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  1. AOE Definitive Edition

    Can you name a game of similar calibre , over the last few years being any different ... most games delay release dates .. its not really just MS .. and as developers are still involved in creating a game for many different computers , .. and the end of the day hardware has to be one of the biggest factors .. there is only so low 4k can go ... and that cant be easy for upcoming devs ...
  2. AOE Definitive Edition

    @Andy PHardware ... probably one of the biggest factors .. on win 10 .. currently .. makes sense for both the beta and delay
  3. AOE Definitive Edition

    Is the Beta still open and playable .. ?
  4. AOE Definitive Edition

    more news here .. latest .. (Update 10/16/2017) Please note that the Windows Store page for Age of Empires: Definitive Edition is currently listing the planned release date as 12/31/2018. This is a placeholder, and does not reflect our target release date. We will update that page once the final release date has been announced. You can follow Age of Empires on Facebook and Twitter for the latest news.
  5. AOE Definitive Edition

    rumours have it delayed .. store says 2018 ..
  6. revenge

    I'm tempted ... to be honest ... .... just because you said so ..
  7. Do you remember when..........

    A hurricane brought me this .. adverse weather in Britain with a tinge of sahara ... yesterday ...
  8. Gnat's Defence Clinic

    A golden oldie .. how do I get side facing gates .. that are blocked by adjoining walls ? I would like my likkle men to be able to wiggle through those ...
  9. Gnat's Defence Clinic

    Question .. decorations I see collected and stored in corners .. are the decorations solid items that need circumnavigating .. ? will they add a defensive scenario within themselves .. ?
  10. I prefer the lack of mobile resources , a java applet or other chat windows take up , it adds to a better game experience ... y/our best thing , my experience has been for alliances to use chat outside the game by creating groups , we used gmail group and chat , works on both mobile and PC ... can be run over the game ,and out side of it .... I believe if you wanna make it you find the correct tools to build it .. sometimes its as far as your prepared to l0.ok ...
  11. Rumour has it

    just a bit of tongue in cheek .. otherwise no ... He could be just an ox cart .. but I believe senior producer works for MS
  12. @rusthercules136 @Iced Knave 7 Chat in this game is not as it appears ... As far as I'm aware with mobile.apps the onus is on MS to protect you against accidental or otherwise data loss .. hence I don't think chat can change it has to remain a message board and notification board system (limited text ect) ... again our onus is to try and make this game a PC game ... and boards are a lot more secure ... ? ( think I ) @recycle ar Six of one , half dozen of the other works for me .. ...
  13. If an alliance is dead its dead ... ( there are methods for emp change otherwise ) MS have rules to follow when it comes to any kind of deletion .. ( mainly accounts ) ... which don't need to be deleted , because they still serve the purpose of the game ... and I don't see any mergers coming any time soon ..
  14. The onus is on the lower age player ..(see`s most players walk away ... ) he needs x amount of crowns to join most alliances ... most alliances ( top 50 ) there games are about crowns ... making use of what you don't really use at max age .. for a age limit alliance ... ( monuments relief , defensive victories ) them higher lvl troops making a difference huh .. and a real one .. ? these are the players who can add extra benefits to players growing in age and maybe confidence .... but even more so enjoyment of a game ... you want the game to grow people .. there`s your seed , plant it .. .. by the way you can desolve alliances that aint worked .. right .. ?