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  1. T.S.Dragon

    Patch 1.15

    everyone should have an equal opportunity based of a fair calculation system... People who does not have a rushed attacking troops should be rewarded by giving them a match to their troops and I mean people who are upgraded after they have maxed the troops they used in their attack... You match the people who have are upgraded after they maxed their defence and atrack they use in battle... previously you said those people upgraded troops they do not need on their attacks, and they are punished by getting a match with highly defending castles that upgraded their troops wisely... I upgraded my troops and buildings wisely and I do not expect to get matched against castle that needed highly upgraded age 8 troops even with some of my not needed buildings not even upgraded to match age 7... The building should affect my defence not my attack based of the calculation even I do not have any use of them and I have not upgraded them based of your guidance... You are not encourage me to upgrade those troops with your update, but you are making the game only for maxed castles in each age... The fair matchmaking should offer the user a strategy to avoid matching with high developed bases not to put him whatever the way he responded to the old matchmaking system... Your new matchmaking system simply make it no way for the player to avoid those kind of situation... I have bit rushed defence, because I upgraded to age 8 in March, before you offer the age players better defence upgrades and stopped playing for my study!!!.. I expect to my defence to suffer. However, the last results was a kind of joke, my rushed castle give crowns and I lose them with my well upgraded troops because I find mostly a higher target, they could not match (Thanks god I upgraded my trebuchet before but people who are already upgraded to age 8 and they did not have a chance to upgrade even their trebuchet what are they going to do???)... Your whole matchmaking system makes no sense, because it is simply do not punish right, I expected to be punished based of my defence upgrades not attacking upgrades
  2. T.S.Dragon

    Patch 1.15

    a proper target my troops could hold against not a high level target I could not attack due to level of my troop and when his revenge time come all my sources has been lost because of the level of my defence that could not match age 9 attack... I do not expect to remove all my foods from my storage to find at least a target that is a bit above my target... Look to other strategy games... An early age 8 need to build his troops to attack an age 8 in its middle of defence building... I ended up finding those target after I wasted much of my sources... The update meant to do that with lower ages and not the early of my ages that matches me... I am not obligated to attack the first few targets like the age 9 target I found because some people do not want to be attacked by more developed castle and only attack for sources with 0 crown!!!!!.... This is not a game by this way... You forgot the number of people who are in alliance that require a number of crowns!!!!... Using your method mean the leader board will be only few alliance with very high number of crown while every alliance below them is marked 0... The method kill the whole purpose of the game and make it just like simcity with no purpose to make challenging attacks but just attack a random castle for loot without any care about the challenge of the game that includes winning crowns (I do not expect something like that because it means the death of the strategy game no more than that)!!! I do not need to repeat!!!... I expect a challenging decent targets to appear more often and high advanced target I could not attack properly but just to gain some sources to the upgrade... It is not a build and upgrade game, it is an attack, defence and build game and the game should be successful in giving a challenge in all of those 3 modes not in only one of them (no it is better to go and play the trash clash of clan... Snipe TH (keep) and some collectors to build and finish)... I have not upgraded my needed troops before upgrade to age 8 for the matter of state of art, but to not have a high chance of lose if upgrade to age 8 because it is the matter of the gameplay... Otherwise leave the game to people with maxed age 9 castles and live behind the shadows, which rise the question what the use of ages behind the 9 if I can only make an attack with a chance of winning with just maxed age 9, I am not here for this BS!!
  3. T.S.Dragon

    Patch 1.15

    whatever they are I should be able find the last two targets without wasting my food that much after the update... if you looked before them you will find that I have attacked an age 9 with level 10 and 11 walls and that was the best after I wasted 30000 of food just in searching for descend target and that was before my first (main) post and the main reason for my first post... I only started my first troop upgrade to level offered after the upgrade to age 8 today and the most of my troops are still in their status before the upgrade to age 8 and I have only upgraded few of my walls... my attack before the update has nothing to do with my attack after the update (too many people also mentioned that they spend a lot of time to find the target the could match their troop level, so I am not alone in this)!!!!
  4. T.S.Dragon

    Patch 1.15

    do you know how long it took me to find those two castles??? do you know that I lost 100000 food in searching for those targets??????? by the way, my main post was before I found the last two targets , if you looked to the one before them you will find it is age 9 castle + it is not about the walls (I said I am an early age 8 and all my troops and heroes are not upgraded to the required level for age 8... the target I found should appear regularly but that is not the matter... the issue is also mentioned by those who suffered the matchmaking problem (they said they could find a match for thier age but after they waste a loot of time searching, and I figured it from them just so I wasted 100000 food just to find a target return my lost crown)
  5. T.S.Dragon

    Patch 1.15

    - My platform is windows 10... My ID is mtay1985 that I got automatically from the server and have not been not able to change since that time
  6. T.S.Dragon

    Patch 1.15

    Just tell me who is the develper of this game because I can find maxed age 8 and age 9 castles but nothing even match the level of my defence and troops (early age 8)... I see situation is not better with other users... Microsoft, for god sake stop ruining the game because this is going to far after this update, the game is completely ruined qnd unplayable now due to your matchmaking update!!!
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