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    Since I'm working abroad in a "remote area", not that much. But reading loads of all stuff, this game (CS), listening to good old music (e.g. Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull, ELP, Eric Clapton, nowadays Ska, 2Tone etc.)

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  1. DD3399

    CODA Chat

    which place?
  2. DD3399

    Looking for Wonder Donations help

    Hello my dear friends! Today I have to ask for STONE again. It is for an alliance, I'm not emping, but feel somehow responsible for since I'm there with my castle LordOfCastle1 The alliance name is DEadpool (WesternEurope, down in the list of so many deadpool's ) Empress is StrawPark208967 Thank you very much for your support in advance !
  3. DD3399

    A Four Way Gate

    I see: junction to 2 and then again from 1 to 2. Anyway, it needs a lot of wall pieces. But 2 gates to the keep instead of 4 is a progress though!
  4. DD3399

    About 100 days

    Congrats for the first 100 days! Keep going!!!!
  5. DD3399

    A Four Way Gate

    So what @CaosAD ... still sleeping or not enough beer to find a solution??? I must say, I'm not really close to solve the issue
  6. If there would be an award and I'm able to nominate, you would be the HERO OF THE DAY!!!!!
  7. DD3399

    Revenge Failed

    the only way to get to know is: click the revenge shield. Either you'll get the revenge or it will tell you, that the one has a PT or that he's online.
  8. Do you all think that @Andy P has still this bunch of bag-snatchers in his army??? Or should he load it again to test all the nice proposals?
  9. DD3399

    Music.........New & Old.......Part 2 :-)

    Some people from the CS community, they call themselves "The Slackers", are performing about CS normality "The same everyday"
  10. Okay, now I understand what you want to say. It explains the tenor of a lot off members in here. I also could be ...... (useless to write the word, censored) because I supported the game in the both ways ways you mentioned too. But I don't want to give up ... not yet and not that easy!
  11. Now I have to sort out who the cops are and the one who tells the truth or is even a liar But, I intended to push the remaining people in the forum to become more active again, doesn't matter if we discuss Conrad or non-Conrad issues or alleged cheating or possible ways to bypass things. As you can see from some postings, still new players come in and want to get answers on their questions. If we don't welcome them or welcome them with sarcastic answers on their (understandable) questions, we wont neither help them nor the remaining community. Sure, some fun, and not too little, should be here too, because I like do things more when the fun factor is high! If I would say something else, I can line up with all the complainer, and that's the last I want to do!
  12. DD3399

    A Four Way Gate

    Oh! Let me run to the market to refill my reserves! Naaw, it's already late here, tomorrow I have to make my mind up!
  13. DD3399

    A Four Way Gate

    AND ... I got 2 times gold!
  14. DD3399

    A Four Way Gate

    Okay, I had 1 beer and the result were 3 roads connected to the keep, but only 2 outside: Now @CaosAD, have another one or even 2 beer more and you might find a solution I run out of street pieces btw, have only 50