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  1. When ...

    How long have PT`s been as long as 4 days .. ? for 10k crown hunters .. ? or top 20 players well 7 days if you include the three days already used .. ? OOoops mybad .. I see Saturday ..
  2. Spam attack

    You that man with a secret of mine .. ?
  3. Gnat's Defence Clinic

    My other thoughts were using a minimal amount of buildings to try and cut out more heros` ( in a gate scenario ) to try and maximise towers to short distances , based on range , ... and builds to protect them across gates .. I look forward to the results .... and I'm surprised they missed it or not ... and he doesn't boostandrun .. its in your capable hands
  4. Gnat's Defence Clinic

    does he activate with no walls or just run a round .. ? the answer to the question is already yours id assume ... same (assumption) again gates being added wouldn't help if its the latter ...
  5. Gnat's Defence Clinic

    Try it from a day one pov .. you got the towers u got the gates .. but way too much wall ... or faces to cling too ... and I believe he headed straight to them .. I watched ...
  6. Gnat's Defence Clinic

    If there is only gates ( which I believe was changed to him hooking up on the side ) he had no where to go .. so couldn't activate .. ( I think ) I could be wrong .. with towers you block the attachment .. so it makes sense
  7. Gnat's Defence Clinic

    Could be you just answered your own question .. only gates in the layout .. ?
  8. AOE Definitive Edition

    With all us devs here .. ? lol ... dad didn't need to come back .. he just left the smokes ..
  9. AOE Definitive Edition

    From here where I'm sitting .. a 6 month delay suggests its going to be getting better attention .. I believe there are legal reasons to do with development issues , that will probably be more of an issue for adding phones users ... ( being a pc game first , distracts from mobile rules ) as for adding a new touch screen friendly version again id assume that's more to do with aoe de being an updated game .. and not a fresh developed game ... professionals only need communicate with each other in reality .. but from what ive read they tell you what they can .... and have added reasons for the as why .. and it appears its as much about player needs / wants .. barring the hardware issues And yes I think it could easily take 6 months to realise that not all systems will work .. MS are still busy upgrading PC`s with those personal touches ... that's what my last update said anyway ... the proof will be in the pudding as it is here ... graphics belong to your device boss .. not Microsoft .... manufacturers wanna get rid of old stocks (some still will and dress them up ) I believe they acknowledge mistakes .. aoe online .. ? ... but remember mistakes come after the event ... A quick ps ... razer ... check out the rumours of their new phone .. for android ... (hardcore apparently ) if true
  10. AOE Definitive Edition

    Can you name a game of similar calibre , over the last few years being any different ... most games delay release dates .. its not really just MS .. and as developers are still involved in creating a game for many different computers , .. and the end of the day hardware has to be one of the biggest factors .. there is only so low 4k can go ... and that cant be easy for upcoming devs ...
  11. AOE Definitive Edition

    @Andy PHardware ... probably one of the biggest factors .. on win 10 .. currently .. makes sense for both the beta and delay
  12. AOE Definitive Edition

    Is the Beta still open and playable .. ?
  13. AOE Definitive Edition

    more news here .. latest .. (Update 10/16/2017) Please note that the Windows Store page for Age of Empires: Definitive Edition is currently listing the planned release date as 12/31/2018. This is a placeholder, and does not reflect our target release date. We will update that page once the final release date has been announced. You can follow Age of Empires on Facebook and Twitter for the latest news.
  14. AOE Definitive Edition

    rumours have it delayed .. store says 2018 ..