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  1. Wanderer

    Beer! Beer! Beer!

    Awesome and it's one of the cheapest special beer in our supermarkets The microbrewerie phenomenon is spreading to France... A local brewer told there were 3 new breweries opening and one closing every weeks... Yet, wheats and mostly hops are still often imported from Czech Republic, Austria, Germany... The local beer, sweet, fruity yet rich in flavors : I also like their more intense "Triple". I also enjoy that belgian trappist :
  2. Wanderer

    *Sound the Alarm Bug Fix*

    Bonjour assiégeants, Nous avons trouvé un bug avec le bonus “Sonner l’alerte” qui pourrait causer un crash du jeu. Afin d’éviter ce crash, nous devons temporairement retirer le bonus. Vous pourriez connaitre des crashs dans les prochaines 48 heures, jusqu’à ce que le bonus ait cessé d’être actif dans tous les empires. Quand vous essaierez d’acheter « Sonner l’alerte », cela n’ajoutera pas le bonus et l’or ne sera pas retiré de votre compte. Ceci sera correctement réglé dans le prochain patch. It's hard to get too close to the original in that last tense... Fix is Italian ?
  3. Wanderer


    When using Joan of Arc make sure that each Guard House and the Watch Signal have triggered by running around with a few scouts, then send her to convert massively when countdowns are over. If the watch signal is too far away use a single Ladder Men squad to run toward it.
  4. Wanderer


    In low ages, place a few infantry units on walls near to your emplacements and watch signal. They will protect it effectively from Ladder Invaders on their wall block and on the two around. In higher ages Grenadiers are effective against cavalry and siege weapons, but they don't stop the Ladder Invaders. Choose the hero combo you want to use in first place, then train an army that best match with it. Display your outside buildings so that, they will extend the white zone surrounding the weakest part of your castle, and slow down the arrival of the enemy forces by this way. The white zone will remain after that the buildings are destroyed.
  5. Wanderer

    Looking for Wonder Donations help

    Alliance name: Liberté (above 45 members already) Emperor: MembreLapin We have already 2 wonders level 1 : Tower of London and Basilica of San Vitale done. We have just started the Kizhi pogost. We will give you a warm welcome, if you come to help us destroy some towers and and to reach the 29M apples needed !
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