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  1. Revenge window

    Oh! As a player who has an indirect relationship to the emergence of this alliance name, I want to say that this is just the nickname of the player, whom I kicked several times before Now he returned again, and to somehow raise his morale, I changed the name of the alliance. I do not know whose account it is - when he joined for the first time, I thought it was Mali's account Then I looked at his attacks log - I had doubts and I kicked him out. But he's back! Perhaps this is one of Mali's fans. I don't know In any case - @Baroness Von Panda - if suddenly @mmali386 sends you a report that it is offended by the description of the alliance, then I am always ready to change it Only, please, do not ban this Clown - sometimes it seems to me that this noob can still learn to play In the sense - not the one, but this one - in honor of who we made name of our alliance; and now we are really working very hard, trying to win the Knights league of the alliances
  2. Patch 1.26 - Coming Jan 31st

    That is, you think that they tested all compatible versions of Android and iOS, and did not test only Win8? And because they don't use this version of Windows, players on Win8 have a problem using chat?
  3. Why? And how can we then understand the depth of injustice in revenge? At the moment, the number of rams can be a conditional criterion in this assessment. For example: Yes, probably, it was difficult to "kick" TerrorDoom, having 18 rams And, perhaps, it was also not easy and painful to watch an avenger using only 5 rams - note, it was not 20 rams, but - he gets 20 times more crowns, exploiting the revenge system Where's justice? In short, as the OP said:
  4. Just Asking

    Andy, you got the wrong information. Relatively recently, Bloodborne asked to make a screenshot of his castle. There was no statue of Dariakus - only the statue of Expert Alisson. And it was a statue of ordinary size, not gigantic
  5. Down for Maintenance!

    You can also reinstall the application - just in case
  6. In need of a Terrordome design?

    Hi @Dudeist Priest Welcome back to the forum! While you were gone, a new layout appeared in the game. A fundamentally new one. This is the best of what appeared in the game last year: Before that, only the absence of walls could have stopped Conrad. Then some players began to think about how to stop the ramrush, having a maximized castle. One of them was, for example, Recycle Ar, but - this idea was could realized only by such an old Conrad's friend like Septerror

    Hi @xabiventana92 Can you tell what GT of your young castles? I also have a couple castles of an low ages, and I wouldn't want to miss you in MM
  8. Useless

    I'm sooo sorry, but I can't agree with you Because - what is a T'dome layout? And the flag of a Cleverly cat in the game is not promotion of cheating?
  9. Revenge Glitch???

    You can take revenge on only five players from your defense log.
  10. What's wrong with "Old Puppets" ally? Any ideas?
  11. Conrad deploys but no boost

    Who? Conrad and 10,000 rams? Or someone else? Who exactly?
  12. Conrad deploys but no boost

    And, if I'm not mistaken, there was one more track