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    Since I'm working abroad in a "remote area", not that much. But reading loads of all stuff, this game (CS), listening good old music from people who die now one by one, sad!

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  1. @DeNiSs, now it would look different
  2. At this time it was, indeed ... league fight against India United ... every crown counts ... you make attacks, in "normal" situations you never would do! And, sure if there is a difference of 4-5k between the opponents, it comes to those results. I'm happy that the league finished, btw! And, I didn't say, that I'm perfect!!!!
  3. In need of a Terrordome design?

    That's why I have a pure Tribute!!! But I like to kick TerrorDomes (some say Error Domes) in the MM!!!
  4. 3rd hero used

    I'm missing East ( @east puppet ) on that picture!!!! Hahaha ... @Septerror43, you only want that the Conram newbies have even more losses on your TerrorDome!!!!
  5. That: combined with: doesn't go out of my mind!!!! It leads to: Scary Movie XV ---- East sitting on a (and now comes the white dress in the focus) "RAM" and singing: Ride a white Swan .....
  6. Hahaha, East knows the ropes how to make out of any topic a Ramrush tread!
  7. lol .... That's a real challenge, @Kicho! I have to say that I'm very happy that players of my training alliance are active in the forum too! All the hints given here by very experienced players are extremely helpful, and I'm happy too that this thread is not running wild with other incidental things! Thank you my friends for this great support!!!! Btw, I'm back after a "self-directed" chat pause over the New Year! @DevilSpeaks, we will manage the things! I opened a PM for our alliance members, now we are already 2!!!
  8. Robber Knights

    I cannot see the ground! Actually, we are always top!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My dear friends, I wish you a Merry Christmas, health, luck and success in all situations to you and your families!!!
  10. Robber Knights

    I am a Terrordome killer!
  11. Robber Knights

    TerrorDome Killers
  12. Robber Knights

    Against all Odds, rename it ..... Conram Robbers!!!!!
  13. List of suggestions

    I have the best suggestion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Close that thread and forget about it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why?????? NOBODY is there to make use of it!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Robber Knights

  15. Time to say goodbye

    It's normal ... kinetic energy it is called