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    To help survival of the helpless, weak, poor and the rest of the world's population that is under attack by the wealthy, greedy, powerful, selfish people on this planet. May the most high intercede soon...

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  1. Nemo

    Looking for Wonder Donations help

    Please tell me how is it done? How do I donate to an individual in or out of me alliance. I received one reply and I could not understand what he/she meant.
  2. I read about a month ago about people merging and some requesting donations. Since then I have been asking how are these things done.  I have not received not one reply onto how one can donate.  I eventually learned how to merge by just doing it.  I asked staff and anyone else who might know and no reply outside of the person that I offered to donate.  I am beginning to feel like I went into a twilight zone and really never read anything and it was just my imagination.  Thank you for the one who did reply.

    1. RedHeartQuen


      I have send out an xbox chat to an Emperor who replied to my interest in merging but no reply from him.  How did you accomplish the merger?

  3. Where is your topic iLoud? I see 4 topics but nothing in the box.
  4. Nemo

    Looking for Wonder Donations help

    I need stone. But would like to donate wood and apples yet no one tells me how one can donate to an individual. How is it done.
  5. Nemo

    Looking for Wonder Donations help

    Can someone tell me how to donate. Can I donate to one of my own also? I also tried to change the color of the text but I couldn't ..
  6. Ares, did you get married yet?  Hope you're successful in your music career.  Why don't you chat with us like you use to.?  I would hate to think that you are disappointed in how we are managing your Empire.  I had this idea about Emperor VVellenkamp, ask USA Empire 3 join us because they only have 24 people but I suggested that we keep the our name and Emperor' VVellenkamp says he likes the idea.  What is most important is what do you think about it.  I made it clear that we do not join them they join us.  I sure would like to hear your view. 

    1. Swords Of Ares

      Swords Of Ares

      I got married and got a house and dog.... I stopped music for a bit. I like the idea of empire 3 joining us. sorry ive been super busy lately... hopefully it will end soon

    2. Nemo


      Wow you have started your American dream.  I wish you much love in your marriage.  I love dogs.  What is your dogs name?  Ares, I am trying very hard to get players.  I have left many messages in a variety of places.  There is now a topic at the forum for merging.  I want to go visit alliances but I will lose my stats as I have done those several times.  I feel so bad about ths loss of our players.  I know some of them have left because of a misunderstanding I had with VV.  My message was totally misunderstood.  I was shocked at how my message was turned around.  I am trying very hard to get players.  I joined this xbox gamer thingy ( I forget the name) and left messages to several people to join.  I found some older players and left messages with them.  I left a message with USA 3. No answer, I asked him to contact you.  I left several messages and told them to contact you or me.  I don't feel we should give up our name nor our Emperor.  I told them that we had 28 players, most of them with in the 7 to 10 level and only had two wonders left to complete. The Emperor of USA Empire 3 is called H4mmer Tyme.  I told him to contact you.  I need to know what you want in this merger.  I don't want to commit to something without your approval.  Let me know ok.  Take care.

  7. Nemo

    Code of Conduct

    In reply Riches to Ruin. Can we please leave politics out of this game? I hear enough of that on the news. I do appreciate your loyalty but I get so depressed when I think about the politics of our Country.. What is attack looping?
  8. Froggy why did you leave us?  Them made me Empress.   Do you have your own alliance.  Can you tell me what are the problems you see that we have?  I haven't been able to talk to you in awhile.  I had several deaths in the family and then my compter messed up and had to buy a new computer which I totally wiped out and had to buy a cd that put the whole program back up.  Haad came back.   I just had two good players get into an argument and one left.  I feel like I am getting the bulk of the problems now.  we are down to 43 players now.  Two good players left and the other ones were ejected by a lord.  Well my friend I hope all is well and maybe one day you will consider coming back.

    1. jpsfroggy


      Hi Diva. I saw you were made Emperor, congratulations.

      I didn't leave because we had problems, I left because I sort of got bored. I was considering stopping the game altogether ... I guess because i took a 6 week break from the game to go on holiday and then got used to not playing again. A friend of mine asked me to join his alliance to give him some help but now i've been here for a while, i feel he doesn't really need me anymore.

      I guess also, another reason i left was because i wasn't particularly enthralled by Ares responses to questions etc, he just gave one word answers and was VERY passive. He was a great Emperor before PoW, but when he came back, it wasn't the same.

      I've done pretty well lately, and I guess i'm still not sure whether i will continue or not ... but i do know I will not stay in this alliance very long. He doesn't need me and we don't really talk much anymore. Give me another week or so and I will come back.

      Did you read my explanation for leaving on the chat in the alliance before I left???

      I'm sorry to hear about your family members passing away. I hope it wasn't totally unexpected. 

      We'll speak again soon.



  9. I hope all goes well. Several people have told me that they were fed up an leaving. Please Hurry, I don't want to lose these people. We are melding well and are developing good skills with them on board. Each one of us share a gift.
  10. Please fix the scrolling. When I donate. I have to start from top donate, then start again from top to get to the next person. I donate to over 20 people and it is tiring to scroll from the top to get to the next name. I would like to start where I left off. And moving the objects on the screen. I have to constantly tap on it and sometimes the whole screen moves with the item. I can't get it to go where I want it to go right away. I feel like I have to struggle to move it. Thank you for your assistance . I recently found a way how, not to scroll constantly. You have arrows in the stats that will go to the next name on the list and allows you to see who is low on relief troops along with other info and then allows me to press the button to donate and then move on to the next without scrolling. Thank you so much.
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