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  1. SuatKelem

    In need of a Terrordome design?

    You terrordome noobs all built way too many walls --__--
  2. SuatKelem

    the 'TERRORDOME'... :D

    That doesn't work too well on a normal-speed device. You only get a small fraction of a second between placing Conrad and his exit from the tower. Slow-mo players can pull it off sometimes though.
  3. SuatKelem

    the 'TERRORDOME'... :D

    It will drastically affect the game if it catches on. I've watched many defs in the last few years for all levels of keeps. Most people only know how to conram - and not very well. They're not going to be able to adapt, because they dont know how to play to begin with.
  4. SuatKelem

    the 'TERRORDOME'... :D

    So, let me get this right. People have finally figured out how to defend their castles against a completely overpowered hero - and we cant have people losing any attacks. So if the *** players who only know how to win with Conram complain enough, we'll nerf def again so they can win every battle again?
  5. SuatKelem

    the 'TERRORDOME'... :D

    Dare you to 2* it without having using both of the most powerful heroes in the game. I know I could
  6. SuatKelem

    the 'TERRORDOME'... :D

    come on, dude. you're overthinking it
  7. SuatKelem

    the 'TERRORDOME'... :D

    Not a bug, it's intentional The only sad thing is how long it too us idiots to design a def around this feature.
  8. SuatKelem

    the 'TERRORDOME'... :D

    Conrad needs to dock on a wall, not a gate. So if there are no walls available for him to dock to, he doesn't work. There is an easy work around, but I have no intention of telling you (or anyone on the forum). Luckily, most ram rushers are *** players, and wouldn't be able to manage the work around anyway . I hope this type of layout becomes standard. Will force people to learn the game if they want crowns
  9. SuatKelem

    List of suggestions

    You can do this already
  10. SuatKelem

    List of suggestions

    Oh no. Do you have any idea how insufferable he's going to be in chat now, after all this praise? I've said it a few times, but I think the devs missed a good opportunity with battle chests. Resources mean nothing to me (even on my non-maxed keeps) as I can easily get more in battle than in the chests. The gold is nice, but after a while, you have tons of it and nothing to spend it on. What I'd like to see in chests is the chance to win boost that you could collect and chose when to apply. Some of my suggestions: 25% boost to archer towers for 1 def 50% faster reload rate for trebs/cats for 1 def 30 s shorter battle time for 1 def Reduce hero boost to lv 3 for 1 def 50% fast training time for 1 hour Nexting doesn't require food during 1 nexting session probably something to boost offense, but it's too early to think right now What I'd also like to see is more intra-(or even inter) alliance competition. How about an event or two a week where you compete against your alliance mates for one of the aforementioned boosts). Top guy gets a cool reward, next two get lesser (but still useful) rewards. Stuff like: Highest cumulative win % against keeps using Henry/Rurik (or Charlemagne/Tariq, or Sviatslov/Edward, etc) combo Most archer towers destroyed in 24 hours Highest cumulative win % against keeps using an army combo randomly picked by the game Higher win % against a keep the game picks - using the army/hero combo picked by the game Something like this where the alliance could compete against each other would really help in my alliance. We all love the game and cant quite quit - but we're all slowly retiring too. We might play more (and buy more gold) if we could compete directly against each other.
  11. Gametag: SuatKelem Alliance: Watch Signal Alt: SuatKelems (Riches to Ruins), SuatKelema [ZeRo2PaNiC (2)] Location: SF bay area, California, USA
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