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  1. seems there is a new loop hole on MM

    Everyone? Lets not forget the nostalgic benefits that this encounter provides all of us. Calling out a troll just for instant gratification is nothing in regards to what we've all gathered here today. Which is right and which is an illusion...or, witch is right and witch is an illusion...For within every culture on Earth that we've somehow created, there is a Troll that we ourselves have created. And that Troll must feed on something. Is it the game that we play that shows us where we live? Or where we live that shows us the game that we play? For we are all a combined effort to endure here. Outside of here we are few and far between. Throw darts in your rooms, but try not and break the dry-wall: entering into your mom's room, injuring her boyfriend. Because one day he may be us. Explaining to the Daily Beast his experience with Con-ram against ours. I guess what I'd most like to convey here is this. That we are all a part of a small network. And that a trolling motor will only get us so far, so fast. So let us be mindful of ourselves before joining an alliance of ultimate veterans. Of knowing which the term veteran only comes in the end.
  2. This Game Needs War Or Special Events!!

    That's what I meant"When they are under attack?" do they receive troops if they were short on troops or no troops at all, "while they're under attack"?
  3. This Game Needs War Or Special Events!!

    I've got a question...If a person in your alliance is "under attack" and short on relief troops, and one donates that person relief troops while they're under attack, will they receive those troops while they are under attack?
  4. I feel abandoned

    Hey Big Johnny Bang?!Former Heavyweight Champion of the world...Hear the words long written down. For I, Liars Truce, am here to hear them with you. As the highest mountains, with gold filled peaks, cannot replace the time it takes to scale them, the journey in which we lead or follow shall not leave us alone. It is by sheer will, that we shall challenge what is spoken. And what is spoken shall challenge us until the day we pass.
  5. Alliance of the Day

    What is the name of your Alliance? What is the Emperor's name? Alliance Name: EMPIRE KNIGHT, in search type this: {-MPIR{- KNIGHX Emperor's Name: Liars Truce What does your Alliance Shield look like? white with red X What are the requirements to join? any location, any level, any crown count What is the goal of your Alliance? To serve AOE: Castle Siege with the greatest knights What kind of commitment do you expect from your Alliance? To join What makes your Alliance different from other Alliances? Our eternal quest
  6. East's Qrestions of Soritude thread

    Yesterday I Charlamagne'd a guy, and he asked, "What?! Were you raised in a barn?! Haven't you ever heard of the Black Prince?"
  7. East's Qrestions of Soritude thread

    Only with a proper bow drill my friend!, Only with a proper bow drill.
  8. The product of 45 is being Conrammed 9 out of 5 time.........x.....=.............................................%/
  9. Crashing after 1.25 Update

    Experiencing crash. However, do not require peace treaty. Game Tag: Liars Truce
  10. I will not attack you or be ugly with your post.  I understand wanting to share a new thread.  Over $100,000. was taken in my name,  I was sued for items I never purchased,  someone purchased, various places.  The info they had was birth date, where I reside.  I only share this with you for cautious reasons and because I care.  So please do be careful with personal information.  Life is hard,  but being victimized is harder.

    1. Liars Truce

      Liars Truce

      Sorry to hear that Sea...The system in place should've protected you amongst potential victims. I'm certain that if your stated case is legitimate that it shall be noticed and rectified...For the poor state of Mr. Robot holds no candle to alienated humans...Good luck with the bar...Happy Halloween...

    2. SeaPetals



      please view this and you will gain super understanding of how, why , when, where, and who it could be.

  11. Hello Castle Siegers...

    Sounds personal...easy with your isolated attacks...
  12. Hello Castle Siegers...

    Oh, I dunno. When it gets so cold that your puppet's brain freezes, or your counterparts are frozen in block of rolling ice...2 years might draw someone to this fury of voluntary information...Again, if insulted by the intelligence of this thread, STAY OUT!!!...You can view my empire if you'd like...
  13. Hello Castle Siegers...

    Well then, Baroness von "Fury" and the "Zel Hot", don't post here. And let warriors of this game make their own stead...Free spam during the Cold War doesn't mean you've gotta eat it
  14. Hello Castle Siegers...

    Uh...Creative people are not limited to or by this thread. And "a long time ago" is your opinion. I've visited Wulf's thread, and relatively speaking, it was not that long ago. If you'd rather not say where you're from, then don't. But try not and knock my thread anymore, unless it's of grave importance...
  15. To bond this forum, I, Liars Truce, would like to invite, not only members of the forum, but players of this game, to introduce themselves in the most primitive form of civilization..."My name is ______, I might be known in game as_____, I was born of the year_____,I was born in______, I am mostly from _____, I now live in______ . My favorite color might change, so forget about that."....Anyway, I'll start... Forum Name: Liars Truce In Game Name: Liars Truce Real Name: Date of Birth: August 1972 Place of Birth: San Antonio, Texas, U.S.A. Mostly Lived in: Arkansas, U.S.A. Now Live in: Clearwater/ Dunedin, U.SA.