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    Então deve estar acontecendo algum tipo de erro de rede, especialmente na sua casa, mais provável algum malware ou firewall não detectado pelo teu anti-vírus, em muitos dos casos, o próprio anti-virus ativo no seu computador cria conflito de IP com o seu roteador ou provedor de internet (nesse caso a sua operadora da internet, pode estar com algum erro de rede, isso acontece raramente). Se o problema persistir tente chamar algum técnico de informatica especializado em problemas de software, espero ter ajudado. Tenha um bom jogo!
  2. Post Funny Videos :3

    The dog have VIP acces, and want to watch the orchestra too ofc...
  3. Battle Chests 4 Months Later...

    Welcome to my club... im on same situation...
  4. Ultimate Game Sale - Including Gold!

    Very ty @Baroness Von Panda
  5. Do you remember when..........

    I remember the time when i has done battles 100%ed with charles martel and charles magne now its only a dream... Cavalry rush not exists anymore
  6. Do you remember when..........

    Because nothing what i say can change anything... And yes cus read is bored
  7. Do you remember when..........

    I remember when i was newbie here.... and before i begins to play aoe cs, i had time to eat
  8. Landscapes

    I take some pics when i travel to Gramado... this city is near to me 1 hour with Bus... some minutes if you use Uber
  9. Place your bets

    One time ago one ppl say for me... "girls not pay bets..." I cannot mentionate the name cus i promise keep it on secret. If she lose the bet, i hope she deposit this money on your Bank acc Hehehehe good luck for both of you Wulfy and Andy!!! But i doubt wulf lose some bet she is so much "smart"... Rofl Lets go explain what bet you all do pls.
  10. Missed Opportunity, by a Long Time!

    And added some option for copy and paste the chat on google translate too... You forgot this point
  11. Hugs bro!! Hope you end studies and come to play a bit with us some day ;)