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    Since I'm working abroad in a "remote area", not that much. But reading loads of all stuff, this game (CS), listening good old music from people who die now one by one, sad!

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  1. DD3399

    Hi, newbie here

    I'm one of these guys, 6 out of my 11 castles are Tributes. But, I don't look at the resources, not at their defense. With these castles I prepare to go for crowns. Mostly, high crown players take the keep with almost no efforts to save the heroes for the next attack within a short period of time. That's I'm counting on and I'm right at 80-90% where I lose only 1 star and 1 3rd of the possible crowns. Just an addition regarding archers and longbows: I use archers to distract defense units at the beginning of the attack while making resources too. Archers have a better health than longbows.
  2. DD3399

    Qestion to the old timers

    sometimes clowns are as important as goals
  3. DD3399

    Thoughts for a new alliance tool

    sounds sarcastic! They even had no sales and/or double spy gold etc. on the Easter weekend … and it's nothing planned. Somehow strange!
  4. DD3399

    Hi, newbie here

    In any case you have to decide what you want to protect, going out of a defense with 0 losses is nearly impossible! @Kicho, hope the like will help
  5. I don't know what you guys are eating! I couldn't even find a German translation! But, to answer the question: I like MM's with a high crown offer and not covered behind a turtle, cause (as usual) I forgot to take trebs or enough archers or Nevsky with me.
  6. DD3399

    List of suggestions

    Sure Wulfie! It will be seen by others who put effort in this and come back from time to time to look, if others have the same ideas or to renew their suggestions from time to time, like I did it in the past. BUT, I'm disillusioned that somebody of the responsible guys pays any attention on it. The thread got wild to write some dreams down, in case you had some drinks and loads of time Hope dies last!!!
  7. DD3399

    Qestion to the old timers

    1. I still play (with all of my accs), My max offline time was less than 48 hours, I guess. 2. i still play because of: my work abroad in a remote area, there is nothing else to do, except to go gaga, 3 alliances I feel somehow responsible for (for the younger players more than for the alliance itself), keeping the "team spirit" alive (I try it at least) collaboration with some companioned alliances with active exchange (donations, players, thoughts), .... actually, that is enough .... Should I once find back to a regular, ordinary life, it might change
  8. I like this post! …. But, I wont give you a 'like" !!! It would be a contradiction to your post! Be careful with those statements in front of the "me too" thingies (they could understand it wrongly)…
  9. @Septerror43, that's so sad to hear (read), that you give up!!! Take care of you and listen to the good old music!!! I hope to see you from time to time, maybe once when it's boring, you'll come back, who knows Right now I can't find the right clip, ***ing to these not very nice news ... but wait .... I hope it's not the the "(last) Night boat to Cairo" you took!!! (better to say Goodbye in a funny way )
  10. DD3399

    Old Knights needs your help!

    Hi Mike, I would like to support you, but the chosen time can't be worse! Already a long long time ago I promised @AngelicAngieK to pass by once Right at the suggested time I'm on travel (28th of May until 14th of June), any other time would be nice, at least to "hunt what I can and when I can"! @SeaPetals … those things happen when falling asleep whilst keeping the fingers on the space button JB, I'm still reading the stuff … sometimes
  11. DD3399

    Robber Knights

    Congratulations !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But, be careful with too many drinks and cakes, otherwise ---->
  12. DD3399

    Error encountered connecting to the server

    Hmmm , I can't understand what is written there, but the header says all. That sometimes happens, no worries!. Just retry to connect, or restart the game. In that case I don't think, it is a common issue, cause others would report that too. And, check your internet connection. Sometimes a short interruption or a slow connection might cause the problem.... and Xbox as well
  13. DD3399

    Age of Empires: Castle Siege - Holiday Event & Sale!

    I missed an "Easter Bunny", a "Spring Fountain" and everything else related to sale and other kind of events!!!!! That gives me now really the impression that SGI and Minisoft are absolutely not interested in keep us playing and even not in the game itself!
  14. @Scythian Fury , I'm really wondering what will happen to me if I give a big **** (censored myself) on the fears you mentioned, and write whatever I think . Since DD3399 is the author, only "he" can be banned..... There are so many other DD's !!!
  15. (Doesn't make sense to quote the whole ***) Just one hint from my side: Go to a psychologist, then ask for 4 weeks PT (l will write a supportive letter for you). But,please go to that psychologist, it seems to be urgent!!!