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  1. recycle ar

    In need of a Terrordome design?

    East Puppet is a recommended teacher.
  2. recycle ar

    Tips for Age 9

    OK, I got most of that, but what does LMAO stand for?
  3. recycle ar


    Sorry Himura but I hope this thread gets locked. You did get the help you needed and that's a good thing. Sad that it devolved so quickly after that.
  4. recycle ar


    There is a rule in the CoC that you can't use vulgar language or work-arounds. Back in my day accusing a Mod (or anyone for that matter) of trolling would be considered abusive behavior and point-worthy. Accusing someone of smoking a bad batch would definitely be abusive, in addition to a few other CoC violations. You are real lucky I'm not a Mod or a staff person in charge. This forum used to be a friendly place. What happened? It being a game doesn't justify denigrating a Mod (or anyone else for that matter). Really not sure why you get away with things that others don't.
  5. recycle ar


    Nope. You have no idea which Mod and which player, or what action the point was given for. Can't tell you because that would be discussing an action taken by a moderator.
  6. recycle ar


    I miss the old days when a community member would get points for discussing moderator actions.
  7. recycle ar

    What happened to this game?

    I meant versus Rag. East is a Rhodes Scholar compared to some the things I've heard Rag say.
  8. recycle ar

    What happened to this game?

    Yo!!! How did I get dragged into this? Just because East usually makes the more cogent argument, doesn't mean I always agree with him. Look at our alliance chat and see some great disagreements.
  9. recycle ar


    Did Septerror get your goat?
  10. recycle ar

    Remove 16 Heroes Please

    So which two heroes stay? And do they recover faster? Some guys can get Conrad to recover in like a minute. I can't seem to do that!
  11. recycle ar

    What happened to this forum

    Don't be so hard on yourself. You don't moan all that much and are not that boring.
  12. recycle ar

    Remove the option of posting in the Forum

    Fight Free Forum? Foo Fighters Fans? Five Freaky Fighters? Free Conrad Friday (when I see him in my attack log his name always starts with an F)?
  13. I'm just creating this thread to try to mute some of the other "remove the option" threads. C'mon guys, I want them to add new stuff, not take away stuff we already have.
  14. recycle ar

    How smart are YOU???

    All I know is Angie and East are the smartest ones here because they have me for a teammate.