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    Yes... And the forums are also rigged...
  2. Please do not accuse players of cheating in the forums. If you have proof of a players cheating, please send a private message to @Baroness Von Panda with your proof. If a player is found to be manipulating the game, actions can be taken against the player. You will NOT be informed of any actions taken against another player.
  3. seems there is a new loop hole on MM

    Everyone needs to express their opinions without attacking others for their opinions... Play nice in the forums or you'll all be placed in the corner holding hands... (Please, no memes of being in the corner holding hands... tis the season and all that!!!)
  4. If any of the deployed troops from the WS are still alive, no more troops will be deployed... It's a strategy known as "kiting", get the troops to follow uselessly around the outside to avoid combat... If all of the WS troops had been killed, and you had more troops available and the time for redeploy had passed, then it would be an issue. Please share your gamertag and the opponent that you had the issue with...
  5. Castle Siege stopped in middle of attack

    posting a player's gamer tag is not an issue... Making negative comments (calling out a player) is an issue and not tolerated. Thanks for your assistance though. Everyone who post here is responsible for keeping it friendly and useful...
  6. Time to say goodbye

    This "I'm Leaving" is taking a lot of encores... I realize that you have $$$$$$.$$aire's of money and spent over $$$$250 on the game and not gonna spend another dime... Maybe {Mod Edit} is a $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.$$aire and spent $$$$$$$.$$ on a tutor... Practice makes perfect... I don't practice and I'm not perfect... Suggestion would be to either ask for help or
  7. The Attacker must be a Cheater!!!

    Name has been edited. As already mentioned, do not call out other players. If you can provide proof of cheating please do so to MS/SGI via private message.
  8. Alliance of the Week - Gods Eye

    Congrats and Good Luck!!!
  9. Players Affected by 1.25 Crashes - We're Making It Up To You.

    Can't say I can recall a compensation of 5000 gold before... Near as I can remember, this is the largest compensation of gold ever provided (seems 250 or 500 gold for an earlier issue many moons ago}. Could be wrong (it's happened before) and my memory isn't as good as it once was... Now... what were we discussing???...
  10. Alliance of the Week - Houtvesters

    I believe she wrote somewhere that it would be on Monday because the in game banner was being used to announce compensation (or something like that)
  11. Alliance of the Week - Houtvesters

    Congrats and Good Luck...
  12. Proposal for game developers: revenge in the game

    A suggestion is not neccessarily a complaint... Please be respectful of others...
  13. Anecdote of the day

    What if the water level happens to be extra high?...
  14. Alliance of the Week - Кѝївська Русь

    Congrats and Good Luck...
  15. Autoclick or really online?

    Discussions of way to "cheat" are not allowed in the forums. If you suspect that someone is unfairly manipulating the game, please private message @Baroness Von Panda with proof, they can investigate. Not saying that your concerns are not real, or changes to the game shouldn't/couldn't be made... just that this particular concern has been discussed sooooooooo many different times. The forum "search" feature can point you to the previous discussions... Thanks...