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  1. I am a little lost here, need someone that knows the rules better than me. First on the retry battle, I did one right after they started that. I did better on the retry but not that great to have a party. I found were I was weak in my first attack and worked that out. After all was done I got the report and there were no rewards just the knowledge that I could kick his bottom. That made me happy and I changed some strategies. I was attacked bu this guy yesterday and he got 51 % of my castle and won. So I took the next step and did a revenge attack on him and got 57 % with 2 stars and about the same in resources. Again I was happy. Today this same guy comes back with a retry attack and gets about 10 % less than the first attack on my castle. But here is the unhappy part. He gets crowns and resources for a retry attack that he did worse than his first. I did better on a retry and got nothing. So because he cannot do a revenge attack on a revenge attacker, he can do a retry and basically get a revenge attack with rewards bu doing a retry attack? Is that how things go now? Can anyone tell me if this is true or was there a glitch here?
  2. OperaticBoot43

    patch 1.26 for android

    my android update, patch 1.26 caused my castle siege to lock up and can not be ran. I uninstalled it and then reinstalled the game app with no luck. still locked up, will not open. And no one will say anything about it.. Help please.
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