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  1. I appreciate that Panda has virtually told us they aren't working on the game AND they aren't going to in the future...but I don't appreciate her acting like we are a bunch of tards who are imagining a change in the revenge window.
  2. Why do they play?

    They are probably sniping for resources.
  3. Forced attack when on line

    I think it is a legitimate question Wulf.
  4. Forced attack when on line

    Yeah if you have help from other players you can do that. Someone logs in every 45 to 50 minutes. But it is a mystery to SGI as there is no revenge window according to them.
  5. Constructing Wonders

    No you need to go to the support forum and ask for your emperor to be changed. There are instructions there.
  6. @Chuggles22 it was wig town boy 2 years ago. I remember the name.
  7. Everyone must open the wall and gate

    Maybe you should play FarmVille.
  8. Peaceful place for INTELLIGENT debate

    @Baroness Von Panda what is sgi doing about mm? Anything? I know you are revenge window deniers - do you also deny there is a problem at all?
  9. Those of us on iOS devices can see when everyone logged in.
  10. Question: No Retaliation

    Yapper it is because the attack was a revenge and you can't revenge a revenge. @Alternanthera - lmao
  11. I can't believe you can't get any empathy from volunteer moderators on the forum!!!
  12. someone please explain

    You're just jealous, Denis.
  13. someone please explain

  14. someone please explain

    Where is the real hero, Traders, puppet?
  15. Who own SGI ?

    They are owned by the cartoon network.