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  1. Liars Truce


  2. Liars Truce

    I feel like a robot

    All the talk about MM algorithms.....and all the time that I've been playing I've never seen a player from this forum in MM.....finally, I did a few days ago, but it was too late by the time I realized it.....when you all talk about battling one another all the time... I don't use Conrad
  3. Liars Truce

    I feel like a robot

    Stopping in here, maxed out, once a day just to donate troops... or having a battle that don't amount to a hill of beans just to get East going, is really like playing tennis on a football field...and if I pass East in the MM window, I'm going to give East a sense of nostalgia...I'm gonna take Tariq and Maslama, and I'm gonna make East's blood boil...not only will this revive the consciousness, but it will provide East with a reason to post... but it will give East an excuse to post...
  4. Liars Truce

    Server Maintenance

    Oh Baroness, how you single handedly type to make us ALL believe that we are ALL still here...
  5. Liars Truce

    Liars Truce here!

    I just clobbered the mess outa some of these castles....and I'm gonna clobber the mess outa some more of them later....thanks for verifying.
  6. The game's been around a lot longer than it's been dead...Take care Sept...
  7. Real disappointed I didn't receive a Shout-Out or even Honorable Mention...still upgrading my 2nd to last ballista...stop by and check out the empire, or put on a puppet and get a couple of reactions here...
  8. Liars Truce


    I am looking for them too...I'm just letting the devs do all the work.
  9. Liars Truce

    The Crew

    Just hadn't heard from them in a while...wondering, ha ha Panda, if they were still around:)...
  10. Liars Truce


    Some time ago, a voyage was cast. A very special voyage indeed. Through which I here at headquarters was receiving important messages.....Then, long story short, all contact was lost.................So yesterday I'm collecting shells on the beach when an old bottle washes ashore. It was an S.O.S. and reads as follows:" Mayday!, Mayday! This is the Motley Crew! They've sent us to the wrong year! Rams! Rams! everywhere! (but mostly from East)! It appears as though we've been sent to beginning of noob rammers! Grid coordinates: High level 6, Low level 7. Mayday!, Mayday!".....So in response I immediately dispatched a special team consisting of Tariq, Maslama, Kourkouas, Rurik, and Henry V, with orders to report back to me any word from the crew, however bleak. If I know Captain Wulf, there'll be some news....Upon departing, I gave the special team the special flag to look for:
  11. Might we ask who made the Cav Cat flag?...And what becomes of those of us who did submit?
  12. Liars Truce

    Future Mini Game....Starting at Age 6 for ALL

    SORRY...I tried to get in on the next game...but Ed the Tyrant was on-line and wouldn't let me join...I guess it's because I quit you abbreviated acronyms before...Oh well. I guess I'll do what I always do, which is govern myself within my own golden walls...for myself and by myself...Like I need chat to accomplish something...For I left you at the helm and you wound up at "mutiny on the bounty"...endeavor to persevere; why that's what I always say. But I can see that you guys don't want me in your stupid alliance anymore...So then again, I'll go back to an old philosophy that an old friend of mine, "Beamy Omnivore" once had...It's not who you're with but where you're at.................I played your little game; tardy. And I was present, even though the circumstantial odds were stacked...Now I've read the advertisement for the next game and tried to enlist...but Ed the Tyrant wouldn't suffer the whim...and so I guess an empire knight is what I'll be; thinking of you guys at the hour of three...As the shadows of the forest only distort the leaves, the sun will rise and set, and make you and them believe...The clock on the wall says three years, give or take...I Liars alliance I did make. For poetry is not why I showed. And to my alliance you all are welcome. Request to join is a button we may click, but a candle doesn't burn without a wick...For if this challenge doesn't see me through. I had a castle, and so did you.
  13. Liars Truce

    Missing Reward

    I was in the Motley Crew alliance for a while and took 1st in my league...but I think von Panda is correct...not a full league season. Anyway, I'm in another alliance now and have already made up for the gold that I might have missed.
  14. ((((((((((Liars Truce))))))))))  miss you dude.

  15. Truce Serum here! A little late but that's ok