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  1. List of suggestions

    Talking about linking alliances, Alliance affiliation will also be good! ^^
  2. Loading Product List ...

    It does not work :/ After using that, the Windows Store cannot even open. When I open it, it shows a blank white screen, sometimes with a loading icon but sometimes just plain white.
  3. Loading Product List ...

    Alright, will try and do that soon ^^ Thanks and I'll update on the progress
  4. Loading Product List ...

    @Baroness Von Panda Just notifying you, just in case you did not see my reply... I would love this to be solved as soon as possible since I don't want to miss the anniversary events >.<
  5. Loading Product List ...

    Sorry for the late reply, I had been a bit busy. Both my sister and I faced the problem on the same computer but different accounts, so my sister uninstalled it, but cannot reinstall it. When she goes to the Windows Store to install it, she clicks the Install button and it greys out like it is working on it, and it sits there for more than six hours. I'm starting to think that this is a Windows Store or the computer's problem, as I also cannot install any other apps. I forgot how to send my log files, how do I do that again?
  6. Loading Product List ...

    I am not sure if this is a well known problem or people had talked about this or not, but then since the last several days I cannot open Castle Siege, it won't stop loading at the Loading Product List... Is there a solution to this?
  7. Eid Adha Mubarak «Blessed Eid»

    I'll steal half of the kebabs, I guess that's fair
  8. List of suggestions

    Right, so i just got a new fresh idea in my head (sorry if someone already suggested this). So it hurts when you're fighting and think that you ran out of Mamluks, and think you're dead, and then at the end of the game when your 'last' Raider of Muscovy just died, the game doesn't end and turns out you still have your pack of 6 mamluks fighting a piece of wall at the end of the map, and those mamluks can be used earlier in an epic raid but are now useless without Martel who's already dead. So why don't we give the Mamluks, and all other units, the same feature that is given to heroes, where if we click the unit icon, the unit will glow and... shine? indicating where they are so we know if they are dead yet or not.
  9. Forum Update

    It's AoE 3 ^^ ----- And also my gut says that we'll have an update on CS soon, and that update will release something very new and epic called Bug Fixer 2.0.
  10. Eid Adha Mubarak «Blessed Eid»

    *~~•~~~~O~~~•~~* Eid Mubarak And I also wish you all a good day ^^ *~~•~~~~O~~~•~~* P.s. I just returned from the mosque and got my portion of the village's sacrifice of 12 cows ^^ They still have a lot of them, a humongous pot (the ones usually used to cook "Bubur Lambuk") full and after 5pm, they'll be giving them away to the poor...
  11. New Reputation Ranks - Suggestions!

    The list goes from the highest rank to the lowest Emperor Lord Noble Knight Peasant Hello there!
  12. Hurricane Harvey

    I have a friend there, she told me about how she's in her house in that hurricane. I last heard from her last two days, I still haven't contacted her yet...
  13. I have nothing to do so....

    The image explains itself
  14. Idle Soldiers - The Comics

    I see...

    Come on! If you have not like the thread I quoted yet, be sure to like it NOW!