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  1. nao consigo entrar no jogo

    I can't get into my game! How do you keep playing @Baroness Von Panda

    If they have a 10-16 hr PT, somebody must have attacked them... Bucket time was a way to limit time on the game that kept you unavailable from attack. When the game first came out, players did discover ways to remain safe by various methods, the bucket time made those methods invalid (or only valid for up to 8 hrs). When the game first began, there were no peace treaties which meant overnight you could have lost most of yours crowns and resources. Everyone started at Age 1, and many were trying to reach Age 7 (the top Age) all at the same time. Resources being limited, and overnight raids, made it almost impossible to not stay online for as much time as possible IF you and/or your Alliance was battling to be #1. Even after PTs were introduced, many in "Sister " Alliances would set their alarm clocks to be able to wake up and attack a player in a "Sister" Alliance to extend their PT and allow the attacked player to retain resources and crowns. The game has evolved quite a bit since the beginning. Many of the issues with revenges are due to changes made to the game in order to "improve", following suggestions/complaints of many players competing to reach the Leaders Boards individually and/or as an Alliance. I can understand your point, but remember that even small changes in one aspect of the game can have unintended effects elsewhere.
  3. Luiz

    Stole my Account @Baroness Von Panda
  4. Player reporting

    The use of swastikas had been discussed in numerous posts (use the search function)... While the swastika does bring up bad feelings for many, it originally was used for religious/peaceful purposes in many cultures... DO NOT call out another player that you suspect of violations of conduct... If you see a player with a swastika and some other design that would tie the use of the swastika to what most would consider "evil" purposes, use the in game "Report" button (you see the report button when you visit a players castle) or send a private message to @Baroness Von Panda they can review the players layout and determine whether the use is a violation. You will not be notified of their decision/action taken as it is not made public... Like I stated, this issue has been heatedly discussed in many different threads. This thread is now locked
  5. idle game

    Do not use a players name like this in the forum... If you suspect an issue and can provide any proof, then please PM @Baroness Von Panda with the details. Or you can discuss what you are experiencing in the forum without a gamertag named (and no accusations of cheating)... There are many threads that discuss how and why players are unavailable for attack/revenge...
  6. Merged the two identical topics that were in different areas of the forum... If you are online, you are using up "Bucket Time", so if you have a 10 hour peace treaty, have been online for 8 hours when the PT expires, then yes you are vulnerable... The time that you are logged out will restore the bucket time AFTER about 5 mins of logging out. The game will keep you logged in for a few minutes after you leave... See the shortcut to Bucket Time explanation (it's in one of the earlier replies by @SuatKelem ...
  7. who is Hooll

    There have been quite a few spams lately, if you see a post, or numerous posts appearing quickly... then please report ONE of the post to flag it for the VCMs... DO NOT report the regular forum members just for normal posts... Even if they may annoy you...
  8. It's really sad, the lack of response on here

    Ahh, Recycle.... I remember when he was just an up and coming Age 7... USA, then GOP... I even got a warning from Queen Matcha for giving him grief (abusive behavior... ) Now he's just relaxing by the outhouse, wasting apples... He used to get quite the rise out of @Andy P and President's Men... Back when Vietnam was #1 Foreeeeeeeevvvvver...... The more things change, the more they stay the same...
  9. Alliance of the Day - Wisconsin

    Congrats and Good Luck...
  10. S P I E S

  11. không đăng nhập được

    Tôi sẽ di chuyển này vào ths "support" phần và hỏi @Baroness Von Panda để giúp
  12. Actualización URGENTE

    Rough Translation: I humbly believe that the game urgently needed an update since one reaches the age of 10 and then what... with everything at maximum level. I think there is a good upgrade with new things called armies or new catapults or something people are abandoning it. In my case already game me this bored because there is nothing else to do than search battles, some new campaign... something boys I've seen countless castles to age-stop and all that they have abandoned the game
  13. New World Record ! Congratulations !!!

    Can't remember the crown count of @Cavalry Cat when the #1 spot was reached by an age 5 (?), but it was definitely a game changer (literally, they had to modify the game) so that would be a world record... (and an Honor Flag!!!)

    Unless you can prove tricks and cheats... then don't ASSUME tricks and cheats... There is an 8 hour "bucket time" that allows a player to stay online for up to eight hours... There is a very good explanation on how this works in the FAQs thread... The "bucket time" was instituted to prevent artificially being able to prevent being attacked... If you can serious provide evidence of tricks and cheats then please Private Message @Baroness Von Panda with the details... If you are attacked by a player that is very active, it means they are attacking others as well... so between the time they are attacking and safe from being attacked and being revenged and receiving a "peace treaty" which would further removes them from being attacked, you can miss your revenge opportunity for quite a while... Revenges are normally a waste of time and effort, but sometimes you may feel the urge... If you can't catch them off line or not under a peace treaty, it doesn't mean they are cheating, just means they are very active... @recycle ar once went for more than 10 days in adult diapers and drinking Ensure to reach the top (only the first time... after that he backed off a little on the Ensure) So dropping the time down to 2 hours (1 hour or even 15 minutes) isn't going to totally resolve the issue...
  15. Alliance of the Day - Ravenwing

    Congrats and good luck...