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  1. BenVenNL

    Update from Smoking Gun Interactive

    The game is almost four years old I believe and I have been very active on these forums for most part most part of the journey. Love this community and the way people react and support each other. Very mature crowd. Other communities should really take an example. I personally think SGI/MS are not going to invest more time in this. A lot of community requests are not possible because of the way the game was build. They think investments will be huge to implement additional content, most part of the game will have to be rewritten. The most frustrating part is they never seem willing to do something about balance issues either. Conram is around for a year and still ongoing. They could just have canceled the effect on rams but they didn't. So the budget for improving the game even further was already dried up a year I go and did not have time to change a 'true' into a 'false' somewhere in the code. So, they will let this game be, have some revenue from it until it dies of old age. I have not been around these forums for almost a year now. Just played my casual game, slowly progressing and now I'm finished. Sitting on 22k gold that was meant for climbing the leaderboards. But I am not willing to put the effort in anymore. We'll meet again in another life.
  2. BenVenNL

    Castle Siege Memes

    Thnx for the pennants.
  3. BenVenNL

    Castle Siege Memes

    You found the picture I was looking for ...
  4. BenVenNL

    Castle Siege Memes

    So true. They can match LB's . That just isn't right. You would need about 6 LB units to take out grenadiers in 1 volley. But before they die they always seem tot manage to throw their grenades at your 6LB units, killing 50% of them. And if CAV is running by at full speed, they can throw them and the grenades seem to automatically develop a heatseaking abilty changing trajectory and flying a huge 400 yard disatance just to catch up on the speeding horses.
  5. BenVenNL

    Patch 1.15

    I've got a theory about all the matchmaking issues. I don't excpect it to get confirmed but I think it could be something like this: The keep/units/buildings all used to be a small percentage of your overall PL. If you had mostly age 5 units and structures and an age 9 keep with a few age 9 units. It would only make you a bit stronger as your age 5 counterparts. Putting your small selection of age 9 troops against top age 5 or bottem age 6 castles. Now they have done something like this. It's only theory. With every keep upgrade you PL rises by 3. So having an age 9 keep automatically gives you an PL of 27. Period!. All other units and structures only add max 8 PL (or something like that). A fully upgraded age 8, (8x3) + 5 makes it a PL 29 castle. A fast aged keep age 9, with only a few items upgraded to max, (9x3) +2 is a PL 29 castle. Those two will get matched now. Instead of being matched with age 7 it will get matched now with an high age 8 keep.
  6. BenVenNL

    Patch 1.15

    Well... I'm one of those players. But I dont feel like I had an advantage. Mostly my age 9 keep gets matched with age 8 or 9 defences. The amount of my army slots and the age of them (7) is barely enough to get a small victory. I was hoping for more defensive wins, as an opposing strategy to a full out attacking sprees. In the end I win around 40% of my battles. And my well equiped castle keeps on being hammered into the ground by golden cultural units, lev 2 T3 hero's. There is no way Im feeling I had an advantage as all resources are gained by attacking and my strategie was not based on attacking but keeping them well guarded. Something thay didn't work very well until now. The patch is not available over here right now. We'll see, maybe the changes are subtle.
  7. BenVenNL

    Patch 1.15

    The way you explained it in an earlier post was that an age 9 keep can only be matched with an age 9 keep. So a maxed age 8 upgrading to 9 goes from being the biggest fish in the pond to being the smallest fish. That could not be the intent, or does it?
  8. This happened around 2 and a half hours ago. Me attacking 'lucasbocca'. Came home from work, being away for 10 hours. Thought of getting a quick battle in. While away I got attacked and still had a small amount of a PT left I believe. Searched for an opponent and started the attack. All went well and with only 30 sec to go I got a disconnect. Tried to restart. .... 'castle under attack'. Waited it out and connected again. My def log showed I had just been attacked. What !? ... - I was away for like 10 hours and had a PT going. So time bucket was probably full. - I logged in and started an attack. Was only online for 10 minutes. - I was forced out of my attack by someone attacking my castle. Something went seriously wrong on the serverside I guess. Edit: The strange thing is, when I noticed this, I saw a battle 40 sec ago in my def log. Now three hours later, the times in my attack and def log don't seem to match anymore. There is a 6 min difference and my attacker only seemed to have had a battle of around 1 minute. If it was that guy, ... I don't remember who exactly attacked me.
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