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  1. When will this game become like this?

    They made Conrad for kids like that You know... i'd hate to be that moron when his school mates dig up that video
  2. Peaceful place for INTELLIGENT debate

    DUDE... you're messing with the wrong puppet I'll just go ahead and ignore the confusion regarding gender and carry on regardless... Coming right up... No worries... I'll fix that tea up good... a double shot of cheap vodka will do i think It may help for the pain as well!
  3. Peaceful place for INTELLIGENT debate

    You're right.... @Baroness Von Panda totally called me an M&M ....i feel so hurt... isn't that against the CoC or something You cant blame @east puppet for looking so terrified... I'd be just as afraid standing between those two Seriously though... the problem isn't the M&M's its the KitKat and Mars bar that we all know is hidden in the bowl at the bottom but some LAZY FAT KID keeps getting dibs and hauling it out from underneath before the rest of us ever even get to see it!! It's cool if you're the fat kid... but it REALLY SUCKS TO BE THE MARS BAR! And it's the Mars bars that keep the lights on.
  4. Peaceful place for INTELLIGENT debate

    So a little known fact about South Africa... We are home to SAB-Miller the largest brewing company in the world! We also make decent brews over here... none of that Budweiser **** On a smaller scale this is the flagship beer from our local Micro-Brewery (Richmond Hill Brewery). The 'car park John' and no it's not named after a shady dude waiting for a hooker in a parking lot ... It's named after a local surfer who has a reputation for spending more time waiting in the parking lot for the waves to be perfect than what he actually spends in the water. It's definately not the best craft beer you'll find in SA but it's pretty good and I always like supporting local peeps who do what they love. a snippet from their web page Yrrr - have you ever seen a happier looking ou? And how can you not be when you find out you've just had a beer named after you! Local legend John Scheeper has been immortalised by the Beer Shack with their new CarPark John Pale Ale. Shot to local surfer and owner Matt Repton, who says it's brewed in honor of the countless hours that John's put into the surf lineups across the Eastern Cape. Nice one mate! I asked local brewer Niall Cook a few quick questions about the bru's brew. So tell us a bit about Car Park. Car Park John is an American Amber Ale. We were trying to go for a easy drinking beer that has a rich caramel flavour with a burst of tropical aromas, such as passion fruit and guava. We really wanted to make this beer as interesting as possible. Our hope is that Car Park John will help expand the minds of its drinkers (especially PE's locals) to the vast and interesting world of craft beer. John having his first sluk with brewer Niall Cook looking on First round is on me
  5. How is this trebuchet placed on keep?

    It's actually quite easy once you get the hang of it. Much easier if you play on a phone... but we'll get to that later. First put your left leg out in front of your right then put your right arm behind your back. Close one eye and bend over backwards till your hair touches the ground. Stick out your tongue and breathe through your nostrils... You're doing great... Now pick up your device and drag the trebuchet to wherever you want it! Easy peasy right? It is somewhat harder to do the last bit if you play on PC
  6. Peaceful place for INTELLIGENT debate

    Hey this is page 2... my part ended on page 1... It's your time now I love the castle in 'magic land' ... it's so appropriate I think the beer needs to move onto page3 else we may never get it
  7. Perhaps the devs could organise you a nice long PT and send you off to learn some manners and general decency. You were kinda helpful in the random' treb on keep' thread earlier... i thought maybe we were going to see a new sparky after your 2 month sabatical... clearly not Some things never change i guess.
  8. Peaceful place for INTELLIGENT debate

    tnx Chuggs... My age is showing I hid one of these there just for you ... watch out wimpy nerds... Pup is coming for you! Thanks Emp really well said ... pity the devs don't listen so good
  9. So I just couldn't stand posting in a thread called 'the game has never been worse' LOL so i made a new one Just as a prelude... has anybody else noticed the age8 on 9500 crowns busy Conramming his way to the top in spectacular style... LMAO OK, so: 1. @Baroness Von Panda insists that no coding has changed which could be causing a revenge window. Thanks for making this clear, it puts paid to some theories but opens a whole new set 2. I Completely believe her on this point... heck they've made no other changes for so long why bother with this one! 3. A revenge window (or whatever you want to call it) DEFINATELY exists, because lets face it nobody is nexting over the whales for an hour everytime that they log off... if you believe that you're an idiot and are not welcome in a thread for INTELLIGENT debate. It is obvious that these whales are not being SEEN by the playerbase while nexting. 4. The logical conclusion is that the same coding which causes lower ages to not get attacked immediately is now taking effect in the higher ages as well, most likely due to a changing ratio of active vs inactive players in the game or a reduction in the number of maxed out keeps due to the mass ageX exodus and general life cycle of the game... I don't know.. I'm no expert and can only comment on PRACTICAL observations. 5. In the other thread there was mention of an hour but i originally noticed it as about 40 minutes a few months ago which supports the theory that it is some other outside dynamic... and the fact that its now an hour means... It's a trend... and is getting worse. 6. I think it may have a lot to do with there being so many undead like myself clogging ageX MM... I mean I'll probably never go 60 days without logging in so i won't be removed from MM but us Zombies are doing nothing except donating having the odd chat with old mates and i suspect there are more players just like me than ever before! 7. Perhaps reducing the time before zombie removal to 40 days or just making us less likely to come up in MM in favour of having active players come up more often or even going as far as a crown erosion algorithm that slowly removes crowns from inactives and gives them out evenly over the player base once a week... He.ll everything else comes for free to current 'up and coming' players these days in smashdowns, chests, zombie's sitting on TONS of loot and easy revenge with Charles, Conrad and 22 rams on that whale that attacked you last night. 8. If an age8 can find enough high crown players to get to within 1000 crowns of the top of the lb, it is a reflection of how TERRIBLE MM has become for max outs... and that it is probably worthwhile for the devs to revisit the way things work. 9. Considering how little new anything is taking place around here (aside from the new more inventive names well call each other when we don't agree ). I think it's highly unlikely that it is going to be changed anytime soon so we may as well hold on tight . I for one intend on going down with the ship 10. Just to make an even 10... will the trolls please either behave themselves in this thread or else rather just stay UNDER THEIR BRIDGE Actually... second thoughts... I luv you guys... troll away There are chains, sledgehammers, chairs and tables hidden in page 2 of the thread... first one there can call shotgun! and I hear @Wicked Wulf, @Chuggles22, @Andy P, @InflamedNut2 and @AnotherRiddle have all taken some time off so have at it until the Baroness gets back on Monday There is also beer on page 4 for anybody who makes it that far!
  10. Never has the game been worse

