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  1. In need of a Terrordome design?

    You terrordome noobs all built way too many walls --__--
  2. MM Status (Estado Pésimo)

    Does it really matter? The last real patch was Mar 31, 2017. That's 10 months ago. If the devs cant even bother fixing known, problematic bugs in that time (i.e. the impossibly slow chat bug), or add any new material, do you really think they're going to rework match making? The 'only allowing ppl to attack within their own league' thing wont work with today's economy, since progressing in either crowns or resources require that you attack more keeps than you defend against. Top players typically do 6-8 times more attacks than they have defenses, and that wont change even if getting crowns is easier. So if you only allow ppl to attack within a narrow band of crowns, and keep peace treaties as they are, then there simply will never be any keeps in MM. If you get rid of peace treaties so that people can attack more and more keeps, then you're in a similar position to how things were two match making systems ago. Then people could not progress past age 8-ish since the resource requirements for the higher ages were nearly impossible to achieve when you're taking 5-6 def/day. Standardizing things so that all keeps are worth the same amount (based on PL or something like that) would make finding crowns easier, but it would also lead to massive crown inflation since you can win 10-20 attacks/day and only take 1-2 defs. So crowns just keep going up and up and up without end. Most of the other ideas proffered have similar problems, either they will not rework without a massive change the game economy, or they would lead to infinite crown inflation, or they would lead to a system of haves and have-nots. So, unless the devs plan to massively rework the game, we are going to be stuck with a horrible match making system. Note the amount (or lack thereof) of dev work over the last 10 months. Dont bother getting your hopes up, since there wont be any changes.
  3. Patch 1.26 - Coming Jan 31st

    At least the terrordome lasted a few months before they nerfed it. Poor yellow belis was nerfed the day after Jag brought it to the dev's attention
  4. chat problems

    Ah, g2k.
  5. chat problems

    It's a bug. Just restart the app.
  6. Can somebody explain this?

    It's the newest conram defense. It has potential to be better than the terrordome, if ppl can make it backout before Conrad is dropped
  7. the 'TERRORDOME'... :D

    That doesn't work too well on a normal-speed device. You only get a small fraction of a second between placing Conrad and his exit from the tower. Slow-mo players can pull it off sometimes though.
  8. Why Conrad power not work

    Before this layout became popular, the devs stated that Conrad not working if there were no available walls for him to attach to was not a bug and was an intentional choice in the code. Just because you pay money, doesn't mean you know how to play the game or should be able to win every battle, and just because you lost some battles, doesn't mean there is a bug in the code.
  9. Why Conrad power not work

    Devs abandoned this game long ago The devs know there is a problem with Conrad being out of balance, and have known for years. They wont bring Conrad into balance with other heroes because too many people in this game never learned to play without the 'automatic-win' hero and too much of their money is made from poor attackers buying Conrad/Martel over and over again to spam for crowns and leaderboard positions. Stop throwing a temper tantrum just because you paid some money and actually lost a battle. Never in the game were you guaranteed to always win battles just because you paid money. You lost because you never bothered to pay attention to how heroes work and more experienced players were able to exploit your lack of knowledge. That's on you, not on those who bother to learn the game.
  10. hi

  11. seems there is a new loop hole on MM

    You know, you could always do what the rest of us have done, to test your theory. Get your crowns up to 9k, turn your keep into a tribute and then (1) spend a few days always using full BT before logging off followed by (2) spending a few days speed training a few armies, doing a few battles and logging off after about 2 hours. What you'll notice is that under scenario (1) you get attacked within minutes of your BT running out and only revenged about <10% of the time. Under scenario (2) you can log off for an hour or more before getting attacked, and you get revenged >90% of the time. All of us (former) high crowners have seen this behavior over and over again over the last few months - whereas, before one of the most recent patches, how much BT you has left made no difference in the time you were attacked (and the number of revenges). There is no reasonable explanation to it other than a revenge window.
  12. seems there is a new loop hole on MM

    No offense intended, but you haven't seen the change since you are still relatively new to the game and only have a moderate number of crowns (compared to a lot on this forum). The rest of us have at least one, if not more, years of experience maintaining a leaderboard-level keep, are very familiar with how different layouts are impacted by MM, and have experienced previous periods of exodus, such as when everyone was a maxed age 9. We see the changes over the last several months and have a lot larger of a database to compare against. We can compare the speed at which a variety of different layouts at different crown levels are attacked compared to before. The simple fact of the matter is that revenge used to be a very rare and hard-to-accomplish task against a high-crown keep. Then, suddenly, over the period of a week or two, the majority of defenses became revenges. That type of drastic shift does not happen without an outside force. You can deny it all you want, but that doesn't make you correct - and you have yet to explain why your theory is valid in any way.
  13. seems there is a new loop hole on MM

    You know, I looked at the avatar pic, read the above paragraph and wondered why Scy Fury changed his opinion on revenge loops so fast . @Bailey2821, you need a better pic But what Bailey said is correct. The ability to get revenge on just about any target happened as a step function, not as a slow gradual increase in revenge-ability. We began to notice an increase in revenges around the revenge patch. It used to be that tributes didnt last in MM for an hour, even at low crowns. Now, despite tons of conram spammers, a high-crown, high-resource offering tribute can stay offline for an hour or more before being hit. That's a revenge window, not reduced activity. While I think that a revenge window is a good thing, this revenge window is a bit too long - especially if it can be manipulated to keep a high-crown keep out of MM for an entire day. I'd bet that you exploited this loophole to the extreme, then you could keep out of MM for a few days.
  14. I want my revenge

    Nice temper tantrum. He attacked you 4 day, 14 hrs ago and you revenged that attack 3 days 20 hrs ago. He attacked you again 13 hrs ago and you revenged 5 hours ago. Looks like you got in both of your revenges.