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  1. Santa isn't real?? .... I'm devastated!! That's a great idea @Ageman1973! said no Castle Siege developer ever .... LMAO Does this count as a 'pessimisic posting' ? Well the truth hurts don't it.... First rule of Dairy Farming... What you put in determines what you get out... Apparently this is different in the game development industry? Oh.... wait... nope ... It's exactly the same ... dont feed the cow.... eventually the cow dies
  2. Septerror43

    Lets do a Wacky

    Nobody said that was a bad thing.... As a matter of pride... maybe, but for practical purposes... Sooner + More = Better its simple mathematics you should practice your multiples (we are still talking about nexting right?) ------------------------------------------------------------------------- There are new players?
  3. Septerror43

    Lets do a Wacky

    *** yeah!!! Dude has stamina Oh *** no... I still remember the purple spandex debarcle Trust me dude... you don't wanna go there. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- I think the most important and relevant question here is: Will Monkey catch banana?
  4. Hey, in my defence i did say i'd still be lurking... sometimes Still playing one alt too... I think @Wicked Wulf knows which one Just cos its a cool song It dont need to fit... lol
  5. ROFLMAO!!! Captive animals often exhibit strange behaviour due to extreme boredom and lack of social contact... It is often observed among zoo and circus animals... I think SGI qualifies as a circus these days..... soooo..... We may well be seeing this phenomenon here as well. Next thing she will start flinging ***
  6. Hey GK good to see you! Die selfde vir jou. You know @east puppet that may just be the nicest thing you ever said to me ... I should quit more often
  7. Was nice to see you signed on.  Hope to see you continue to sign on.  🎶

  8. [crying] Feel very sad,  wish you would not go.  Wish you did not feel it the way you do.

    "Only Time



  9. Everyday another one disappears.... It's my turn now too... Are you guys still lurking in the shadows or all gone for good? I think i'll keep lurking from time to time and messing around on alt's but it's been a long time since i was a regular poster and figure it's best to say goodbye now before there's nobody left to say it to. Cheers guys and girls... I'll be seeing ya Those who know me a bit better know i love music... so this is the best way i know how "Too many friends, too many people, that i'll never meet. that i'll never be there for" Thanks for all the good times !
  10. Septerror43

    How would you envision Alliance Wars in AOE

    ROFLMAO I never knew @Baroness Von Panda was a blonde I think you're a little inaccurate though... Things at the Castle Siege offices are a little quieter than that these days and the tea and coffee comes in a flask from home
  11. Septerror43

    How would you envision Alliance Wars in AOE

    The rest of the game goes on... Alliance wars are completely separate from normal MM, looting and crown competition. But troop training does not overlap, if you use them in either then they're gone and need to be retrained. That's why it creates EXTRA income. Anyhow, I've said my piece and worked myself up for nothing. I'm happy for what i got and sad for what could have been.
  12. Septerror43

    How would you envision Alliance Wars in AOE

    Ok... so this is an easy one The emperor chooses a 'team' say his top 5, 10 (or even more) players the number based upon how big the alliance is. He then enters MM with his team which is matched with another team which is in MM of similar TOTAL power level. Then we all wait for say 24 hours so we can all set up our castles, suss out the competition ans fill up our watch signals. The signals dont need to be refilled they are filled in the 24h wait and those troops appear for each battle. Then the war begins... anybody can attack anybody on the opposing team across all ages. But only 3 attacks each. so if an age10 attacks a 6 it's a complete waste of his potential and if a 6 attacks a 10 he'll lose so strategy dictates that people will choose suitable opponents from the other team. Most stars won in total wins the war... If playerA gets one star another player can try to do better in order to win a second or third star from that particular castle for their team. Once a castle has lost all 3 stars it cant be attacked anymore. To help even things out between the ages team mates can donate troops to each other for use in attack as well. There can be some standard outposts which give an advantage to the team that controls them... say for eg. siege engines do +25% damage... invulnerability for 20 seconds etc. towers do extra damage, towers have extra hp etc. if a player captures the outpost then it levels up and becomes progressively harder for other team to recapture. Attacks on outpost cost one of your 3 attacks for the war so choose carefully what to go for... the outpost advantage or go for stars. It requires teamwork and organisation to win. You get to set up and save a different layout for wars cos no loot is awarded, its all about winning stars. Losing a battle costs nothing except the use of one of your 3 attacks. Each hero can only be used ONCE per war. Results for MS... Players speed train a lot more troops quickly in order to attack while they hold an outpost (before opposition takes it back) Players speed train a lot more units to donate to team mates for use on attack. Players become far more addicted and play more = use more gold Better player retention Players more likely rush buildings with gold to be ready for a war Players rush to try and max out to become part of the big alliances There's an endless list of advantages actually, and THIS IS THE REASON WHY A FAIRLY CRA.PPY GAME LIKE CoC IS DOMINATING A MUCH BETTER GAME LIKE AOE:CS. AOE released on android far too late and neglected alliance wars... now it has paid the price... it is in maintenance mode while it's opposition makes money... I probably left out a whole bunch of stuff that could be in alliance wars... he.ll i'm not a game developer... i'm a game player... I know what i want from a game, not how to put it there but our devs came up with leagues and battle chests... cheap substitutes which didn't require much work to implement... And the BIGGEST PROBLEM with AOE league system... it requires hours of pitiful NEXTING when we could be battling and potentially speed training armies with gold... I still remember how my alliance at the time (actually 3 of them) was buzzing when they announced leagues. we all thought it would be like alliance wars in other games and when the patch dropped we were so disappointed... everybody felt "wtf is this, whats the point of this"... It couldn't have been 3 months from then that i gave up emperorship and started floating around. It was the same for a lot of us. My old alliance 'South Africa' now has less than 20 active players and 2nd and 3rd are practically non-existent. I don't think there are more than 5 players left who would even know me if i pitched up there now The devs the pooch when they failed to recognise the importance of players loyalty and commitment to their teams as a source of revenue. If they even had a record gold purchases that they could cross reference with the top alliances and their top players then the would realise how most gold spent in the game is spent because of the alliance. Be it to help contribute or to compete with team mates and show off a bit... nobody ever woke up and said "oh, i'm going to buy myself an ageX castle cos it's pretty" It is all to gain a competative advantage... and our devs missed the point. And it's too late now cos the game has crossed the proverbial rubicon and is now in decline... once a boulder starts rolling down the hill there is no stopping it. EPIC FAIL... sorry but that's the truth of it all That said... I'm still here... no idea why sometimes Oh, wait.... It's all you mo.rons that i play the game with Case in point i guess
  13. Septerror43

    When will this game become like this?

    They made Conrad for kids like that You know... i'd hate to be that moron when his school mates dig up that video
  14. Septerror43

    Peaceful place for INTELLIGENT debate

    DUDE... you're messing with the wrong puppet I'll just go ahead and ignore the confusion regarding gender and carry on regardless... Coming right up... No worries... I'll fix that tea up good... a double shot of cheap vodka will do i think It may help for the pain as well!
  15. Septerror43

    Peaceful place for INTELLIGENT debate

    You're right.... @Baroness Von Panda totally called me an M&M ....i feel so hurt... isn't that against the CoC or something You cant blame @east puppet for looking so terrified... I'd be just as afraid standing between those two Seriously though... the problem isn't the M&M's its the KitKat and Mars bar that we all know is hidden in the bowl at the bottom but some LAZY FAT KID keeps getting dibs and hauling it out from underneath before the rest of us ever even get to see it!! It's cool if you're the fat kid... but it REALLY SUCKS TO BE THE MARS BAR! And it's the Mars bars that keep the lights on.