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  1. Why does the forum have to be killed 5 months before the game is (officially) dead?
  2. If you would have to do it manually, I can certainly see why that would be impossible. But, what if you did it manually for a select few? Maybe you could throw an extra 5 or 10k gold to all winners of their personal leagues! Just imagine the crazy competition that would ensue!
  3. ClothingHook89

    This Blows!

    I am not sure I would bet on the wall; he is pretty hard-headed, at least the outer shell; maybe mushy on the inside. FREE THE PUPPET!
  4. ClothingHook89

    Alliance of the Day- Phantom Time

    You folks ask for log files an awful lot! Maybe you should have a separate app to 'send log file' so that we only have to touch one button and be done with it. I have no idea how to send a log file and don' really care to know either. Ok if it worked for you that's good enough for me, i'll try it
  5. ClothingHook89

    Alliance of the Day- Phantom Time

    Well I think the fact that at least two of us that were in the alliance 'house of Anjou' and everyone got kicked are now have troubles with those accounts should be a clue that something went awry on your end of things, not ours.
  6. ClothingHook89

    Alliance of the Day- Phantom Time

    Same here... after a long long time of rotating swords
  7. ClothingHook89

    Alliance of the Day- Phantom Time

    Yes, my alt was in there and k too cannot get back onto game... connection errors, but only on that account... thanks, Joanna
  8. ClothingHook89

    State of the Game Post- Patch 1.13

    If I see you in matchmaking, I will take your keep and leave, maybe some food also, but definitely not more than 34% damage. Not going to give you 10 hr treaty, sorry. Your strategy is easily defeated.
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