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  1. I've played Castle Siege almost since its very start. If it wasn't because my laptop hasn't been updated to Windows 8.1 yet at the time of its release, I would've gotten it on the first day it was released. Being the place where I first started using my game name, EmpAhmadK, Age of Empires: Castle Siege plays a big role in my heart. I was there when the game hasn't got a lot of the features it already has today. I watched the entire game and even community grow, from Age 1, all the way to Age 10. Reading that Age of Empires: Castle Siege is closing caused my heart to cease beating for a second. To me, Age of Empires: Castle Siege may not be the best game I have ever played, but it for sure is one of the best moments of my life, ever. I still remember my first day on the game, it was early in the morning and my laptop just got updated, and I was lying down on the floor in front of the laptop waiting for it to finish updating. Throughout the entire time the only thing I was thinking of is that I will finally be able to play Age of Empires: Castle Siege, after weeks of waiting and looking at all other players in the Age of Empires Community already building their empires. Back when we were still on our old forums, I still remember asking the community on how to build a gate, and was so confused on how a lot of empires I was attacking had gates while all I could do was leave an opening in my wall because I need to get my daily gold. My first alliance was the Malaysia alliance (red crest with black diamond). Along with my fellow Alliance mates, JackRyzal, MdRasideEmpire, CoolestCHUMCHUM, and a lot more, we build up our empires together, before one day bringing our alliance to the 100th place on the leader boards and later beyond that point. After a long time with that alliance, I decided to leave the alliance, saying goodbye to all my close friends, and I began an entirely new alliance called The Awesomes. Several days upon launching the alliance, I submitted my alliance for the Alliance of the Week, and it was then featured on the forums as the (if I am not mistaken) third Alliance of the Week. The Awesomes, undoubtedly, was pretty much a fail, as I got really busy with real life a few months after I made it, but it ran on with constant troop donations every single day from many players, before I was the only playing player left on the Alliance, earlier this year. But I had a good time with the entire alliance, and sometimes things just have to end. And like my awesome alliance, the entire game itself, also has its end. It's really hard to accept it, and it feels sad to let it go, but I know that I couldn't really do much anymore, and I should just be grateful that at least Microsoft gave us all 6 whole months to spend our last moments together with this game. It has been a wild and amazing ride with the game and the entire community. One day we will remember this as one of the greatest things that has ever happened in our lives, and Age of Empires: Castle Siege, will forever remain carved in our hearts, until the world ends. Saluting the end of Age of Empires: Castle Siege, I renovated my empire as a sign of respect for the departure of this brilliant game. And with this, I shall leave a song that I've always loved and listened to... Farewell, Castle Siege...
  2. Ahmad Ali Karim

    ANNOUNCEMENT: Castle Siege Sunset & Refunds

    @Baroness Von Panda promised to add the Malaysian flag to the game in the next update. But then the next update is the closure of the game itself
  3. Ahmad Ali Karim

    Alliance of the Week - CQN Brasil

    Parabéns! (sorry if that is wrong; if it is, blame google translate xD) I wish you and your alliance the best of luck in the future, and hope that you'll stand through the test of time, and reach further than you'd expect ^^
  4. Ahmad Ali Karim

    Alliance of the Week - European Empire

    On behalf of the inactive former Alliance of the Week and award winning The Awesomes alliance, as well as the Malaysian Age of Empires community, I am here to say Congratulations to the European Empire for being chosen as the Alliance of the Week for this week! I wish you the best of luck in the future of your alliance and hope that you all shall succeed successfully!
  5. Ahmad Ali Karim

    Where are the AoE:CS Veterans?

