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  1. DestroyerArcher

    A Thank You From SGI

    See you all. Have a good holiday and may we meet again. Also,feel free to add me as a friend on discord at DestroyerArcher#3125 if you would like to join me in my guild for a base builder releasing in May 2019 called Rift of Raigard, which while lacking Micromanagement, seems to have a fair few similarities to AoE CS and seems to be doing some interesting innovations.
  2. DestroyerArcher

    Castle Siege removed from app stores?

    The announcement states that indeed, it has been removed from all stores. You might be able to install it if you've already downloaded it before, though.
  3. DestroyerArcher

    Free East Puppet...

    Wow, I had no idea he got banned. Shows how long I've been away, doesn't it.
  4. DestroyerArcher

    Pour one out for the good times past - AMA

    Did you take inspiration from any other games aside from Clash of Clans and the Age of Empires series while developing Castle Siege?
  5. DestroyerArcher

    What other games are like...

    I'm planning to move ship to Rift of Raigard, a base building game that plans to attempt things never seen in the genre. It's still being developed though, so who knows how it'll turn out. The planned release is in May of 2019.
  6. DestroyerArcher

    ANNOUNCEMENT: Castle Siege Sunset & Refunds

    I can't say I'm entirely surprised that CS is shutting down, since there were many clues pointing towards the eventual shutdown. Interestingly enough, it shuts down on the same month that a new base builder game, Rift of Raigard, comes out. May I see many of you on the battlefield again one day.
  7. DestroyerArcher

    List of suggestions

    Isn't this already in place for very low crown levels to generate more crowns? I think it would create an inbalanced environment if we applied it to all crown levels.
  8. DestroyerArcher

    Some amazing castles

    A troll base layout that I made before with the intent not to save resources or crowns, but to confuse and annoy people:
  9. DestroyerArcher

    ZeRo2PaNiC TEAMS!

    For some reason, searching ZeRo2PaNiC 3 yields no result? did it get dissolved? For some reason, searching ZeRo2PaNiC 3 yields no result? did it get dissolved?
  10. DestroyerArcher

    ZeRo2PaNiC TEAMS!

    I needed to have a break from this game, so for now I will reside in Z2P 5 while I rebuild my strength.
  11. you're getting in on the game?

  12. I can't get into the game. The message that the game is not available! fix please!

  13. DestroyerArcher

    ZeRo2PaNiC TEAMS!

    How has the alliance chain been going? Does it still hold as strongly as I last remember? For now I'll be in Z2P 5.
  14. 5 stars is better than 3!

  15. Had kingblacklemon not post the congrats banner, I would have never thought you were recycle ar.

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