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  1. AOE Definitive Edition is released today. How do I do it?
  2. OK

    Miss Hawn is even hotter in that movie with the blind guy...
  3. Archers not shooting over walls

    I wonder if in the natural design of the keep, that the single road tile attached to it counts as a tile. Therefor not allowing the Great Bowman to strike it, being that their abilities are to shoot over only a single tile...Do you know of any instances where a player has been successful with this?...
  4. Favorite Hero Combos

  5. who is Hooll

    Yeah Chuggs!, Thanks for terminating that...keeps Angie at bay...
  6. "Movie Time" talk

    Happy All Hallows Eve siegers!! I know it's a little early, but stranger things have happened...
  7. OK since there are no new things

    Hi East...I was thinking simple side games...such as "drag and drop horseshoes" or say, "swipe archery"...we'd simply click a button on our screens just like the market...maybe call it "Festive Waste of Time"...with leagues and civ wars within these noble games...
  8. "Movie Time" talk

  9. "Movie Time" talk

  10. W1tc/-/ /-/4ven

  11. "Movie Time" talk

  12. "Movie Time" talk

  13. "Movie Time" talk

  14. "Movie Time" talk

    Hey guys! Liars Truce here! "Movie Time" talk! Sure...we all remember literature class...when we were assigned to begin a short story, pass the paper, add fragments, (a paragraph or two) and then have the product read aloud. So for this segment of "Movie Time" talk I will grant us a few days...say Sept. 28-Oct.5. During this time participants will put forth an effort to create a short story via GIF.,,,I will start with one and participants will follow, not by quoting the previous GIF, but simply replying to the topic with another GIF. In 8 day's time we should have a fairly good story...Each participant is not limited to 2 or more GIFS...REMEMBER!!! This is a family show! So keep it classy...and I, Liars Truce shall see you in the end...
  15. W1tc/-/ /-/4ven