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  1. Remove pigs from farms

    Certainly Saracens would not have pigs on their farms. Historically inaccurate. Sheep would work just as well. Or cows. Even chickens.
  2. Copy and paste

    I wish a copy and paste function would work in chat. We have players from many different countries who are fluent in languages other than English. It would be helpful if we could copy a message we worked out in Spanish, Portuguese, French, Vietnamese, Japanese, etc. and paste it into chat, rather than having to retype it entirely (without having to change the language settings back and forth). Also, if we could copy players names and plug them into Search, we could invite players to join our alliances much more easily, especially players whose names can't be accurately typed in.
  3. Marketplace

    Other Age of Empires games have marketplaces where players may exchange resources, not just buy them. For example, I am maxed on wood but I need stone, so I could trade wood for stone. Perhaps allowing trade among players in an alliance, or gifting, would alleviate the problem of Age 10 players not having much to fight for if they've maxed out on pennants, food, and wood. That is my case: I need only stone to upgrade; I have upgraded everything else to its limit and bought everything that can be bought with food and wood.