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  1. seems there is a new loop hole on MM

    You know, I looked at the avatar pic, read the above paragraph and wondered why Scy Fury changed his opinion on revenge loops so fast . @Bailey2821, you need a better pic But what Bailey said is correct. The ability to get revenge on just about any target happened as a step function, not as a slow gradual increase in revenge-ability. We began to notice an increase in revenges around the revenge patch. It used to be that tributes didnt last in MM for an hour, even at low crowns. Now, despite tons of conram spammers, a high-crown, high-resource offering tribute can stay offline for an hour or more before being hit. That's a revenge window, not reduced activity. While I think that a revenge window is a good thing, this revenge window is a bit too long - especially if it can be manipulated to keep a high-crown keep out of MM for an entire day. I'd bet that you exploited this loophole to the extreme, then you could keep out of MM for a few days.
  2. I want my revenge

    Nice temper tantrum. He attacked you 4 day, 14 hrs ago and you revenged that attack 3 days 20 hrs ago. He attacked you again 13 hrs ago and you revenged 5 hours ago. Looks like you got in both of your revenges.
  3. The player in question attacked you 3 days 15 hrs ago, and you revenged within a few minutes. He attacked you again 1 day 21 hrs ago and you revenged 6 hours later. He attacked you twice, you revenged twice. Whats strange is that your 'revenge' button is still active (although not working). That seems to be a bug...oh wait....someone attacked you and you couldn't revenge immediately and had to work at it. You got the revenge almost 2 days ago, and now you're coming to the forum to complain that you couldn't get the revenge? f
  4. Have you ever forgotten your heroes?

    Never! And I've never brought the wrong heroes to battle either Quick note: As long as you haven't dropped a troop and are still in scouting time, you can hit the white flag and not have the battle count. If you wait 30 seconds (or whatever the time is) and the battle begins, then hitting the white flag will cause you to lose, even if you haven't dropped a troop.
  5. Time to say goodbye

    All units have their own special stupidity. There is a reason that winning a game relies (or should rely) on directing individual troops and not letting the AI take over and control things The key is to learn what units will do under AI and know when to let them roam and when to personally direct them - an how to identify/stop their stupid behavior. I written it up a few times and posted it, but I dont think that many people actually read it It's way to easy to just drop 10 rams, point them to the keep, drop Conrad and win. Learning how to direct your troops seems to be way too hard.
  6. Time to say goodbye

    I haven't bothered following most of the convo, just skimmed the last page and watched the attacks referenced. But: Angie's right. How long Conrad lives doesn't matter. Conrad himself is pretty weak. What's important with Conrad is the boost button he has access to while he's in his siege tower and the length of time that everything glows on the screen. Your Conrad is level 3 right now, so the rams will only be invincible for about 25 seconds, vs 36 seconds with a lvl 4 Conrad. That's why your attack didnt work as well. You'd do well to read Angie's advice about using Conrad, it's pretty good. I'll add one piece of advice: you need to spend a bit more time understanding how different troop like to move and what their preferred target is if you want to get better. Here's some advice on rams: Rams like to open up walled in sections. If you do not direct them somewhere, they will search out the nearest thing that is closed off and open that up. If you do direct them somewhere, they will destroy that thing and then (if they are still alive) search out closed-off sections if you do not redirect. Rams have a massive damage bonus against gates, and frequently prefer to go through them instead of walls. A ram can take out a gate in about 3 hits (lvl dependent, of course), but takes at least 2-3 times as much time to take out a wall. So if you draw a path to something behind a wall, the ram will search out a nearby gate and go to that first. Rams will avoid going through walls if they can. That means that if someone is smart, and puts a break in their walls, and you target something on the other side of the wall with your ram, then the ram will go to that break first, then to whatever you target - even if that break is way on the other side of the layout. Rams are stupid. They will break down a row of walls instead of going in the open space next to the walls sometimes, or get stuck on the rubble. You have to watch them carefully. If the get stuck, the best thing to do is draw a line 90 degrees from the path they were trying to take, move them over 1-2 squares and then redirect.
  7. It will drastically affect the game if it catches on. I've watched many defs in the last few years for all levels of keeps. Most people only know how to conram - and not very well. They're not going to be able to adapt, because they dont know how to play to begin with.
  8. So, let me get this right. People have finally figured out how to defend their castles against a completely overpowered hero - and we cant have people losing any attacks. So if the *** players who only know how to win with Conram complain enough, we'll nerf def again so they can win every battle again?
  9. Dare you to 2* it without having using both of the most powerful heroes in the game. I know I could
  10. come on, dude. you're overthinking it
  11. Not a bug, it's intentional The only sad thing is how long it too us idiots to design a def around this feature.
  12. Why Conrad power not work

    It's not a bug. Panda already said it was intentional. Time to learn to use heros other than conrad
  13. BUG or CHEATING?!

    Great going Ragnar. You cant even let us have fun for a week before ruining it?
  14. Unlockables Chart

    Thx for taking my interests/wants/needs into account, Jag!
  15. There is no time limit, per se, but you can only have 5 possible revenge candidates in your log. So if someone is the 5th possible revenge in your log, and you get attacked (not revenged), then they become the 6th on the list and you lost the opportunity to revenge that guy.