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  1. giving Panda a headstart

    i just need a real panda as my pet.....
  2. Connection Errors

    hi mike, i cant even log back to the game....going to lose big crown. might not get gold for this season due to that....
  3. Crash Issues with 1.25 - Peace Treaties Available

    I still cannot run AoE CS on my Toshiba Laptop even after I have installed the new fix from the windows store, the game is getting pauses in every second constantly. Where could I find the logs to submit? In the meantime, please add: TinLordOfKing TinLordOfKingJr Thank you!
  4. Crash Issues with 1.25 - Peace Treaties Available

    Just a quick question, will the 7 day Peace Treaties get extended automatically once it expired since there is no sign to have a new fix release in the next 2 days? Do we need to request again in here? Thanks for doing that for us again, Panda. I appreciate your hard work. It is certainly not funny to input thousands of gamer tags.
  5. Crash Issues with 1.25 - Peace Treaties Available

    TinLordOfKingJr Thanks, Panada!
  6. Crashing after 1.25 Update

    Got crashed so many times since this patch update!!! Please grant the 7 days Peace Treaty to: TinLordOfKing Thank you, Panda!!