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  1. Switching Civilization

    Switching civilizations only changes the look of your layout and the pennants produced, you'll start producing pennants for your new civilization. All building upgrades remain the same. Realizing that some pennants are harder to find/collect, if you switch to one of those civs you may be attacked more frequently just for your pennants. Remember that it cost 500 gold to switch, but you can switch as many times as you want to (for 500 gold)
  2. Survar down

    Server down... (remember that translations require "hooked on phonics" , you should see how I totally destroy Greek and Spanish...}
  3. Well, this is a 1st for me anyway....

    FREE??? Why did @Andy P tell me it was $10 a month, but if I sent the money directly to him he could get it dropped to $5 a month (because of his "connections")
  4. Help in recovery of lost progress

    you need to use the same gamer tag that she used when she first created the game account to log in... then provide the password... if you log out of the account (format the device) then you'll have to log back in to get back to the same game... many players have multiple accounts and log in and out to switch. There is a thread that discussed a similar situation that might help you out... If you still need more help, keep posting... I'm sure that someone can figure out how to get this resolved...
  5. Help in recovery of lost progress

    She should be able to login with the gamertag and password for the account. All progress made to the game should be there, unless to game was changed without an actual good connection to the server, but that should only account for a few minutes of progress not recorded... If she created a new account instead of logging in to her existing account, then progress would be lost...
  6. IN app purchases

    @Baroness Von Panda should be able to explain the steps to follow... may be Monday before you get a reply...
  7. Conspiracy theories

    Last I saw... He was alive and well in a USA alliance... even happier with the Alabama win... RTR..
  8. Conspiracy theories

    Since this thread is humorous, I get some enjoyment from it so here goes some more: ram rush was a dare to try in the beginning, in USA we would challenge attacking with all blues, all cav, all catapults etc... but when all rams were mentioned we all laughed... I believe it was @gsfisher13 that showed the first successful replay that I can remember (maybe @AlabamaFan15NC) ... Yeah, not a conspiracy... got it... BUT!!! Convert all walls to gates to prevent Conrad from attaching and activating???... whoa... Who would be crazy enough to believe that???
  9. Walls into Gates

    I think everyone (but me ) knows how to turn water into wine... err... walls into gates... Nothing more to see here... Locked
  10. I didn't get Gold

    @Baroness Von Panda
  11. Conspiracy theories

    In the beginning... PM got peace treaties as needed in order to over-take Viet Nam... Extra gold and resources were also provided to members... AP only gave warnings to players outside of PM who disagreed with PM or questioned PM... AR was an up and coming noob... now he's just recycled AR...
  12. Can you merge my two accounts please

    you can sign out as Waffles and sign in as Smaller... It's done thru Xbox account... I'm sure there are other ways to do it, but I'm old and don't keep up with the latest... I'm sure someone else can help even further...
  13. What’s getting on your nerves??

    Lol... Lived in Nea Makri and attended school in Athens...
  14. Problem

    It is not a game error. Please see link.
  15. Conrad Error!!!

    Alrighty then... soooo I guess "Peace on Earth" is over... Just went through and "did a cleanup on pages 2 & 3... Let's get back to the discussion of the op and play nice... in the forums... Conram and Terror-Dome away in the game...