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  2. Hope you are doing well in the New year!

    1. Jasonx


      Unfortunatelly im not!

      My mom broke the lag... my computer works only on security mode, i cant play or open nothing, i ca run zero applications on my pc.

      Sry for late answer!! Have a nice weekend!!


    2. HippyHootAKA13


      Oh, Jason, I am so sorry!  [omg] I guess you have a lot to deal with. I hope things get better soon!  [love]

    3. Jasonx
  3. Jasonx

    Post Funny Videos :3

    The dog have VIP acces, and want to watch the orchestra too ofc...
  4. Jasonx


    I take some pics when i travel to Gramado... this city is near to me 1 hour with Bus... some minutes if you use Uber
  5. Hugs bro!! Hope you end studies and come to play a bit with us some day ;) 

  6. Jasonx


    I need only GOLD STATUES not gold...
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  8. Jasonx

    Animated Short Films

  9. Jasonx

    Music.........New & Old.......Part 2 :-)

    New video wulfy... watch when you have time
  10. Jasonx

    Some amazing castles

    Ty for visit yourself We are really happy now