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  1. Eaglemut

    ESO Account Creation and Recovery

    This is the support section for Age of Empires 3 and the thread is about ESO accounts. You will not find anything about xbox or castle siege here, your post is completely off topic. Please search for the correct subforum. Try messaging jennywaboom or plus2joe directly, here on the forums (they have posted about this right above your post).
  2. Eaglemut

    Big Forums Changes Next Week!

    An excellent reply from Joe. If you want to maintain a revival project like this, boasting about it all over official MS channels is a pretty terrible idea. By shoving illegal stuff to their faces, you're basically forcing them to look into it and take action against said project, which makes me sad...
  3. Eaglemut

    Frequently Asked Tech Questions

    The only official way to digitally download is through Steam, and you need to buy the Steam game key to do that.
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