kitties....
  2. Hope you are doing well in the New year!

    1. Jasonx


      Unfortunatelly im not!

      My mom broke the lag... my computer works only on security mode, i cant play or open nothing, i ca run zero applications on my pc.

      Sry for late answer!! Have a nice weekend!!


    2. HippyHootAKA13


      Oh, Jason, I am so sorry!  [omg] I guess you have a lot to deal with. I hope things get better soon!  [love]

    3. Jasonx
  3. Jasonx

    Post Funny Videos :3

    The dog have VIP acces, and want to watch the orchestra too ofc...
  4. Jasonx


    I take some pics when i travel to Gramado... this city is near to me 1 hour with Bus... some minutes if you use Uber
  5. Hugs bro!! Hope you end studies and come to play a bit with us some day ;) 

  6. Jasonx


    I need only GOLD STATUES not gold...
  7. Jasonx

    Animated Short Films

  8. Jasonx

    Music.........New & Old.......Part 2 :-)

    New video wulfy... watch when you have time
  9. Jasonx

    Some amazing castles

    Ty for visit yourself We are really happy now
  10. Jasonx

    Music.........New & Old.......Part 2 :-)

    Just for remind.....
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