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  1. Trevigian

    A Thank You From SGI

    Gentlemen, it has been a privilege playing AoE:CS with you. *sinking*
  2. Trevigian

    Sooooo! 4th year Anniversary is coming!

    Age 11 confirmed
  3. Trevigian

    A player used Joan Arc ability after she died??

    My bad, I have looked again the replay and seen Jan was still alive
  4. I got attacked by a player. At 3:53 he converted for the first time. At 3:12 he converted for the second time. At 3:8 I'm pretty sure Joan died. At 2:59 seems he converted my halbeldiers! It's possible I'm wrong due the confusion in the battle, but I'm suspicious.
  5. Trevigian

    Update from Smoking Gun Interactive

    I love Castle Siege not only for the "RTS" battles, but also for the historical background, which is very well depicted: civs, cultural units (the cheirosiphon is pure genius), the buildings... I love the arts of the units too: they put a lot of love in this game. I hope the developers (I'm looking at you MS!!!!) will release quality content and keep the players engaged. I had to leave the game in 2015 because I couldn't use windows phone anymore, but eventually I'm playing again with the same passion of the beginning. I think this game deserves to be supported for... decades!
  6. Trevigian

    AoE CS Outage - 7/22/2018

    *Now I can login*
  7. Trevigian

    AoE CS Outage - 7/22/2018

    Just got a push notification of a unit I've upgraded
  8. Trevigian

    AoE CS Outage - 7/22/2018

    The problem persists ~7 hours (Italy)
  9. Trevigian

    "Error encountered connecting to the server"

    In Italy it doesn't work too (playing on Android phone)
  10. Trevigian

    The Xbox server is down again.

    Hope the odds the issue will be solved today are > 0,001%
  11. Trevigian

    "Error encountered connecting to the server"

    I'd aspect a little present for the players for the problem
  12. Trevigian

    "Error encountered connecting to the server"

    Don't know if it's worldwide or only for a part of the players
  13. When we'll reach the Modern Age, flying units could be added, like hot air baloons that can throw bombs. Almost all the tower should take them down so they would not become too op. Then I'd like to see gun units like muskeeters, red coats, snipers, etc. that shot horizontally. New weapons like cannons, rockets and bombards should change sieges a lot. Maybe also support units like priests, medics to convert/heal troops. Could see also a real time map (a la Total War) in which armies could combat in the open field. New defence/support structures could be pill boxes, trenches, barbed wire, fortifications and hospitals.
  14. Trevigian

    Are You Looking for an Alliance? Post Here

    Trevigian 52 crowns Age 7 Hi, I haven't played since three years ago (spring 2015) but I'd like to play again and join an alliance. I'm not looking for a too much competitive alliance. Just keep developing and have fun
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