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  1. DeNiSs

    Microsoft [Mod edited]

    This post doesn't need to be edited - it must be hidden, and Tarders just banned!
  2. DeNiSs

    I am clueless

  3. Why then did OP make such a face when we had name of alliance "49 Mali's Clowns"?
  4. DeNiSs

    You know what, i dont like liar's

    Then is right - you are just lucky
  5. DeNiSs

    Win 8.1 Problem? See here

    Apparently, this is the same problem, because of which users of Windows 8.1 could not enter the game for 4 days. Now enter the game, as well as in the Windows store, sometimes it turns out. Sometimes - no. This happens every day, on different accounts. I understand that SGI can not solve this problem, but I hope that you could clarify with your partners from MS - whether they continue to support this game
  6. DeNiSs

    Win 8.1 Problem? See here

    Hi @FD.Svensson The case with Windows 8 is hard to call fun But - see - these new emoji work!
  7. DeNiSs

    Win 8.1 Problem? See here

    @Baroness Von Panda Please - could you tell me how I can install this solitaire in order to enter AoE:CS if I can not enter the Windows store also when I can not enter AoE:CS? And I have no idea about solitaire - I wonder - if I can install a pinball, then I can use it to enter in AoE:CS?
  8. DeNiSs

    Win 8.1 Problem? See here

    You know, guys - I can't log into my account every day. So I miss peace treaties or can't help with reinforcements. Sometimes I can't return to the game in half an hour after leaving. However, in a strange way it turns out - in one of the four my accounts I can enter. 'XBox games' app doesn't help me Probably, because I do not have a solitaire. What is this, the cheat program? Please tell me where I can find it - if that makes sense, and really helps with enter the game on Windows 8.1.
  9. DeNiSs

    Forum Maintenance & Possible Downtime

    Have you not noticed that a quarter of the page now is contentless forum statistics?
  10. What do you thinking? Yes, I was forced to edit this quote from Mali - and those words that cause me some doubts - I just deleted. If you are interested, then, here they are:
  11. Nope, it seems you got me mixed up with someone
  12. Wow - that's why they invented this bucket of time! In order to the players could stupidly press the button of revenge all the time Btw, do you really think that he will have the opportunity to see the "scouting screen", click on the white flag, return to his castle and revenge the player from the top 20?
  13. @east puppet Where are you? We're starting to get bored