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  1. InflamedNut2

    We all need to help Kicho with a mission lol

    ha, ha, ha.... lazy???... Ok, yeah I'm lazy... Never stopped posting... Just after all the complaints about the Cav Rush, decided to let some of the other forum members post on things other than the Cav Rush... Have there been any other things happening here???null Hang on.... @Kicho already has 20 days of most "Likes"... Nut has 1................. But @Kichodoes provide so much help.... Great asset to these forums...null
  2. InflamedNut2

    Switching Civilization

    Switching civilizations only changes the look of your layout and the pennants produced, you'll start producing pennants for your new civilization. All building upgrades remain the same. Realizing that some pennants are harder to find/collect, if you switch to one of those civs you may be attacked more frequently just for your pennants. Remember that it cost 500 gold to switch, but you can switch as many times as you want to (for 500 gold)
  3. InflamedNut2

    Survar down

    Server down... (remember that translations require "hooked on phonics" , you should see how I totally destroy Greek and Spanish...}
  4. InflamedNut2

    Well, this is a 1st for me anyway....

    FREE??? Why did @Andy P tell me it was $10 a month, but if I sent the money directly to him he could get it dropped to $5 a month (because of his "connections")
  5. InflamedNut2

    Age of Empires: Castle Siege - Holiday Event & Sale!

    Send a private message to @Baroness Von Panda with the details... Hopefully log in/ log out will resolve the issue... Please keep in mind with the holidays it will take longer than usual to get a response... Good luck...
  6. InflamedNut2

    Anecdote of the day

    What if the water level happens to be extra high?...
  7. I sent message to you.

  8. InflamedNut2

    Music.........New & Old.......Part 2 :-)

    LOL.... These were my words.... not the poster... Please see the Edited by at the bottom... LOL @Wicked Wulf
  9. InflamedNut2

    Code of Conduct

    It would depend upon the context of the post. If the post was not political either directly or passively, or comment derogatory either directly or passively then I don't see an issue. Remember that the rules are not precise and the VCMs must use best judgement to keep the forum a friendly environment for all users. Doesn't mean that you cannot be critical of issues that concern you, it means that you should express those concerns in a way that can be beneficial for everyone. If you feel that a post/thread is being overly/unfairly moderated please contact the Mod by Private Message or another Mod if you feel it would be better/easier. The forums need to be a friendly environment for all users...
  10. InflamedNut2

    Code of Conduct

    Do not derail this thread... plenty of other places to make comments...
  11. Tx again. inflamedNut ![thumbup]

  12. InflamedNut2

    Say Hello To Our Newest Community Sages!

    @Baroness Von Panda
  13. Ty ! By ur help I solved the problem .

    Armando AChAPO {herr warum}
    Il giorno 27 set 2017, alle ore 13:27, Age of Empires <> ha scritto:
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    Hi achapo, 
    InflamedNut2 has posted a comment on a topic, Post Guard 's troops 
    InflamedNut2 said:

    Click on the guard post, you should see three buttons pop up on the screen, one button is "Info", one for Upgrade and another is "Select Troops".

    Click the "Select Troops" button and you should see the troops available to choose. This is the same for Guard Houses and Wall troops.

    Go to this post

    — Age of Empires
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  14. InflamedNut2

    Bitterness Thread!

    Please see "Ya just delete my comment?" thread
  15. InflamedNut2


    AoE: CS Support Post all your support needs and requests here!