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  1. MasterPep

    Moat in action

    Sorry to hear the game is about to die. Maybe the introduction of a moat could have saved it. An extra tactical element would have made the game more fun. It surely would make a ramrush harder to succeed. Sorry for the poor animation. Had to make it in a rush, but you get the drift.
  2. MasterPep

    Castle Siege Memes

    I need her - quick learner btw you've noticed there are actually 2 archers in the original vid? Still funny though!
  3. Renamed my castle. You can check-out any time you like But you can never leave! inspired by @Chuggles22 and @Andy P
  4. MasterPep

    List of suggestions

    In some cases it might be handy, but dragging means more control over the path to the target (think kiting for example).
  5. Hey Pep, je was zomaar ineens weg :-) Jammer ***. Ik hoop dat je nog eens terug komt en anders succes! Was gezellig. :-)

    1. Pennekoek


      By the way, dit is m'n alt naam. Ik ben Jan. :-)

    2. MasterPep


      Hi Jan, ben niet definitief weg *** [smile]

      Ik heb het netjes aangekondigd; de zin is weg. Hopelijk komt het terug, want het is in principe een leuk spelletje. Nadat ik gemaxed was jaagde ik op kroontjes, maar om echt te groeien moet je heel actief zijn; lang online en heeeeeel veeeeeeel nexten. Daar had ik genoeg van; ben een casual speler. En als ik dan uitlogde werd ik aangevallen door een conram, zo triest.

      Sinds mijn vertrek heb ik al 866 kroontjes verloren.

      Probeer wel feeling te houden met het spelletje door af en toe een aanvalletje te doen en door het forum te bezoeken. Moet ook nog die Castle Defender objective halen.. lol

      Ik heb ook aangekondigd dat ik misschien eens een league met DutchCourage mee speel.. We zien wel. In ieder geval is het wat mij betreft niet uit het oog uit het hart. 

    3. Pennekoek


      Oke ja ik kan het op zich wel begrijpen. Als je maxed bent blijft er weinig over dan kroontjes jagen qua doel. En dan is het frustrerend als een no skill conrammer je kroontjes afpakt gezien de tijd die het kost om wat kroontjes te winnen. Maar ja.

      Vraag me af of ze dat ooit gaan fixen. Het levert natuurlijk geld voor ze op omdat er best wat zijn die Conrad steeds afkopen. Zie ook weinig activiteit qua updates. En op de voorpagina van de site wordt nog niet eens vermeldt dat de game er ook voor Android is.. :)

      Maar ja wie weet pakken ze het nog een keer aan. In ieder geval leuk als je weer eens langs komt bij DC. Of 2DC. ;) Hopelijk tot ziens!

  6. MasterPep

    List of suggestions

    Lol, yeah.. that would freak out revengers! Imagine they just figured out the ideal revenge attack and then you change your layout
  7. MasterPep

    List of suggestions

    As much as I sympathize with your feelings about the current system, I wouldn't call it unfair. Frustrating maybe, but unfair? No! The system works the same for all of us. It would be unfair if it didn't, or that the system deliberately matches high crowners to low crowners (even if high crowners are available). The only thing in this game that's unfair is the use of slomo devices, or better the advantages by using them. We also need to factor in that not many players have a lot of crowns; look at the LB (crown ranges from 10,500 to 6,800) - just 200 players of which a small percentage is available for match making. Finally, I agree with you that the number of crowns (or something else for that matter) should reflect skills. Currently it's far from that. Any ideas to fix that?
  8. MasterPep

    List of suggestions

    What's exactly your point? Do you want Conram to be less OP - changing the activitions looks very promising to me - or do you want Conram reserved for advanced players only? For me there is no real difference beating up by an Age 10 player using Conram with 5-10 rams to be finished by a bunch of archers (sounds like the lowest of low attacks) or by an Age 7 or 8 player using Conram with 20 rams.
  9. MasterPep

    List of suggestions

    Always love to hear novel ideas about nerfing Conram! This one almost beats the moat Still a couple of questions: "everything remains the same except the number of activations". Technically this would mean Conram is even more OP. One activation is already devastating Surely you mean decreasing each activation time. And when the rams go their way some might be out of Conrad's range during subsequent activations. Be aware that Conrad's range is pretty big, so I believe a smaller circle would be better. And what about Conrad's attachment to walls? Still the same? Or can he move around after each activation. And what about the AI? Defensive troops should target Conrad more to prevent subsequent activations. Also, maybe you should compare Conrad more to Martel. I'm not trying to ridicule the idea, on the contrary, but I think it's not as easy as it sounds. It's a welcome addition to the existing ideas. Good thinking!
  10. MasterPep

    Castle Siege Memes

    Hahaha.. the good thing is that you have a 100% chance to hit a special chest the next 13 hours (b.t.w. this happens to me all of the time)
  11. Hi Mr White,

    Saw your playlist. Shouldn't that be "2. Smashing Pumpkins - Siamese Dream"?



    1. Mister White

      Mister White

      LOL, yep, my bad, was not paying attention I guess.

  12. MasterPep

    Castle Siege Memes

    (found on Barnorama)
  13. MasterPep

    Castle Siege Memes

    I was fed up nexting the other day. I thought to myself, why not publish a nice meme? Guess what! I started NEXTING again for 50 pages! The only difference, I did it to prevent a duplicate, in-game nexting only gives me duplicates
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