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  1. The image explains itself
  2. I see...
  3. Come on! If you have not like the thread I quoted yet, be sure to like it NOW!
  4. I don't quite understand... What is it about?
  5. Hello all amazing and wonderful siegers! Baroness Von Panda recently said that she will be bringing back the Replay of the Week if we like this post right here: Be sure to like it and give as many support as possible for the return of the Replay of the Week. Every like counts
  6. I don't know, I don't find the problem with that...
  7. Much better
  8. When I read you said "Huala... lala... Hulalampa!" I was quite shocked because I accidentally read it as "Kuala Lumpur" which is the capital of my country
  9. Agreed ^^
  10. Hi, @dakranii and the whole Knight Club alliance! On behalf of he AotD winning alliance, The Awesomes, I congratulate you for being selected as the Alliance of the Day. We wish you all a good luck in the future of your alliance (unlike ours which is practically broken), and hope you'll have a bright and amazing future. Don't forget to donate and keep on sieging! ^^
  11. Good to know ^^ Thank you!
  12. Once I upgrade my Keep to Age X, I'll need to try this out ^^
  13. Look at the flag of Mexico, it looks so sad and lonely being the one and only 'M' in the flag list without any 'M' friends... Why don't we add the flag of Malaysia so it'll be happier!
  14. This thing really pulls my attention because: Somewhere in December 2015, I posted a whole list of suggestions in the forums for Castle Siege. This includes a new world where everything is different (or at least most is) with a new battle type (for that world) and a live 1v1 battle (for both worlds).. To travel to the new world, we would need to use a ship. And I also suggested a feature where you can make it so that your castle will be dark at night (only from your POV). It was posted just like that, and almost no one cared about it as it sank down the forums and I cannot even find it anymore. And recently, Clash of Clans introduced an update with a new nighttime world where things are different with a new battle type and you must travel there via a boat. I felt as if they stole my idea for Castle Siege and used it for their game although it's quite impossible. But almost everything is so precise! If Castle Siege implemented my idea, we could have been ahead of Clash of Clans and instead of us saying "Wow! That's a good idea.", they would say that instead. But seriously, we must introduce new original features, like the battle chest and the Smashdown Wedensday which Clash of Clans do not have (I think?). If we do that, we will be ahead of CoC when it comes to interesting and epic ideas. We need to Make Castle Siege Great Again!
  15. I received one once. That was weeks after I recovered from my inactivity and a few days before I returned to my inactivity. But I only for a flower. It was really disappointing. But then I got a Graveyard? Tombstone? I can't remember what is it called from a Silver chest and that's the only Chest honour that I have. I am still trying to get more but then my life restricts me with its busyness and I don't seem to have the time to play the game...