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    Nordic Robbers/ DD Robbers/ Deadpools
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    Since I'm working abroad in a "remote area", not that much. But reading loads of all stuff, this game (CS), listening to good old music (e.g. Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull, ELP, Eric Clapton, nowadays Ska, 2Tone etc.)

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  1. DD3399

    Join 20+ alliances on Discord

    Do you know more than we do ???? Or are you just a .....
  2. DD3399

    Join 20+ alliances on Discord

    Did ya??? .... Did she, @jpsfroggy???
  3. DD3399

    Sale! Last chance!

    Consider the storage costs, it might become more expansive!
  4. DD3399

    App Keeps Freezing & Restarting

    I don't think so, as long you will login with the same gamertag!
  5. To whom it may concern: I offer at least 3 maximized castles age X. Please make your offers until 13th of December 2018 08:00 pm GMT!!! Very cheap! Minimum offer: USD 1,000.00 Place your offers under: dd4499@outlook.de ... or stay in contact via this email .... if you want!
  6. DD3399

    New Layout Protesting The End of AOE

    naaw ... you can't compare it imo! Perhaps the next, but it seems too complicated since the accessories are limited "This topic is now closed to further replies."
  7. DD3399

    What other games are like...

    me too, but difficult to find Guess we have to compromise somehow until an appropriate online/mobile game is developed
  8. It's no nonsense and don't stop writing the last days!
  9. DD3399

    CS coming to an end. Was it something I said?

    Particularly with the huge left over of gold some peeps have!
  10. DD3399

    What other games are like...

    Ragnar, go to www.bluestacks.com and download it directly from there. Take care that your AV will accept the download. Otherwise, deactivate the AV for a couple of time. Once started, Bluestacks is offering a shop, like Google, where you can download the apps of your choice.
  11. DD3399

    What other games are like...

    Hmm, mysterious! I was able to install and run it without issues
  12. DD3399

    It takes a village

    The most disappointing is .... Joe got the 13th of Nov for the "Sunset" announcement!
  13. DD3399

    What other games are like...

    Ragnar, after you wrote this, I installed it via BlueStacks and it works fine!
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