  6. Ahmad Ali Karim

    List of suggestions

    hopefully we get the malay civilisation soon
  7. Ahmad Ali Karim

    List of suggestions

    Talking about linking alliances, Alliance affiliation will also be good! ^^
  8. Ahmad Ali Karim

    List of suggestions

    Right, so i just got a new fresh idea in my head (sorry if someone already suggested this). So it hurts when you're fighting and think that you ran out of Mamluks, and think you're dead, and then at the end of the game when your 'last' Raider of Muscovy just died, the game doesn't end and turns out you still have your pack of 6 mamluks fighting a piece of wall at the end of the map, and those mamluks can be used earlier in an epic raid but are now useless without Martel who's already dead. So why don't we give the Mamluks, and all other units, the same feature that is given to heroes, where if we click the unit icon, the unit will glow and... shine? indicating where they are so we know if they are dead yet or not.
  9. Ahmad Ali Karim

    List of suggestions

    I don't know, I don't find the problem with that...
  10. Ahmad Ali Karim

    List of suggestions

    Much better
  11. Ahmad Ali Karim

    List of suggestions

    This thing really pulls my attention because: Somewhere in December 2015, I posted a whole list of suggestions in the forums for Castle Siege. This includes a new world where everything is different (or at least most is) with a new battle type (for that world) and a live 1v1 battle (for both worlds).. To travel to the new world, we would need to use a ship. And I also suggested a feature where you can make it so that your castle will be dark at night (only from your POV). It was posted just like that, and almost no one cared about it as it sank down the forums and I cannot even find it anymore. And recently, Clash of Clans introduced an update with a new nighttime world where things are different with a new battle type and you must travel there via a boat. I felt as if they stole my idea for Castle Siege and used it for their game although it's quite impossible. But almost everything is so precise! If Castle Siege implemented my idea, we could have been ahead of Clash of Clans and instead of us saying "Wow! That's a good idea.", they would say that instead. But seriously, we must introduce new original features, like the battle chest and the Smashdown Wedensday which Clash of Clans do not have (I think?). If we do that, we will be ahead of CoC when it comes to interesting and epic ideas. We need to Make Castle Siege Great Again!
  12. Ahmad Ali Karim

    List of suggestions

    My suggestions: Honour: The flag of Malaysia - I know, i have requested this for like ages ago. I even gave like thousands of reasons why. I'm not going to elaborate on it today since I have mentioned it before, but to simplify it Malaysia deserves to have its flag in Castle Siege especially when the number 1 player used to be a Malaysian. Features: Treaty Thursday - We already have Smashdown Wednesday, and Battle Friday. Why don't we have Treaty Thursday as well? On Treaty Thursday, we can buy peace treaty using Gold so we can use it later when we need to go away for a while. We shall have the choice of buying a 3 hours PT, 6 hours, or 12 hours. But we can only buy one on each day, and we can only hold one PT at a time. So whenever we have to go away for a while and we have to leave our empire, just activate the peace treaty and the empire shall be safe. Until the treaty ends of course. Trading Post - For quite a while, people had been talking about trading resources between alliance mates. Now we can! (once this is implemented of course) With this trading system, we will be able to buy some resources that we need from our alliance mate and vice versa. The Trading Post can be built at Age 6, a Trading Post site shall appear outside of the building area allowing us to built this Trading Post. Not only that, the TP can also allow us to buy some troops from civilisations that don't exist in CS. Like for example, I am going on a mission to destroy some emplacements for an objective. What I can do is buy several Kerambit Warriors from the the Malays via the Trading post for, let's say 7 gold each troop and when I'm training my troops, all I have to do is add them there and they'll be there to help me in the battle. I can even buy some Conquistador from Spain, or Chu Ko Nu from the Chinese. All I have to do is go to the Trading Post and we'll be able to buy the troops we want. There's more! Emperors of an alliance can also affiliate with other alliances (max affiliation: 5 alliances) through this Trading Post so they can talk to each other in their own chat room, and even trade with each other. That is all for my suggestions for now. I'll return if I have more ^^
  13. Ahmad Ali Karim

    August 2016 contest and July winners!

    You must first send a PM to Joe with the two prizes that you want... Pick them from this list: )