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  1. Traders51

    3 star Battle Streak

    I can't believe you are bragging about getting 100% with ALL conrad/Martel attacks. That's pitiful.
  2. Traders51

    Conrad not working

    Yeah you're a genius. You can win with Conrad revenging. You should play professionally. The real shame is you've probably never seen a great attack. I'm not a great attacker but I've gotten to play with some who could beat any castle with no heroes. It used to be a point of pride to see how few troops you could use or if you could take a castle from the hardest angle. Now it's all Conrad and rams - absolutely no skill needed. Any idiot can win with Conrad.
  3. Traders51

    Conrad not working

    What's the point of making a good defense if everyone here tells people how to beat it? Offense is so overpowered in this game - why make defense even more useless?
  4. Traders51

    Conrad not working

    There are a million posts on this forum explaining it. Look at that guys castle and notice what is different. It's super obvious.
  5. Traders51

    Conrad not working

    Rusty I looked. There isn't a problem. There is something you don't understand. You'll have to figure it out for yourself, I'm not helping conrammers. It is NOT a cheat.
  6. Traders51

    Limit Time Players Can Be Online.

    Boo hoo
  7. Traders51

    Inconsequential Random Question!

    Three stars with 25 rams and Conrad is no big deal. My cat could do that.
  8. Traders51

    I feel like a robot

    Take thirty rams and deploy them in the shape of a carrot peeler. That will make East's blood boil.
  9. Traders51

    player is curently online

    Well, Stan you broke the rules. Now you'll be banned from the forum for a week and have your castle reset for complaining about revenge. Please read all my posts in the future so you don't make this mistake again.
  10. Traders51

    Server Maintenance

  11. Traders51

    Server Maintenance

    Thats great that there are still people working on the game. I'd like to ask one of the devs to log into my account and next for a while. We are competing this league and I'm losing @350 a defense. Id like them to see all the 10 and 22crown keeps out there with no crowns offered in mm due to the revenge window. See if they can add crowns in a competition setting considering what is offered. Its not bad when you have 5k or less crowns but after that its torture. It would be great for them to see what the revenge window has done to the game. If they are gamers, they will understand.
  12. Traders51

    Where are the AoE:CS Veterans?

  13. Traders51


    So use another hero.
  14. Traders51

    This game isn't fair to all players

    Anybody who comes here whining about they can't get a revenge should get a one week ban. And reset their castle. Sgi let revenge ruin this game.
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