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  1. DeNiSs

    Free East Puppet...

    Strange, but I always thought that this was one person - just when @POORFELLER get drunk like a snowman - he wrote from the name of @east puppet Isn't that right?
  2. DeNiSs


    Hi, Truckdriver! Welcome to the forum! It looks like you're a newbie - if you haven't seen dozens or hundreds of angry posts from ram drivers who were very unhappy with the gate cheat invented by some @Septerror43 We can even assume that it was this that caused such a quick end to this game This is a joke, of course, but - if seriously, there were such players in the game - for example, like me or @east puppet - who could have won at a semi-tribute without heroes, and lost with Conrad. Yes, this requires a certain talent - because losing conram on semi-tribute is not as easy as on dome, but - nothing is impossible
  3. Oh, ok Then may I can ask - have you run out of pictures with.. deserted balls?
  4. DeNiSs

    This Blows!

    Hi, Mike! I wonder what kind of sh*t show are you talking about? Do you really think that @east puppet also will return to the forum, not only Panda?
  5. Nope, I can't believe that this is all the same things. That is, I can believe that @Traders51 - is Truckdriver, or @truckdriver is Robey, but - that Traders - is @Robeyone - is hard for me to believe
  6. Can you clarify - who exactly - Traders or Truckdriver Robey?
  7. Where did you hear that?
  8. I have no idea whats means in a word Rampant, but - If seriously - without argues with @Synthya Furry or another experts - as it was already said in this thread earlier - you can play this game as it is, or not play. Yes, this is exists - even if someone, as usual, claims that this does not exist. The solution for this problem - could be some "shield", the activation of which would allow everyone to play confidently for 8 hours without fear of attack to the castle, but - it has already been said in this thread - that no updates in the game are not expected. Therefore - it can be perceived simply as one more bug - as like Saladin's ability, for example
  9. Do you too thinks that the works of Stephen King is more funny than matchmaking?
  10. DeNiSs

    The season is finished

    Are you talking about your new avatar?
  11. DeNiSs

    How long are you playing ?

    Yep, on LB sometimes you can see just unbelievable
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