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    At the bitter end... I'll see ya'll there!

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  1. Hey buddy. Well ... not exactly It's just a quick visit, not even coming in for coffee Well... that depends who's offering i guess . I really cant believe that the lights are still on around here... LMAO I genuinely think the devs just forgot to turn them out when they left * sighs
  2. It makes me sad seeing Earl's clinic in this state. I spent months here recovering... Thanks Earl you changed my life! lol I remember when the halls were filled with the screams of crazed fanatics being torn away from PC's and phones at the end of bucket time... There were all sorts of weirdos. We had clowns, puppets, insects, royalty, lawyers, doctors, garbage disposal guys, je.rk kids and old dudes with far too much time, money, really bad motor skills and an unhealthy relationship with Conrad , from all corners of the globe... And the escape attempts... those were the absolute best Can anybody remember who this was? Thanks to the volunteers (in no particular order) who really made this place great @Chuggles22, @Wicked Wulf @Andy P @AnotherRiddle @InflamedNut2
  3. I feel really sorry for housekeeping at CascadeNote6511's Castle They're gna be scrubbing for days to clean up all that ***... For that matter... I'm kinda feeling sorry for the mods too... LOL... hey @Wicked Wulf @Chuggles22.... CLEANUP RAMPART 5 !! ASAP Note to self... it's better to stay AWAY from this forum... LMAO
  4. Septerror43

    Castle Siege Memes

    CS Memes thread.... Whole CS forum for that matter... lol If you listen carefully i think there's still a Panda in there.... somewhere
  5. Uhmmm..... Its a little late but i figure seeing as the puppet probably hasn't even been on here for months... It still counts Happy Birthday pup I'm sorry that they're light's .... AND I'm even more sorry that they're Millers LMAO But it was the biggest cake i could find 4 tiers!!
  6. Santa isn't real?? .... I'm devastated!! That's a great idea @Ageman1973! said no Castle Siege developer ever .... LMAO Does this count as a 'pessimisic posting' ? Well the truth hurts don't it.... First rule of Dairy Farming... What you put in determines what you get out... Apparently this is different in the game development industry? Oh.... wait... nope ... It's exactly the same ... dont feed the cow.... eventually the cow dies
  7. Septerror43

    Lets do a Wacky

    Nobody said that was a bad thing.... As a matter of pride... maybe, but for practical purposes... Sooner + More = Better its simple mathematics you should practice your multiples (we are still talking about nexting right?) ------------------------------------------------------------------------- There are new players?
  8. Septerror43

    Lets do a Wacky

    *** yeah!!! Dude has stamina Oh *** no... I still remember the purple spandex debarcle Trust me dude... you don't wanna go there. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- I think the most important and relevant question here is: Will Monkey catch banana?
  9. Hey, in my defence i did say i'd still be lurking... sometimes Still playing one alt too... I think @Wicked Wulf knows which one Just cos its a cool song It dont need to fit... lol
  10. ROFLMAO!!! Captive animals often exhibit strange behaviour due to extreme boredom and lack of social contact... It is often observed among zoo and circus animals... I think SGI qualifies as a circus these days..... soooo..... We may well be seeing this phenomenon here as well. Next thing she will start flinging ***
  11. Hey GK good to see you! Die selfde vir jou. You know @east puppet that may just be the nicest thing you ever said to me ... I should quit more often
  12. Was nice to see you signed on.  Hope to see you continue to sign on.  🎶

  13. [crying] Feel very sad,  wish you would not go.  Wish you did not feel it the way you do.

    "Only Time



  14. Everyday another one disappears.... It's my turn now too... Are you guys still lurking in the shadows or all gone for good? I think i'll keep lurking from time to time and messing around on alt's but it's been a long time since i was a regular poster and figure it's best to say goodbye now before there's nobody left to say it to. Cheers guys and girls... I'll be seeing ya Those who know me a bit better know i love music... so this is the best way i know how "Too many friends, too many people, that i'll never meet. that i'll never be there for" Thanks for all the good times !