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  1. My Lads CELTS are hovering around 10th, in Champions which is a victory of sorts, especially with a lot of low level players with us. As for me, I've sort of given up,the hunt for crowns, although not dumping. To even place in the top 16 I'd need over 3000 & last time I looked the top 8 or so are all qualifying for the Duke league with 5k plus, top position near 9k, last I looked. Not quite as bad as a couple of leagues ago with a currently top ten leader board player pulling in 11.5k plus in noble league, but demoralizing enough that I don't give a rats behind about leagues anymore. I might change my gamer tag to Diogenes
  2. I'm proudly taking the cure, a strong regimen of defensive defeats twice a day, bucked up by a vigorous course of attacking powerful castles with under powered troops ensures that my bloated, unhealthy age IX crown bank will soon be back to it's sleek & sassy age III self!!! .Thanks for the help EarlGarths rehab, you're the best (thumbs up & glinty smile to camera)!
  3. hey chuggles, you & I are league neighbors at the moment, you're much more upgraded than I am, so if I don't rank, I'm rooting for you bro, I consider you a forum friend My GT is HilariousUser89 if you want to track me. I have great runs, then snatch defeat from the jaws of victory by turns!
  4. Despite me personally suffering a series of horrific defeats in the last couple of days & dropping from 7th to 31st in Noble League, my folks in CELTS managed a healthy 2nd in Knights & are now in Champions at a not so healthy 21st
  5. ahh forgot to cap again! Yo yo'd between 11 & 50 in Noble League, finished around 31st I think. My lovely Alliance got a win in Knights though, good work chaps & chappettes!
  6. because you don't suck... Sorry for your loss, glad you're on the Forum
  7. hagbardxxiii

    Castle Siege Memes

    my wife has now adjusted to me ignoring her calls if I'm nexting or sieging
  8. I'm happy with the prestige & not a single gold piece spent!
  9. That's awesome! I didn't think to screenshot but HilariousUser89 (me) came in first in my Champions league a cool 296 crowns ahead of #2 & my Alliance came in 6th in Knights, but has started this new round 3rd in Knights, so I think working for a team victory is on for this round!
  10. hagbardxxiii

    Leagues-Preview *Part 2*

    you bought me an update AND leagues for my birthday? How thoughtful! I doubt my crew will rank but this is a fun feature to think about, thanks!
  11. hagbardxxiii

    Castle Siege Memes

    I meme like a champ in my alternate life as a Paid Liberal Troll, I just can't work out how to download them here.... . Sides still splitting from Docs memes though. Seriously hilarious!
  12. hagbardxxiii

    Castle Siege Memes

    Witchcraft is my guess!
  13. hagbardxxiii

    Castle Siege Memes

    Doc has officially won this thread, the rest of us might as well go home. How do you post memes here btw, it seems impossible by phone
  14. I was going to make a meme of that, but I got busy..... Hunting crowns The first one's for free, that's how they get ya!
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