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  1. Nope, I can't believe that this is all the same things. That is, I can believe that @Traders51 - is Truckdriver, or @truckdriver is Robey, but - that Traders - is @Robeyone - is hard for me to believe
  2. Can you clarify - who exactly - Traders or Truckdriver Robey?
  3. Where did you hear that?
  4. I have no idea whats means in a word Rampant, but - If seriously - without argues with @Synthya Furry or another experts - as it was already said in this thread earlier - you can play this game as it is, or not play. Yes, this is exists - even if someone, as usual, claims that this does not exist. The solution for this problem - could be some "shield", the activation of which would allow everyone to play confidently for 8 hours without fear of attack to the castle, but - it has already been said in this thread - that no updates in the game are not expected. Therefore - it can be perceived simply as one more bug - as like Saladin's ability, for example
  5. Do you too thinks that the works of Stephen King is more funny than matchmaking?
  6. DeNiSs

    The season is finished

    Are you talking about your new avatar?
  7. DeNiSs

    How long are you playing ?

    Yep, on LB sometimes you can see just unbelievable
  8. DeNiSs


    Hi @Septerror43 I caught one of these guys But... In short, where's my gold!? Btw, did you agree with Panda about the reward for Mali?
  9. DeNiSs

    the puppet apocalypse has come

    Yes, thank you - it would be good, but... somehow boring Let's wait for Saturday night - maybe a drunken Puppet will read this, and respond in such a way that he can be get banned
  10. Hi, Siegers! Almost two months I was not at this forum, and I have not yet had time to get acquainted with the new arguments of the @ScythianFuhrer and his adherents about the "dynamic trends of development" of the AoE CS So I do not know what's going on with this game; but I have a problem with it In my alliance, the Puppet Apocalypse suddenly happened! Yes, I remember how @Traders51 warned me about this danger, but I naively believed that he was just joking And what now? After the Puppets Brothers - East, West, the Clown, and even Crummy - helped me quite well with the building of "advanced scouting" boost (yes, all these guys have real talent in finding traps), @east puppet left the alliance, but - some of his fans stayed. And when I wanted to kick one of them, I mistakenly pressed the wrong button, and now in the alliance that used to be mine - there came the Puppet Apocalypse It's terrible - almost as Conrad did not work. It's nearly impossible to play @Baroness Von Panda , could you show mercy, and give me an endless peace treaty, or at least a warning point to East, who became the cause of this puppet usurpation of power in my alliance?
  11. DeNiSs

    Microsoft [Mod edited]

    This post doesn't need to be edited - it must be hidden, and Tarders just banned!
  12. DeNiSs

    I am clueless

  13. Why then did OP make such a face when we had name of alliance "49 Mali's Clowns"?