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  1. CaosAD


    Happy birthday Baroness. My was last saturday. Libra is the best
  2. CaosAD


  3. CaosAD


    I hope that many of you get to 10 000 crowns or more… A lot of whales for us poor fishermen THERE SHE BLOWS!!!
  4. CaosAD

    A Four Way Gate

    No time to try… too lazy to change all my castle
  5. CaosAD

    Music.........New & Old.......Part 2 :-)

    I am a bit nostalgic tonight
  6. CaosAD

    A Four Way Gate

    Here is 2 00 a.m and i am just got home maybe tomorrow
  7. CaosAD

    A Four Way Gate

    Hahaha i need a couple of beers before
  8. CaosAD

    A Four Way Gate

    Sorry I misunderstood I have read too fast
  9. CaosAD

    A Four Way Gate

    It's no difficult First build 3 walls and a road with the keep create a gate and then move the castle back 1 square Now put a wall between the door and the castle Put 2 road on the sides of the wall Convert the wall in a gate Like this and now connect the roads And the cheat is over
  10. CaosAD

    :)🎂 smile birthday

    So today i have learned something new
  11. CaosAD

    :)🎂 smile birthday

    Happy Birthday
  12. CaosAD

    Find new players

    There is no list. You can invite the others players if in your league there are same without alliance or you can make an announcement here in the forum - Alliance recruitment. You can also try to recruit players going undercover in others alliances and, as a skilled manipulator, convince them that your alliance is the better place where play. You can offer them FREE BEER everyday . Good luck
  13. @blinsas this is my record 6 age but i think that some player did better of me
  14. CaosAD

    Animated Short Films

    "Allegro non troppo" designed by Bruno Bozzetto in 1979 an animated film with classical music ( Vivaldi, Ravel, Debussy and others). Something inspired by Walt Disney's Fantasia. This is the "Bolero". And "valzer Triste" Sad valzer by Sibelius.
  15. @Overkill I'm a Cheater So put a tower and 2 walls Then 2 roads Use the Keep to open 2 gates another wall put 2 walls and a road behind the tower With the keep open 2 gates And now the cheat is finished