    Hi Baroness First off I'm in no way trying to belittle or insult you or anybody on the team BUT... the so called 'revenge window' popped up the day after a ninja server maintenance... (co-incidence... i think not). Now I'm not saying its a conspiracy or a cover-up BUT something you guys did on the server RESULTED in ageX players not entering MM immediately after greyout (server-log out). Co-incidentally the maximum number of crowns a good player can accumulate dropped from 14-15K to about 12.5K at the same time and due to the increase in high crown castles being revenged, the chances of a 1* defence were drastically reduced. Leaderboard players are now revenged in EVERY single defence... It used to be that they NEVER were cos they were attacked from MM within 5-10 seconds of screen greyout meaning it was nearly impossible to catch them in that short window. I truly wish you guys (dev team) had played the game in it's heyday and could understand what we're on about (it wasn't perfect or fair then either but the current state is abysmal by comparison). It must be incredibly difficult for you having arrived at such a later hour and knowing less history and practical nitty-gritty than a lot of us forum Dinosaurs, I sympathize with that, BUT YOU ARE WRONG TO DISMISS THIS ISSUE. It is not simply the ramblings of a drunken puppet and some geriatric old war-veterans who took one too many shell's to the head in the trenches... ITS A REAL THING. I've been playing for a long time now, had a maxed out account for years and one thing was always a certainty. if you had a few crowns you'd get hit minutes after logging off. If you guys didn't change anything directly then some other dynamic or change that was made has had this unintended consequence and as @east puppet has pointed out it is ruining the game and has opened the door to an exploit where you can avoid being attacked (sure it's one that requires the player to have ABSOLUTELY NO LIFE, but it's there). My ageX account is rotting at old Knights.. @AngelicAngieK must have a strong stomach and massive supply of toilet spray to put up with the stench of decaying ageX's The fact that nobody there realises, acknowledges or understands why this is happening is confirmation that the people who actually made the game have long since moved on and that nobody currently on the SGI team has the capacity or experience with THIS game to make any major changes to the game. We can therefore now be 100% certain that there will NEVER be any more new content for the game. I find this really really sad I hope I haven't overstepped any boundaries here and really mean no disrespect. PLEASE give this some real attention at least to the point where you guys can understand/explain why the change has occurred even if you then choose to leave it as it is. Thank You PS I think SGI just put a bounty out on me as well

    You can't 'capture' Zombie's You have to kill us... I have included some useful links on the subject below. Alternatively if you ignore us long enough (about 60 days) we just disappear completely until we randomly re-awakening occasionally. If you are not the DIY type you can always call in the experts to help get the job done

    You will have to ask @Baroness Von Panda that question... it's above my pay grade. But it doesn't matter anyway though cos the patch that the gold and rest of ageX comes in has been indefinately postponed . Double Gold if you CRAMTEL EAST for one star only!! what's that?

    Reward guaranted by @Baroness Von Panda ... It will be credited to your account 'soon' (ie. with the next patch) Expect @Kicho and @Chuggles22 to put up a hard fight. @east puppet is best captured on rainy days when he is partially incapacitated @Smashing Gnat is older than dirt and can easily be captured at 3PM while drinking his tea. I wish you all the best of luck in your nexting and don't forget to share the replay! PS we are still negotiating with the federal government to have rewards put out for @mmali386 and @DeNiSs they seem reluctant though... Their posters will read 'SHOOT ON SIGHT' which apparently takes special approval.

    STRANGERdanielv... appropriate tag Dude there's no use arguing here, can't you see everybody else is already drunk!? I'll have whiskey and water... just a single with ice thanks... no use trying to catch up when you're already late to the party. Going to be driving home soon. @MedianRope8063 @Baroness Von Panda @civilplain... looking a bit wobbly there you ladies want a lift home