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  1. I was up above 15K but went on a flag spending spree and dropped to @5K …. I'm trying to catch up with @Andy P 's number of posts before Dec 19th....
  2. InflamedNut2

    It takes a village

    I'm trying to catch up with @Andy P 's number of posts before Dec 19th....
  3. InflamedNut2

    Pour one out for the good times past - AMA

    Never had a PM name.... Was die hard USA for quite some time... @Andy P and I would go round and round at each other here... but did (tried) to keep it constructive. (except for PM trying to skirt the rules without being caught... lol)
  4. InflamedNut2

    Pour one out for the good times past - AMA

    Things definitely slowed with forum reported content lately.... In the height of the game the VCM's had to schedule breaks..... Had a few notable users (no names to be mentioned) that created stirs now and again... but nothing like 2016/17!!!! Yes, PM definitely had help from the DEVs, it's the only explanation to how they managed to topple Vietnam, who were untouchable... Then of course USA made quick work of PM..... nuff said.….
  5. Whoaaaaaa!!!!!!! "Kill" is a little harsh.... I was thinking red snapper, conch fritters and a few Caybrew… Maybe a Cardboard Boat race...
  6. InflamedNut2

    ANNOUNCEMENT: Castle Siege Sunset & Refunds

    And all this time I thought that Joe was errrrr (gone) lol....
  7. InflamedNut2

    ANNOUNCEMENT: Castle Siege Sunset & Refunds

    Woulda been nice to get the Cayman Flag...… oh well, I'll have another rum please!!!
  8. InflamedNut2

    Free East Puppet...

    I believe they are looking at a possible parole for Christmas....
  9. InflamedNut2


    But other than that.... everything else seems to be going ok?
  10. Looks as if Age X is the finale....
  11. InflamedNut2


    Top right on the page you should see an envelope.
  12. InflamedNut2

    It's almost Saturday afternoon/night

    Things have calmed down quite a bit... kinda miss the non-stop spam run we had from somewhere in China, of course the numerous not to be named posters that discussed everything from conspiracy theories concerning the game development/developers (along with rants in riddles that you could try to decipher), calls for total anarchy, Mods that were way too overpowering (present company excluded), how did the top Alliance get to the top (either help from the Dev on the team or other devious methods). Is it okay for sister alliance members to attack each other? Can my alt attack me so I can revenge and get endless peace treaties? Why did no one tell me that if I started a training scenario and left it going that it would keep me out of match making (don't try it now... doesn't work ) @Andy P still has connections which is how PM always got their way. (can't remember what they got..... but they shouldn't have gotten it) Yes, it appears that the game and forum have slowed down considerably... the only hope would be response from the Devs on any future plans for the game.... otherwise it is still a great game if starting new from Age 1..... The reworked AOE games are kinda neat... the changes in graphics are kinda impressive over the originals....
  13. It's a max of 8 hours... prior to that the attacks/revenges were so aggreges that players could not accumulate enough resources to advance. In order to level the playing field, between those that chose artificial means to stay online and those who followed the rules, "bucket time" gave equality across the play field. If you can find a player that is not ever available for revenge, never gets attacked... then report it via PM to the Devs... If you can't get revenge because someone else revenged or attacked before you did... it's not the Devs problem... Not saying that you don't have a complaint... Perhaps what you are seeing isn't normal and can't be explained... Maybe you could provide more specifics (leave the players name out, keeping CoC in mind}
  14. InflamedNut2

    You Make This Game Suck

    Pretty sure that the "bucket time" was monitored a lot more closely a couple years ago... Alarms were set to alert for bucket time and revenge windows... From the outside looking in, it seems that the game and the forum have calmed down significantly without any additional advances with the game... I'm certain that those still striving for #1 individually or Alliance are still seeing great competition, but doesn't seem to compare to the past competition.. Definitely not taking any credit from those who make it to the top... Great job and congrats to the top players and Alliances!!!!
  15. InflamedNut2

    We all need to help Kicho with a mission lol

    ha, ha, ha.... lazy???... Ok, yeah I'm lazy... Never stopped posting... Just after all the complaints about the Cav Rush, decided to let some of the other forum members post on things other than the Cav Rush... Have there been any other things happening here???null Hang on.... @Kicho already has 20 days of most "Likes"... Nut has 1................. But @Kichodoes provide so much help.... Great asset to these forums...null